Best Catchers Gear for Baseball and Softball Catchers: Our Top Picks

What you're about to read is a detailed compilation of all of our top picks for the best catchers gear on the market. This represents many, many hours of research and writing on catcher's gear.

These particular picks are geared towards Baseball and Fastpitch Softball catchers, generally around the ages of 13 and older. 

If you're looking to quickly and easily find all of the top rated catcher's gear out there for catchers, then look no further. This is it.

best catchers gear, top rated catcher's gear and top picks for Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

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Best Catchers Gear for Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Catchers

Components of Catchers Gear

Catchers have a handful of important pieces of gear to wear behind the plate. We talk about this key gear, and many of the accessories that catchers use, in our overview post called Catcher's Gear 101.

We tend to think about the equipment catchers wear as being divided between two categories: required gear, and optional gear.

There are four primary pieces of required gear. They are:

  • Catcher's Helmet (or Mask with Skull Cap)
  • Catcher's Mitt
  • Chest Protector
  • Leg Guards

Please note that this list does not, of course, list cups as a required piece of gear. However, we recommend all male catchers to wear one, regardless of age. See our post for more information on this.

Can I Buy Catcher's Gear Online?


A large number of online retailers sell gear from an incredibly wide variety of brands, with variations of sizes and colors to choose from.

Generally speaking, you won't be able to match the huge variety of options and brands that you'll find online with the few pieces or models of gear you tend to find in a physical store.

So it's pretty clear to us that buying online is the way to go.

But what if you're concerned about the ability to get the right size without trying the gear on first?

If this worries you, it shouldn't. This is for two reasons. First, it's incredibly easy to measure yourself or your child for gear. Second, the majority of online retailers today (especially one of our favorite retailers) have simple return policies in the unlikely event that gear you carefully pre-measured for doesn't fit.

How to Size Yourself or Your Child for Catcher's Gear

It is super simple to measure yourself or your child for catcher's equipment needed for Baseball or Fastpitch Softball.

We provide instructions on how to do this in our individual posts published on this site. For example, you can find out how to measure for a chest protector if you read our post on the best Baseball chest protectors.

For ease of use we've included an illustration below summarizing how to measure for key components of catcher's gear. Take a look, and be sure to review our other posts for additional information.

(Note: The instructions in the picture below really applies to gear for both men and women.)

Overview of our Methodology and Picks

We have reviewed a substantial number of products sold by every type of brand that produces catcher's equipment.

Our reviews were based primarily on our evaluation of the protective qualities of the equipment, on its durability and cost, and to a lesser extent, on its design and available color options.  

These evaluations and reviews led to the below list of top picks for adult (13 +) Baseball and Fastpitch Softball catchers.  

(Please note that we also have a separate post looking at the best catchers gear for youth catchers, or those 12 and younger. Click here to see that post.)   

Without further delay, let's take a look at our top picks by category for best catchers gear this season!


Best Softball Catcher's Helmet:  Jen Schro The Very Best

top pick best softball catcher helmet

Our pick for the best catcher's helmet for Fastpitch Softball catchers

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our Fastpitch Softball catcher's helmet picks!)

Jen Schro’s The Very Best is Easton's newest model of Fastpitch catcher's gear. The signature helmet in this lineup is high quality and earns our top overall pick.

This helmet was design for Softball catchers, as it provides more of an aerodynamic and closer fit than a typical catcher’s helmet for Baseball.

It’s built with a standard Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (or ABS) shell and a steel cage, with a black matte paint finish.

Inside the helmet is ‘Dual Density Foam’, which is designed to absorb shock with minimal impact to the wearer. It’s also comfortable to wear, and the padding comes treated with anti-microbial properties to fight off sweat and stink.

In addition to these features, we simply like the look of the helmet with its slim design and matte paint job. It's a top pick for sure.


Designed specifically to fit female athletes

Gives good protection with its strong ABS shell and steel facemask

Available in multiple color options

Includes high quality dual density foam designed to absorb impact

Comes in two sizes: Small (6 1/2-7 1/8) and Large (7 1/8-7 ½)


The most expensive helmet on this list. Not surprising considering its newness and high quality.


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Brief Video Review of 'The Very Best' Gear


Best Baseball Catcher's Helmet:  All Star System 7's pick for the best overall helmet on the market

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our Baseball catcher's helmet picks!)

Our overall top pick for the best catcher's helmet on the market today is the All Star System 7 helmet.

It has a sleek design and a reputation for providing excellent protection while maintaining a very comfortable fit. Despite being a premium-quality helmet, it is priced competitively and it won’t break the bank to purchase it.

The System 7 helmet is built with an I-BAR VISION steel cage, which is a patented design that utilizes flattened bars to strengthen the cage while increasing the catcher's line of site.

