Best Youth Catchers Mitt [2022 Season]

It’s important to get your young catcher a dependable, durable and well fitting youth catchers mitt. However, finding that right mitt can be a challenge, especially when you consider that a quick Google search of "youth catchers mitts" will turn up a mind numbing amount of results.

So we’ve sorted through the options to help you in your search, and we've narrowed the big list down to just a few of our recommended choices.

See below for our top picks for youth Baseball and for youth Softball catchers, as well as our budget pick for each respective sport…

Best Youth Catchers Mitt, catchers mitt for kids

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Best Youth Catchers Mitt

A catcher's mitt is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can buy your young catcher. It is their primary tool for catching the ball and for protecting themselves from wild pitches.

It is something that – with a bit of care – will last them a long time as they grow and mature into the position.

This is why we advocate for parents to get their kids a high quality catcher's mitt made by a reputable brand.

The good news is that there are many mitts out there made by good brand names. The challenge is to know which among them are better than average and worthy of your child’s use.

We wrote this article to do just that. Namely, to identify what is the best youth catchers mitt and to clearly describe why our picks are worth a closer look.

What Size Mitt Does My Child Need?

Catcher's mitts are unique when compared to regular Baseball or Fastpitch Softball gloves for a number of reasons. One is that they are measured by their circumference, not length.

Therefore, whenever you see advertisements for catcher's mitts typically in the 30+ inch range, know that the measurement is referring to the mitt's circumference.  

For Baseball catchers 12 years old or younger, we suggest looking for catcher's mitts that are sized 32 to 33 inches.

For Fastpitch Softball catchers aged 12 or younger, we recommend using a mitt that is slightly larger - typically, 32.5 or 33 inches will work well.

Keep in mind that you can always pick a mitt that is a little larger or smaller depending on what your child is most comfortable wearing. 

The player's comfort - as opposed to any particular guideline about size - is what is most important.

What is the Best Youth Catchers Mitt?

Based on our research, we have concluded that the best youth catchers mitts on the market for Fastpitch Softball is the Louisville Slugger LXT, and the best mitt for Baseball is the Wilson A1000.

The following are all of our top picks:

  1. Louisville Slugger LXT  (Top Overall for Fastpitch Softball)
  2. Wilson A1000  (Top Overall for Baseball)
  3. Rawlings Shut Out  (Budget pick for Fastpitch Softball)
  4. Rawlings Renegade  (Budget Pick for Baseball)


Continue scrolling to learn more about our choices for the best youth catcher's mitts for the 2022 season, including our top pick for those on a budget. 


Best for Youth Softball: Louisville Slugger LXT

best youth fastpitch softball catchers mitt

An excellent catcher's mitt for young Fastpitch Softball catchers

Our choice for the best youth catcher's mitt for Fastpitch Softball is the Louisville Slugger 2019 LXT (33 inches).

Louisville Slugger is a leading manufacturer of Baseball and Fastpitch Softball equipment. They make some really high quality gear, including gloves and catcher's mitts.

The LXT catcher's mitt pictured here is constructed with full grain steerhide leather, containing a charcoal gray and gold design. The leather used in this mitt is both sturdy and soft - perfect for any glove or catcher's mitt.  

It is a dual post web mitt measuring 33 inches, and is recommended for use by youth catchers up to 14U. (Please note: For those wanting a slightly larger mitt, we'd strongly suggest looking at the 34 inch Wilson A2000.)

Two characteristics of this LXT catcher's mitt that stand out are its light weight and its high degree of durability - meaning, it can take a lot of punishment while still keeping its good quality.

In short, the Louisville Slugger LXT is an ideal catcher's mitt for youth Fastpitch Softball catchers.


Made with high quality leather

It is rather affordable considering its excellent quality

Limited break in time is required

Very lightweight

The Louisville Slugger brand is well respected


It is only made for right hand throwers only


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Close-up Images of the Louisville Slugger LXT


Louisville Slugger 2019 LXT catchers mitt for softball pocket view

Louisville Slugger 2019 LXT catchers mitt side view


Best for Youth Baseball: Wilson A1000

best youth baseball catcher's mitt

A solid pick for youth Baseball catchers

Our choice for the best youth catcher's mitt for Baseball is the Wilson A1000 catcher's mitt (2022 version, 33 inches).  

Wilson is a popular glove manufacturer known for building high quality gloves and catcher's mitts used by many pro and amateur ballplayers.

A1000 mitts are built with a full grain leather shell and a 1 piece solid web. Its black and blonde leather combination looks really good with the Wilson logo stitched in white.

These mitts have a velcro strap over the wrist, so you can tighten or loosen it based on what feels best. It also comes with what Wilson calls the DriLex (TM) wrist lining, which helps mop up sweat and keep your wrist dry.

Additionally, the A1000 has some break in out of the box so you're not starting the break in process from scratch when you get it.

Please note: A1000 catcher's mitts are currently only available for right hand throwers.


Has a soft leather shell and liner

It's competitively priced

Contains extra padding around the palm 

Looks like Wilson's big league mitts

Somewhat broken in from the factory


Costs a bit higher than the average youth mitt


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Close-up Image of the Wilson A1000 (2022 Version)

wilson a1000 2022 catchers mitt pocket


Budget Pick for Youth Softball: Rawlings Shut Out

Our pick for the best affordable Fastpitch Softball youth catcher's mitt

The Rawlings Shut Out Series is a good looking youth catchers glove made by a popular Baseball and Softball brand.

This mitt measures 33 inches and has a well built H web on a full grain leather shell. It was designed to be worn by female athletes, so it has a good fit with a comfortable inner liner.

The Shut Out catcher's mitt also comes with a palm liner to help reduce the sting of a fast pitch. Lastly, it comes 80 percent broken in, so it shouldn't take a very long time to get it game ready.

At a very affordable price, it is an incredibly pick for the money.

Please note: This catcher's mitt is currently only available for right handed throwers.


Very budget friendly Fastpitch catcher's mitt

Durable leather shell with a strong, comfortable internal liner

Sturdy lacing

Its H web is strong and allows for improved visibility


The internal padding could be thicker


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Close-up Images of the Rawlings Shut Out Pocket


Budget Pick for Youth Baseball: Rawlings Renegade

cheap youth catchers mitt, the best

Our top budget pick for for youth Baseball catchers

This affordable catcher's mitt is a good pick for young athletes playing behind the plate. Built by Rawlings, the Renegade is a top youth catchers glove measuring 32.5 inches and containing a one piece closed web.

It's built with a leather palm and a "pro mesh" conventional back. The Renegade's pocket is deep and pretty flexible.

This mitt is relatively lightweight and features an added palm pad. It is delivered 80% broken in, meaning that you only need to break in the remaining 20%.

Additionally, we simply like the look of this mitt with it's black leather and red Rawlings logos, which pops against the black. 

In short, it's hard to beat this level of quality at such a low price point.

Please note: This catcher's mitt is available for both right handed and left handed throwers.


Great quality to affordability ratio

Comes mostly broken in already, right out of the box

Lightweight and comfortable, unlike many cheap catcher's mitts

It really does look good


The internal padding is not the thickest out there. You may want to pair it with a glove sponge or an inner protective glove if you're worried about sting.


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Close-up Image of the Rawlings Renegade




pocket of the rawlings renegade catchers mitt


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