Best Baseball Chest Protector [2022 Season]

Looking for a Baseball chest protector for you or your loved one? Then you've come to the right place!

We sorted through all the brands and options in the current marketplace to present you with our top chest protector picks for Baseball catchers.

Keep reading to discover our overall top choice and to learn more about our other picks... 

Best Baseball Chest Protector, catchers

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Best Baseball Chest Protector

Chest protectors.

One of the most noticeable pieces of equipment that a catcher wears.

Necessary to protect your collarbone, sternum, ribs, and everywhere in between. They're an absolutely critical component of catcher's gear.

Quick History of Chest Protectors

Chest protectors originated in the game of Baseball as far back as the 1880s. At that time most catchers wore no protective equipment, not wanting to be on the receiving end of jeers from the crowd.

In fact, research I've read shows that early adopters during this period would wear a type of chest protector underneath their clothes to disguise that they had anything on.

The first chest protectors were said to have used "sheepskin". A short while later, catchers used an inflatable vest - meaning, a rubber material pumped with air.

Eventually, chest protectors were designed with the normal padding that we have today. A 1963 design increased the flexibility of chest protectors, forming the rough basis for what is used today.

For a detailed history, check out SABRs article at this link. I found it especially interesting to learn that "the 2008 version of the chest protector weighs less than half the chest protector that was available in the 1920s through the 1940s."

Characteristics to Consider When Buying

All the gear we review here is generally evaluated against the rock solid criteria of Protection, Cost and Comfort. These should be evaluative criteria used when purchasing chest protectors too, no doubt.

Other qualities you should also consider are its durability, its weight, its fit, its adjustability, and its shock absorbent capabilities, among others. We discuss many of these characteristics in our reviews below.

A Quick Note on Sizing

Chest protectors are sized in inches. This indicates the distance between the bottom of your throat to your belly button.

Finding the right size for you can be done very simply using measuring tape with the assistance of a friend or family member.

Typically, kids that are tee ball aged will end up being sized starting at a 10 or 11 inch chest protector, while adults will usually need 15 or 16 inches on up.

Onwards to our Reviews!

With this in mind, let’s now take a closer look at our top picks.

We believe the best Baseball chest protectors on the market today are:

  1. All-Star System 7 Axis (overall best choice)
  2. Easton Pro X (second place)
  3. Mizuno Samurai (third place)
  4. Easton Gametime (budget pick)


Our reviews below will get into more detail about why we like these particular four chest protectors. Keep reading to learn more.

Note: these reviews will focus on chest protectors for intermediate and adult sized baseball catchers.


#1. All Star System 7 Axis

all star system 7 axis chest protector nocsae approved

Catchers Home's pick for the best Baseball chest protector on the market

Our top choice for the best chest protector available is the All Star System 7 Axis (CP40PRO). This is an incredibly high quality product made by one of the most popular catcher's gear brands out there.

This particular chest protector stands out above the crowd for not only looking great, but for having moldable polyethylene (PE) protective plates in the throat, collarbone and sternum.

The PE plates were added to provide superior protection to these vulnerable areas as well as to ensure a comfortable and tapered fit.

It is very thin and light, and it has wedged abs designed to deflect balls straight down when blocking.

The Axis conforms to the body well, and the chest protector does a good job or wrapping around the sides of the torso. 

All in all, this is an excellent chest protector that should last you for years.


Internal moldable protective plates covering vulnerable areas
Light and thin with "Diamond Vents" to help with air flow
Flatter, wedged ab design for knocking the ball down
Exceptional fit with adjustable harness
Machine washable
Multiple colors available


As a premium product, cost is higher than average

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 Back Side of the Axis Chest Protector

back side of all star axis chest protector, CP40PRO

Video Detailing How All-Star Builds & Tests Their Chest Protectors


#2. Easton Pro X

Our runner-up for the best chest protector for Baseball catchers

The Easton Pro X is a great pick for those who want a good looking, well designed chest protector made by a popular and well known brand.

While providing excellent protection, the Easton Pro X also scores high marks for being lightweight and breathable, yet durable, able to take a beating on the field season after season.

The double layer foam in the chest protector is "low rebound", and the silicone grips over the abs help to reduce ball spin when blocking. These are great features and are especially helpful for blocking.

Additionally, this chest protector has a very customizable strap and harness system with clips in the front, allowing its wearer to get the precise fit they need. Overall, the Pro X is a solid choice.


Meets NOCSAE commotio cordis standards
Lightweight with great breathability
Internal dual-layer foam deadens impact for easier ball recovery
Customizable straps and harness system allows for precise fit
Adjustable shoulder cap (right side)
Ab design reduces ball spin
Available in multiple colors


Cost is higher than average

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 Back Side of the Pro X Chest Protector

Brief Video of Pro X Gear, featuring MLB catcher Austin Hedges  


#3. Mizuno Samurai

mizuno samurai youth chest protector front view

A strong choice to round out our top three picks

The Mizuno Samurai is a popular product, and for good reason. It provides very good protection, has an attractive design (and multiple color options), and contains different value added features.

And all at a competitive price.

It is very lightweight and comfortable, and has detachable wings and dual shoulder caps to allow for a more customized fit.

Ventilation is also good on the Samurai, and the back of the chest protector is made of a breathable mesh.

Additionally, as an added bonus, this chest protector comes with a detachable neck pad if you wanted to create a personalized name plate.      


Competitive pricing
Detachable shoulder pads and wings for better fit
Internal moisture management technology for added comfort
Detachable neck pad for personalization
Designed to ensure low rebounds when blocking the baseball


Harness system uses hooks instead of snaps (not necessarily a con, just an observation for preference considerations)

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Back View of the Samurai Chest Protector

mizuno samurai youth chest protector back view


Budget Pick:  Easton Gametime

The Easton Gametime is's choice for the best Baseball chest protector for those on a budget.

It has thick padding built not only to protect the wearer but to help reduce the rebound of the ball.

The Gametime chest protector is very durable and should be able to be used season after season. It is lightweight and has a four point harness system with a steel clip on the front.

If you are looking for a low priced chest protector but don't want to compromise on quality, this could be a good option for you.

Please note, like others in this post, the Gametime is also sold in smaller sizes - such as Intermediate and Youth


Thick padding for protection and rebound reduction
Four point harness with front clip
Removable velcro shoulder cap
Multiple color options
Very affordable


Does not have added inserts to cover vulnerable areas, like some of its competitors do
Does not contain much added technology (such as moisture control or odor fighting) like others have

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Back Side of the Gametime Chest Protector

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