Additionally, this is the catcher's helmet that you will no doubt notice many pro Baseball catchers wearing, as the All-Star brand is super popular among elite catchers. 


Polycarbonate shell

Provides excellent protection and visibility via the I-BAR VISION design

Has removable padding that can be washed

Replacement padding is available

Very reasonable cost-to-quality ratio

Should be a dependable, long-term helmet for you or your loved one


Nothing major that we see!


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View Catcher's Box Set

 Brief Video Review


Best Catcher's Mask:  All Star Lightweight, Classic Facemask

All Star catchers mask, ultra cool, our top pick

Excellent quality, built by a top brand

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our catcher's mask picks!)

Our choice for the best overall Catchers Mask is the All Star Lightweight, Classic Facemask (FM25LUC).

This mask is anchored by a strong - yet hollow - steel cage. The hollow nature of the steel reduces overall weight without compromising protection.

There are three All Star proprietary technologies built into this mask, as we discuss in our All-Star catcher's gear post. The first is the I-Bar Vision™, which is a design that utilizes thinner, flattened bars which strengthens the mask and increases the Catcher's range of view.

The second is the DeltaFlex™ harness system, which is a unique harness that has a sticky substance preventing gear from excess movement and shifting.

The third piece of proprietary technology is the LUC "Ultra Cool™" padding. This is a special "dual-density foam liner" built by All-Star that helps keep the catcher cooler than they might otherwise be in a different mask.

Lastly, the LUC pads are moisture wicking. They are comfortable and they are able to be removed and washed (ie, machine washable).

In short, it's hard to go wrong with this mask.


Provides excellent visibility due to patented cage design

Stays pretty steady - does not shift much in-game

Competitively priced despite high-quality and being a top tier brand

Strong, yet lightweight, steel bars for the cage

The All-Star brand is very well respected among catchers


Nothing we've seen thus far


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 Close-ups of the All Star Lightweight, Classic Facemask (FM25LUC)

FM25LUC Padding for All Star Catchers MaskBest Catchers Mask, see - All Star FM25LUC


Best Skull Cap:  Rawlings Coolflo

Top Skull Cap for Catchers - the Easton CCX - see

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our catcher's mask related picks!)

If you use a catcher's mask, then you need to have a good skull cap to pair with it. For that, we recommend the Rawlings Coolflo

The Coolflo has a "rubberized matte" paint finish, with various colors to choose from. Its multiple size options means that most adult and youth catchers can wear this skull cap without a problem.

(A quick note on sizing - Coolflo helmet sizes correspond the to the following hat sizes: Small (6 7/8 - 7), Medium (7 1/8 - 7 1/4), Large (7 3/8 - 7 1/2), and XL (7 5/8 - 7 3/4).)

Air circulates well in this helmet with strategically placed vents placed throughout. Also, the covered leather headband placed inside the skull cap ensures you have a good fit and makes the helmet more comfortable to wear.

In short, the Coolflo is a good choice that will pair well with most traditional facemasks. 


It is super lightweight and comfortable

It looks great with its rubberized matte finish

There are multiple size and color options

Has excellent ventilation


It tends to run large, based on comments from multiple owners


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Inside View of the Rawlings Coolflo


Best Softball Chest Protector:  Jen Schro The Very Best

Jen Schro's The Very Best tops out our list as the best overall chest protector for Fastpitch Softball catchers

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our Fastpitch Softball chest protector picks!)

Our top pick for the best Fastpitch Softball chest protector is Jen Schro The Very Best.

This is one of Easton’s newest models for Fastpitch Softball catcher’s gear. The chest protector is available in up to nine colors and in three different sizes.

The Very Best chest protector has two straps that connect at the front, allowing for a much easier and customized adjustment than many other chest protectors on the market. It’s a really cool and useful feature.

Another great – and different – feature of the chest protector is that it has motivational phrases from Jen Schro on its inside lining (see picture below). It’s unique and a nice touch.

Although it has thick (and high quality) padding throughout, it still feels pretty lightweight.

Manufactured by Easton, a leading manufacturer of equipment for Fastpitch players, it’s no wonder that Jen Schro’s The Very Best came out on top of our list.


Comes with two adjustable straps that connect in the front

Very adjustable to help you get a custom fit

Overall it's pretty lightweight

Has an improved neck/collarbone guard

Looks great and comes in multiple colors


Supply can be limited at certain retailers

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Best Baseball Chest Protector:  All Star System 7 Axis

all star axis chest protector in navy blue

Catchers Home's pick for the best Baseball chest protector on the market

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our Baseball chest protector picks!)

