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Our names are Scott and Jennifer Perry, and we're the founders of CatchersHome.com.  

We designed this site with the hope that it will be a helpful resource to you, whether you are looking for catcher's gear, information on catchers, or whether you are here just to learn more about the best position in baseball and fastpitch softball.

Now, for a few facts about us.... We live in North Carolina (in the USA, for our non American friends), and we've been married well over a decade by now. We recently welcomed our first child into the world, baby P, and it's our prayer that he will grow to love baseball as he gets older 🙂

Our Story

We are both lifelong ballplayers and fans of the game.  Scott played baseball since the age of 6, from t-ball through All Stars, up to High School varsity, where he was on two state champion teams.

He is a huge baseball fan (a game is on TV almost every night at our house) and he has a passion for baseball history. In fact, Cooperstown, New York is probably the coolest place he's ever been.

He's currently a Project Manager by day and Dad/husband/baseball fan by night.

Jennifer started playing fastpitch softball at a young age, playing though High School and on many AAU and travel teams. Softball was life growing up!

She is now a practicing Physical Therapist, earning her Doctor of Physical Therapy a few years back. She often works with athletes to rehab knees, arms and shoulders, so she has a ton of useful knowledge she will write about from time to time in our Articles section.

Scott Perry and Courtney Perry, CatchersHome.com
Scott and Jennifer

Why You Should Trust CatchersHome.com

We know baseball and fastpitch softball inside and out and we are passionate fans of the game and students of its past.

We stay on top of the latest equipment trends for catchers so that we can provide useful reviews for our readers. We aren't affiliated with a particular brand, so we provide unbiased reviews.

We have the knowledge needed to write articles for our readers that we believe will be insightful, educational, and/or actionable.

And last but not least, we believe that the most important position on the diamond is the position behind home plate, so we are committed to building this site into a home base for catchers everywhere.

We are here to help, so hit us up anytime by heading over to the Contact Us page. 

We appreciate you checking us out!

Scott, Jennifer, and Baby P