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The 2024 Wilson A2K Catchers Mitt | Our Comprehensive Review - Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. See our disclaimer for more information. The 2024 Wilson A2K Catcher's Mitt: My Hands-on Review Wilson's 2024 A2K catchers mitt was recently released. A2K's are traditionally some of the most premium, top-end glove models on the market.  So when I learned the 2024 version was available, I… Read More
Why do Catchers Throw to Third After a Strikeout? The Origin Story - Why do Catchers Throw to Third After a Strikeout? The Origin Story Why do catchers throw to third after a strikeout? This custom actually does go far back into the 19th century and appears to have originated shortly after pitchers went to throwing overhand, when working counts to achieve a strikeout became common. Instead of… Read More
Catching Baseballs off the Washington Monument (and Other Tall Places) - The world's tallest building was nearing completion in Washington in 1884. Standing just over 555 feet tall, the Washington Monument eclipsed the Cologne Cathedral in Germany for the height crown. Even before it opened, ballplayers for both Washington and visiting clubs found it tantalizing. Opinions differed as to whether a human being could catch a… Read More
Top 5 Highest Paid Catchers in the MLB - Major League Baseball (MLB) players make A LOT of money.  And the dollar figures get crazy high the more well known the player (Aaron Judge at $40 million a year anyone!?!) How do MLB catchers stack up? In this brief article, we showcase the highest paid catchers in the big leagues through the 2023 MLB… Read More
3 Best Catcher Stats That Can Earn Your Kid a College Scholarship - If your kid is a catcher and wants to earn a college scholarship to play baseball or fastpitch softball, they should be aware of what college coaches are looking for. Although there's many factors involved in college recruiting, a few key ones play an outsized role in recruiting for catchers.  In this article, we explore… Read More
The MLB Catchers with the Most Runners Caught Stealing in 2023 - MLB’s Caught Stealing Leaders in 2023 Leaders in Total Runners Caught Stealing in 2023 The catcher with the most runners caught stealing during the 2023 MLB season was none other than Shea Langeliers of the Oakland Athletics.  Langeliers nailed 38 runners attempting to steal during the season. And it wasn’t even close - the runner… Read More
All Rookie Catchers Who Made Their MLB Debut in 2023 - A Quick Overview of First Year MLB Catchers in 2023 There were 11 catchers who made their MLB debut during the 2023 regular season. Here's the complete list: Austin Wells – New York Yankees Blake Sabol – San Francisco Giants Brett Sullivan – San Diego Padres César Salazar – Houston Astros David Fry – Cleveland… Read More