Our top choice for the best chest protector available is the All Star System 7 Axis (CP40PRO). This is an incredibly high quality product made by one of the most popular catcher's gear brands out there.

This particular chest protector stands out above the crowd for not only looking great, but for having moldable polyethylene (PE) protective plates in the throat, collarbone and sternum.

The PE plates were added to provide superior protection to these vulnerable areas as well as to ensure a comfortable and tapered fit.

It is very thin and light, and it has wedged abs designed to deflect balls straight down when blocking.

The Axis conforms to the body well, and the chest protector does a good job or wrapping around the sides of the torso. 

All in all, this is an excellent chest protector that should last you for years.


Internal moldable protective plates covering vulnerable areas

Light and thin with "Diamond Vents" to help with air flow

Flatter, wedged ab design for knocking the ball down

Exceptional fit with adjustable harness

Machine washable

Multiple colors available


As a premium product, cost is higher than average

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View Catcher's Box Set

Back Side of the Axis Chest Protector

back side of all star axis chest protector, CP40PRO


Best Softball Catcher's Mitt: Wilson A2000 (FPCM)

wilson a2000 softball catchers glove

A premium catcher's mitt designed by Olympic Softball players

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our Fastpitch catcher's mitt picks!)

Our selection for the best Fastpitch Softball catcher's mitt is the A2000 FPCM by Wilson (model FPCM, 34 inches). If you would like to read our overview of all Wilson A2000 mitts, then please click here.

This catcher's mitt is unique, but in a good way. It is built with a combination of high-quality leather and cutting edge technology called Super Skin, which Wilson is using on many of their newer glove models. 

According to Wilson, Super Skin is "a microfiber material that has been tested, refined, and perfected to deliver ultimate durability at the lightest weight possible."

Super Skin is also moisture repellent and has a faster break in time than traditional mitts. This strong base material also has a cool feel and a neat look to it, as you can see in the pictures above and below.

In addition to its "skin", this Softball catcher's glove has other good features too. It has what's called Flat Finger Binding which was designed to reduce sting for catchers who prefer to catch with their index finger out.

The mitt also has a wrist liner made out of moisture repellant material, which helps to keep your wrist dry when catching.

This high quality catcher's mitt comes in a classic black and gray leather with gray laces and logos in gold, which combined looks great. We think it is definitely worth a close look!  


Built with leather and the innovative and incredibly lightweight Super Skin material

Has a closed victory web with hinge

High-quality leather padding should prevent excess discomfort from sting

It has a fast break in time

We like its design, with its black, gray and gold color pattern


Being a premium mitt, it has a higher cost than some other Softball catcher's mitts on the market


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Close up Views of the Wilson A2000 (FPCM)



wilson a2000 fastpitch pocket

wilson a2000 fastpitch softball catchers glove


Best Baseball Catcher's Mitt: Wilson A2000

wilson a2000 baseball catchers mitt

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our Baseball catcher's mitt picks!)

After plenty of research, our pick for the best catcher's mitt is the Wilson A2000 (2022 M1DSS).   

This is one of the most premium mitts that Wilson makes, up there alongside the A2K.

The difference is, A2000 catcher's mitts have incredible quality but on average cost $100 less than A2K mitts.

This A2000 mitt is made with Pro Stock Leather, which is a durable American steerhide leather. This leather is known for being clean, soft, and long lasting. 

In addition to traditional leather, this glove comes with SuperSkin material on the top half of the glove. It is a microfiber material that's known for being incredibly durable and lightweight. 

This also mitt comes with a DRI-LEX® liner, which helps keep the wrist dry by working to pull moisture away from your skin. The A2000 has a deep, half moon web and is pre-shaped to help decrease the overall time to break in the glove. 

It has a great looking black design with white stitching, blending together to form both a classic and modern look, making it really pop on the field.

The mitt has red A2000 branding stitched on the shell near the pinkie finger stall, and the Wilson logo appears prominently in red on the outside of the thumb stall.

The A2000 is truly top shelf, and it's a premium mitt that will help catchers play at the top of their game for a very long time.

Please note: This catcher's mitt is approximately 33.5 inches.


Solid padding and high quality leather combined with SuperSkin material

Pre-shaped during the manufacturing process, so the break in time is not as long as may be expected

Contains a Dri-Lex wrist liner that helps to keep your hand cooler than expected

Its rolled dual welting build stabilizes the mitt's shape to last longer 

Lightweight and the pocket is deep

Great design, and it looks phenomenal


It will take some work to get it fully broken in


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Other Images of the Wilson A2000 (2022 M1DSS)




Best Softball Leg Guards:  All-Star Vela Professional

all star leg guards

Our top pick for Fastpitch Softball Catchers

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our Fastpitch Softball leg guard picks!)

