The Best Catchers Bag Available Today – See Our Top Picks! [Updated for 2024]

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Catchers have a lot of gear, and combined with the season's travel demands, it's pretty obvious that having a high quality catchers bag is mandatory.

This post reviews four different catchers bags, all top picks for specific categories that matter to catchers and their parents.

Our top overall pick can be found HERE. Keep scrolling to learn more about this bag and others... 

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Reviews of The Best Catchers Bag for 2024

Catchers bag from the Oakland Athletics

Let's start by stating the obvious... catchers have a lot of stuff.

Definitely more than any other position on the diamond. It's not even close.

Makes sense, right? The skull cap, mask, leg guards, chest protector, mitt, not to mention bats, batting gloves, cleats... You get the point.

Even more, much of this equipment is expensive and - when taken all together - adds up to a substantial investment on the part of the player (or parent...).

Considering the typical travel demands associated with playing baseball and fastpitch softball these days, as well as the size and cost of gear, it comes as no surprise when we say:

You need a really good catcher's bag to carry all of your gear!


But, there's one little problem.

The problem is that there are a ton of catcher's bags on the market. Some are great, some are good, and some are... well, below average.

This post helps to solve that problem by identifying who makes the best catchers equipment bag and what we believe are the top catchers bags out there, specific to the categories listed below. 

What is the Best Catchers Bag?

According to our analysis and reviews, the best catchers bag for baseball and fastpitch softball catchers is the No Errors No E2. Its got everything you need in a bag for catchers gear, including multiple storage compartments for equipment, durable construction, and extra large all terrain wheels that make it easy to carry across multiple surfaces.

The list of all of our top picks is below. In short, we believe the best catchers bags on the market are the following:

  1. No Errors No E2 (top overall pick)
  2. Mizuno MX Equipment G2 (runner up pick)
  3. Rawlings Covert Player Duffle Bag (top pick for affordability)
  4. Boombah Rolling Catchers Superpack 2.0 (best bat pack)


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Top Overall Pick: No Errors NO E2

blue catchers bag

Our Top Overall Pick for Best Catchers Bag

No Errors is a specialty brand that focuses exclusively on making bags for baseball and fastpitch softball players. The NO E2 is the premium catcher's bag made by the No Errors brand.

You can immediately tell that this bag was well thought out when it was designed. It is very large and can hold all of the equipment that a catcher might have, and then some.

There are nine distinct "pockets" in this bag, three of which are ventilated (to help wet gear and/or clothes dry) and one of which is shaped for Leg Guards and is able to be expanded for Leg Guards with Knee Savers.

In the rear part of this catchers gear bag, you can fit up to three bats measuring 34" each.

The NO E2 is a catchers bag with big wheels.

Seriously. It comes with extra large "fatboy" wheels that can withstand up to 500 pounds of stress.

This type of wheel is pretty unique among other bags in the market. As an added note, if wheel size or durability is the most important factor for you, then this is your bag.

The NO E2 also has high quality lubricated zippers, which helps make zipping easier than it otherwise would.

On the bottom part of the bag there are two bumpers, which serve two purposes: 1. to keep the bag elevated when laid on the ground, and 2. to hang the bag on a dugout fence.

It also has four "hideaway hooks" that you can rest gear on (for example, your catcher's mitt) between innings. You can see an example of one of those hooks in the picture below.

The NO E2 is definitely a big, high quality catcher's bag with some really cool features. It's for all of these reasons that it earned our #1 pick.

Note: The dimensions of the bag are 36" Lx 12" W x 12" H.


Comes with big, rugged fatboy wheels

Has durable and easy to use lubricated zippers

Includes three ventilated pockets which can help dry out wet equipment

Nine separate storage compartments are in the bag, some of which can be expanded

External hooks allow catchers to quickly retrieve their gear in between innings

It's sold in several different colors


It does not have a telescopic or adjustable handle

As a premium product, its cost is on the higher side


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Video of the NO E2 Bag and Additional Pictures

Close up view of no errors no e2 catchers bag wheels

no errors no e2 catchers bag inside


Runner Up: Mizuno MX Equipment G2

mizuno mx equipment g2 bag in navy blue

A Solid Product Earns Our Runner-Up Pick

Coming in second on our list is the Mizuno MX Equipment Wheeled G2 softball and/or baseball catchers bag.

We like this bag for a number of reasons.

For starters, the bottom has a sturdy, rigid construction with two “running boards” to help stabilize the bag.

As you can see in the pictures above and below, it is a catchers gear bag with wheels. The wheels on this bag are larger than most and will hold up well when rolling across non-pavement surfaces.

The main compartment is able to hold all of a catcher’s core gear, including leg guards, chest protector, catcher’s helmet or mask and catcher’s mitt. It opens in a large U shape, and can expand on the sides if needed.

There is also another compartment on the front left of the bag which can store smaller items like batting gloves, wrist guards, or even things like keys or a phone. Although this bag does not have a separate bat compartment, you can store up to four bats in the main compartment if needed.

