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Catchers with 300 Home Runs [Learn More Here!] - Which MLB Catchers Have 300 or More Career Home Runs? Through the end of the 2023 MLB season, there have been 7 full-time* catchers to reach 300 or more career home runs.  All catchers with 300 home runs (HR) are as follows:   Mike Piazza - 427 HR The only catcher to reach more than… Read More
Catchers with 400 Home Runs [Learn More Here!] - Which MLB Catchers Have 400 or More Career Home Runs? There's only ever been one full-time* MLB catcher to collect more than 400 home runs.  That person?  Mike Piazza.  With 427 career home runs, Piazza holds the record for the most career home runs by any catcher in history.  His productive career from 1992 to… Read More