What do we like about these Leg Guards? To start, they're loaded with cool features designed to help you play your best.

For example, the Vela Professional series of Leg Guards comes with the gel-based D30® knee pad which were built to disperse impact away from your knees and to prevent bruising. The Leg Guards also have the patented DeltaFlex™ harness system, which does a tremendous job of preventing excess shifting while in motion. Also, it's more comfortable than traditional harnesses for ballplayers in shorts.

The Vela Professional Leg Guards are durable, lightweight and well ventilated. Additionally, the plastic is moldable which allows for a good, customizable fit.

Not to mention these are made by All-Star, one of the leading manufactures of catchers gear in the business today.


Unique, proprietary technology designed in to help prevent knee bruising, to prevent excess shifting while moving and to increase ventilation

Moldable plastic to ensure a custom fit

Adjustable shin pads

Internal anti-bacterial surface

Machine washable internal liners


Nothing that we have seen, heard or read


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View Catcher's Box Set

Rear of the Leg Guards

all star leg guard


Best Baseball Leg Guards:  All-Star System Seven Axis

System Seven Axis

Premium Leg Guards that stand out from the crowd

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our Baseball leg guard picks!)

All-Star claims these are the best Leg Guards ever developed. It's hard to argue with them. 

These Leg Guards were constructed with unique technology, such as their LINQ™ pivotable hinge designed to support better mobility and to ensure they don't shift on your leg.

It comes with the gel-enclosed D30® "Patella Plus" knee pad technology, which gives added protection (and comfort!) to the knee. 

They come in multiple colors with matte finished stainless steel hardware. Simply put, these are fantastic Leg Guards.


Made with proprietary hinge system, providing excellent mobility

Gives expanded protection above the knee

Good ventilation and reduced weight due to rear vents

Knee pads with D30® and twice-reinforced knee straps

Upper strap helps prevent excess movement on the leg


More expensive - it's a premium product


Check Price on Amazon

View Catcher's Box Set

Brief Video Review


Best Catcher's Bag:  No Errors NO E2

blue catchers bag

Our Top Overall Pick for Best Catchers Bag

(*You can also check out our full-length post reviewing all of our catcher's bag picks!)

No Errors is a specialty brand that focuses exclusively on making bags for Baseball and Fastpitch Softball players. The NO E2 is the premium catcher's bag made by the No Errors brand.

You can immediately tell that this bag was well thought out when it was designed. It is very large and can hold all of the equipment that a catcher might have, and then some.

There are nine distinct "pockets" in this bag, three of which are ventilated (to help wet gear and/or clothes dry) and one of which is shaped for Leg Guards and is able to be expanded for Leg Guards with Knee Savers.

In the rear part of the bag, you can fit up to three bats measuring 34" each.

The NO E2 is a catchers bag with big wheels. Seriously. It comes with extra large "fatboy" wheels that can withstand up to 500 pounds of stress.

This type of wheel is pretty unique among other bags in the market. As an added note, if wheel size or durability is the most important factor for you, then this is your bag.

The NO E2 also has high quality lubricated zippers, which helps make zipping easier than it otherwise would.

On the bottom part of the bag there are two bumpers, which serve two purposes: 1. to keep the bag elevated when laid on the ground, and 2. to hang the bag on a dugout fence.

It also has four "hideaway hooks" that you can rest gear on (for example, your catcher's mitt) between innings. You can see an example of one of those hooks in the picture below.

The NO E2 is definitely a big, high quality catcher's bag with some really cool features. It's for all of these reasons that it earned our #1 pick.

Note: The dimensions of the bag are 36" Lx 12" W x 12" H.


Comes with big, rugged fatboy wheels

Has durable, easy to use lubricated zippers

Includes three ventilated pockets which can help dry out wet equipment

Nine separate storage compartments in the bag, some of which can be expanded

External hooks allow catchers to quickly retrieve their gear in between innings

Sold in several different colors


It does not have a telescopic or adjustable handle

As a premium product, cost is on the higher side


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Video of the NO E2 Bag and Additional Pictures

Close up view of no errors no e2 catchers bag wheels

no errors no e2 catchers bag inside


That Wraps it up!

Thanks for reading. We hope that this post and our reviews were helpful to you.

If you have any questions for us - whether you want to learn more about some of the best catchers gear, or you have questions about catching in general - then don't hesitate to reach out by heading over to the Contact Us page or by sending an email to scott [at] catchershome [dot] com.

Scott Perry is the owner and lead author at Catchers Home. He's a former baseball player, a current coach, a husband and a Dad. He remains as passionate about baseball today as he was as a kid.