Mizuno’s MX Equipment G2 bag comes with a telescopic pull handle, in addition to a basic stitched handle on the top.

There are also handles along the sides of the bag that can be velcroed together, allowing you to carry it by hand like a duffel bag if that’s what you prefer. Additionally, it includes two J shaped hooks on the back of the bag, allowing it to be hung on a fence.

As an added bonus, the MX Equipment G2 bag has four different color options available: red, black, navy blue and royal blue.

Note: The dimensions of the bag are 36" L x 15" W x 15" H.


Its large main compartment can hold a variety of baseball or softball gear

There are multiple handles on the bag, making it easy to carry

It has a good set of wheels that work well on many surfaces

Built with two hooks for hanging the bag on the dugout fence

Typically available in multiple colors (note: check color availability as it can change by the week)


It does not sit up by itself like some other bags do

There is no separate bat compartment


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Additional Views of the Mizuno MX Equipment G2 Catchers Bag

inside view of the mizuno mx equipment g2 bag

back or bottom of the mizuno mx equipment g2 bag for catchers


Budget Pick: Rawlings Covert Player Duffle Bag

best catchers bag for people on a budget, cheap bag

Best Catcher's Bag Based on Affordability

The Rawlings Covert Player Preferred is a good bag for catchers sold at an incredibly affordable price. For people on a really tight budget, this is your bag.

With dimensions of 26" L x 13" W x 13" H, it is big enough to hold all of your normal catchers gear and then some. 

For example, the Rawlings Covert bag has space to hold two bats as well as your cleats, helmet, catcher's mitt, drinks and more. It is large enough to hold youth or adult sized catchers gear.

The straps on the bag are pretty sturdy and are long enough so that you can throw them over your shoulder. The inside of the bag is made of mesh and the bottom of the bag is made of a durable vinyl.

It has a good, classic look and is available in multiple colors. It's for these reasons that we easily picked this catchers equipment bag as our top choice for those focused mainly on low price. 


It's big enough to hold your catcher's gear

Has very good quality considering the low price

Multiple colors are available

It's sold at an excellent price point


This is not a wheeled bag - it's a duffle bag

It does not have a hook for hanging on a fence


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Top Bat Pack: Boombah Rolling Superpack 2.0

boombah front backpack

Our Top Bat Pack Pick for Catchers

Our main recommendation for catchers is to use a catchers bag (like the ones above), rather than a bat pack, which is similar to a bookbag. This is due to the fact that bat packs don't come close to the same ballpark of having the same amount of room that you would find in traditional catcher's bags.

However, some people may simply prefer to use a bat pack rather than a larger, wheeled or duffel catcher's bag.

We get that.

For those who fall in this category, we recommend the Boombah Rolling Superpack 2.0 bat pack.

Designed specifically for catchers, this bat pack can hold your chest protector, catcher's helmet or mask, and your catcher's mitt. It also has a separate compartment just for cleats (or shoes). 

It has a sleeve on each side that can hold up to two bats per sleeve, meaning this bat pack can hold up to four bats total.

A unique thing about this bat pack is that it can either be carried on your back or rolled on the ground, as it has rugged wheels and a telescopic pull handle.

Additional features include J hooks, a base that helps the bag sit up, mesh sleeves for leg guards, and even a small pocket for holding valuables such as a cell phone.

Note: The dimensions of this bag are 23.5"H x 13.5"W x 9.5"D. It weights 7.3 pounds.


It has internal and side compartments that can usually hold all core pieces of catcher's gear

Can be rolled over the ground or carried on your back

It's built with a a strong base that keeps the bag from slumping over

Comes with J hooks for hanging the bag on a fence


This bat pack works best with youth sized catchers gear. Be aware that adult sized gear would be a tight fit.


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Additional Picture of the Boombah Rolling Superpack 2.0

boombah bat pack back

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How important is it to get a bag with a telescopic handle? 

Answer: Softball and baseball catchers bags with telescopic handles are helpful for players that have a lot of heavy gear and do a lot of traveling. That way, they can drag their bag behind them by rolling it on a solid surface.

With that said, some catchers don't care for that look and prefer to carry their bag the old fashion way: by throwing the loop over their shoulder and walking.

At the end of the day, there's no right or wrong answer. It's about preference. 

Question: How do I figure out whether to get a large catcher's bag or a catcher's bat pack? 

Answer: Catchers tend to need large bags due to the wide variety of big, heavy gear they carry to each practice and game. As such, catcher's bags are the biggest bags in the dugout. 

Still, some players like the simple back pack/bat pack look, even if they have catcher's gear to carry. 

As shown in this article, you can get a bat pack bag that can hold all of your catcher's equipment. It may be a tight fit though.

If your personal preference is using a bag that has a bat pack design, then go for it!

Otherwise, our advice for catchers is to choose a roomier, standard catcher's bag.

Thank You for Reading!

We hope this review of the best catchers bags on the market was helpful to you.

If you have any questions for us about catchers gear bags - or really anything catcher related - don't hesitate to reach out by heading over to the Contact Us page or by sending an email to scott [at] catchershome [dot] com.

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