Best Fastpitch Softball Catchers Helmets [2024 Season]

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Playing behind the plate in fastpitch softball is fun, challenging and exciting. Yet it's not without risk, due to things like foul tips and collisions.

Which is why serious fastpitch catchers need a seriously good catcher's helmet.

This post takes a close look at the top three softball catchers helmets on the market, with our #1 pick being a solid choice for most ballplayers.

Read on to learn more... 

Fastpitch Softball Catchers Helmet. Picture of Softball Catcher getting the sign.

Best Catchers Helmets for Fastpitch Softball

Taking a Closer Look

Right from the start, one thing you should know about fastpitch softball catcher's helmets is that you do not have to wear one that is fastpitch specific.

As long as the size of your head is compatible, you can wear any catchers helmet, regardless of whether it is used in Baseball or not.

With that in mind, we encourage you to check out our other post over in the Baseball review section covering the Best Catcher’s Helmets for Baseball, as there are also some great helmets listed on that page.

Still, even though fastpitch softball catchers can wear any adult helmet, many brands do make catcher's helmets that are built specifically for fastpitch softball players.

These helmets have slightly different designs from their baseball counterparts and are made to fit females better.

Many also have distinct additions to their design which can make these helmets a bit more practical for females.

While we at Catchers Home do not recommend that female athletes only consider a fastpitch softball catcher's helmet, we do recognize that there are some distinct benefits to the design of these helmets which may appeal to many fastpitch softball catchers.

What About Masks?

Fastpitch softball catchers traditionally wore catcher's masks instead of helmets.

However, in the early and mid 2000's the use of masks among fastpitch catchers started to drop as more and more players picked up catcher's helmets.

Now a days, basically all softball catchers (including those at the highest level) use catcher's helmets instead of masks. Scan any sports equipment retailer and you'll be hard pressed to find anyone selling catcher's masks specific to fastpitch players.

It's only catcher's helmets these days.

aubree munro olympics
Team USA catcher Aubree Munro during the Tokyo Olympics (source: Getty Images)

How to Choose the Right Size of Helmet

One thing that can confuse some people when buying a helmet online is to know what size to get. Many fastpitch catchers helmets come in two sizes - typically small and large.

The size of the helmet includes a range of different hat sizes. For example, when we look at the small version of the Easton Prowess catcher’s helmet, we see that it will fit hat sizes 6 1/8 - 7 (inches).

Finding out your hat size is really simple and is something you can quickly do at home. Just measure the circumference of your head (in inches) right above your ears using something like a cloth tape measure.

And there you go! Now you've got the information you need to make a decision on the helmet size you need.

On to our Reviews!

Now that we have some background information out of the way, let's move on to our reviews!

We have built the following reviews to highlight the best catchers helmets on the market which are designed exclusively for fastpitch softball catchers.

Based on our research, the top softball catchers helmet on the market today is as follows:

  1. Jen Schro The Very Best (top overall pick)
  2. Easton Prowess Fastpitch (second place)
  3. Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch catcher's helmet (third place)


Read on to learn more about each of our picks!

Please note, all helmets we recommend meet NOCSAE standards.

#1. Jen Schro The Very Best

top pick best softball catcher helmet

Our pick for the best catcher's helmet for fastpitch softball catchers

Jen Schro’s The Very Best is Easton's newest model of fastpitch catcher's gear. The signature helmet in this lineup is high quality and earns our top overall pick.

This Jen Schro catchers helmet was design for softball catchers, as it provides more of an aerodynamic and closer fit than a typical catcher’s helmet for baseball.

It’s built with a standard Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (or ABS) shell and a steel cage, with a matte paint finish available in multiple colors.

Inside the helmet is ‘Dual Density Foam’, which is designed to absorb shock with minimal impact to the wearer. It’s also comfortable to wear, and the padding comes treated with anti microbial properties to fight off sweat and stink.

In addition to these features, we simply like the look of the helmet with its slim design and matte paint job. It's a top pick for sure.


It's designed specifically to fit female athletes

Gives good protection with its strong ABS shell and steel facemask

Comes available in multiple color options

Includes high quality dual density foam designed to absorb impact

Comes in two different sizes: Small (6 1/2-7 1/8) and Large (7 1/8-7 ½)


It's the most expensive helmet on this list. Not surprising considering its newness and high quality.


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Brief Video Review of 'The Very Best' Gear


#2. Easton Prowess

Easton Catchers Helmet - non Amazon picture

Our second place choice for best catcher's helmet designed for fastpitch softball use

Though an older model than Jen Schro’s The Very Best, the Easton Prowess is a good catcher's helmet for fastpitch softball players. This helmet has a rubberized matte paint finish with a steel cage painted gray.

It provides really good protection behind the plate. In many ways, it has a lot of similarities to the Jen Schro catchers helmet, as it has an ABS shell, good foam (EVA) padding, and strategically located vents (all of which are great features!).

In short, this helmet looks sweet, regardless of the color you choose - and there are several available. It also provides a nice, streamlined fit that will fit most female catchers well.


It's a really good looking helmet

Strategically placed venting allows for good airflow through the helmet

Multiple color options available

Has a snug, streamlined fit

Contains impact absorbing foam padding


The two tone color design (charcoal gray going down the middle) may not suite everyone

Discontinued product - supply can be limited depending on the site or store you’re shopping from


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Brief Video Review of Prowess Gear


#3. Mizuno Samurai Fastpitch Catcher's Helmet

A solid choice to round out the top three

This is a companion helmet to the Mizuno Samurai G4 catcher's helmet featured on our baseball catcher's helmet post. However, the design of this helmet was adjusted to fit females better.  

Like its G4 counterpart, this softball catcher helmet is noted for providing great protection, ventilation, and visibility. It contains shock absorbing EVA foam padding inside the helmet and has a steel facemask.

It also contains a large number of vents across the top of the helmet and alongside the jaw and chin area, facilitating improved airflow.

Lastly, the helmet comes in six different colors. Not to mention it's made by Mizuno, one of the best brands in the baseball and softball gear world.


Improved fit for female athletes

Built to give excellent ventilation and visibility

Provides solid protection

Comes in multiple color options

Developed by one of the top brands in the game


Some users have noted that the internal, protective foam can come loose after moderate to heavy use (fixed by re-gluing)

Along the sides and jaw area of the shell there is a white diamond type of design stenciled in - some may like this, others may not

Only one size is available (large)


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Thanks for Reading!

There you have it, our top three softball catchers helmet picks! We really hope this review was helpful to you.

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