Best Fastpitch Softball Chest Protector [2024 Season]

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Chest protectors are critically important pieces of gear for catchers working behind the plate.

We surveyed the market for fastpitch softball chest protectors and decided on the top four that deserve a close look, starting with this one.

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Best Fastpitch Softball chest protectors, top picks

Best Fastpitch Softball Chest Protectors

Chest protectors are an critical piece of equipment for catchers at all levels, as they protect the shoulders, collarbone, sternum, ribs, and everything in between.

Due to its importance, you want to be sure that the chest protector you purchase is top notch and high quality.

When searching for a new chest protector, it's essential that you first consider its protection related qualities, in addition to its comfort level, durability, fit, and any added features or technology.

These are some of the key parameters that we address in our reviews.

How to Find the Right Size

Regarding sizing, chest protectors are measured in inches. You can very easily self-measure or get a friend or family member to measure you, as discussed in this post.

To do so, simply take a tape measure, stand up tall, then take a measurement from the bottom of your throat down to your naval. The result is the size of chest protector that you should shoot for. Easy!

If you measure in between two sizes, you should generally choose the large of the two.

Differences in Chest Protectors for Softball and Baseball

Many top brands have chest protectors designed for fastpitch softball catchers. These chest protectors have several differences from their baseball specific counterparts.

One of the key differences is that fastpitch softball chest protectors tend to have a break in the chest area to ensure a better fit for the female wearer.

Most also have more of a contoured design than baseball chest protectors.

Lastly, fastpitch softball chest protectors do not have groin protectors like their Baseball counterparts often do.

For these reasons, Catchers Home recommends fastpitch softball players (particularly those at intermediate and above sizes) to use chest protectors made specifically for females playing fastpitch softball.

Now, on to our Reviews!

We believe the best softball catcher chest protector options on the market are:

  1. Jen Schro The Very Best
  2. Mizuno Samurai
  3. All Star AFx
  4. Easton Prowess


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#1. Jen Schro The Very Best

Jen Schro's The Very Best tops out our list as the best overall chest protector for fastpitch softball catchers

Our top pick for the best fastpitch softball chest protector is Jen Schro The Very Best.

This is one of Easton’s newest models for fastpitch softball catcher’s gear. The chest protector is available in up to nine colors and in three different sizes.

The Very Best chest protector has two straps that connect at the front, allowing for a much easier and customized adjustment than many other chest protectors on the market. It’s a really cool and useful feature.

Another great – and different – feature of the chest protector is that it has motivational phrases from former catcher and current coach Jen Schro on its inside lining (see picture below). It’s unique and it's a nice touch.

Although it has thick (and high quality) padding throughout, it still feels pretty lightweight.

Manufactured by Easton, a leading manufacturer of equipment for fastpitch players, it’s no wonder that Jen Schro’s The Very Best came out on top of our list.


Comes with two adjustable straps that connect in the front

Very adjustable to help you get a custom fit

Overall it's pretty lightweight

Has an improved neck/collarbone guard

Looks great and comes in multiple colors


Supply can be limited at certain retailers

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#2. Mizuno Samurai FP

mizuno samurai fastpitch softball chest protector (nonAZ)

Our pick for second place, the Samurai is a great option for catchers

Mizuno is a top brand in both fastpitch softball and baseball, and their Samurai line of catchers gear is very popular.

The Samurai fastpitch chest protector is both lightweight and breathable. The inner liner of the Samurai is made of a moisture wicking mesh fabric, to help keep you dry behind the plate.

It was designed for female catchers so it has a very good fit, and the shoulder straps are adjustable which helps provide more of a custom fit, based on your preference.

Lastly, Mizuno updated the design of this chest protector back in the 2019/2020 timeframe, as seen in these photos. We think it looks great!


Good fit - designed specifically for female softball catchers

Lightweight with good ventilation

Contains low rebound technology

Moisture wicking internal liner

Adjustable shoulder harness


Shoulder caps are built in and are not adjustable or removable

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Back View of the Samurai Chest Protector

back of the mizuno samurai fastpitch softball chest protector

#3. All Star AFx

all star afx front white

Rounding out our top three is a great chest protector with a sleek design

Coming in as our third place choice, AFx is All Star's primary chest protector for fastpitch softball catchers.

Designed specifically for softball players, this chest protector is narrow in the shoulders and conforms to the body well.

It has built in protective plates in potentially vulnerable areas like the collar bone and the top part of the chest.

The harness on the back of the chest protector is simple to use and to adjust quickly, as you can see in the picture below. And overall it feels very lightweight and breathable.

AFx chest protectors also look great, they come in a variety of colors and are available in three different sizes.

All in all, AFx is a solid pick!


Made by one of the top catcher's gear brands - All Star

Flexible and conforming

Reinforced protection comes in critical areas

The harness system is simple to connect and adjust

A large variety of colors are available


Does not come with shoulder caps

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Picture of the Back of the AFx Chest Protector

all star afx chest protector


Honorable Mention:  Easton Prowess

The Easton Prowess chest protector is pretty unique and interesting.

Something you might notice up front is the solid colored line about midway up the chest protector.

What is this? It's the "dividing line" for what Easton calls its Torso Flex™ Two-Piece Torso Fit™ System.

That basically means there are separate upper and lower torso sections, a feature designed to support the catcher when blocking the ball.

The Prowess was built containing a four piece harness system that helps give the wearer a conforming, yet adjustable, fit (see the picture below).

In addition, the Prowess comes with a special "Biodri™" liner to help the person wearing it to stay relatively cool and dry.

Lastly, we think it simply looks cool, especially with its two-tone, charcoal grayish accent. This chest protector is sold in two sizes: Adult (15.5 inches) and Intermediate (14 inches).


Unlike some other lines, Easton's Prowess is made specifically for female athletes

Made by one of the top brands in softball/baseball

Unique torso design to help with blocking

Adjustable harness system for custom fit and easy removal

Shoulder caps are adjustable and removable

Lots of padding for superior protection and to reduce ball rebound


It can be difficult to find new, as supply seems to be limited

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Picture of the Rear of the Prowess

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Scott Perry is the owner and lead author at Catchers Home. He's a former baseball player, a current coach, a husband and a Dad. He remains as passionate about baseball today as he was as a kid.