Best Youth Chest Protector [2023 Season]

Chest protectors are a critical component of catchers gear, and they are especially important for young athletes.

So we did our research and we came up with top youth chest protector picks for young Baseball and Softball catchers.

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Best Youth Chest Protector for Catchers

Chest protectors are a must have piece of equipment for catchers of all ages. Simply put, they are designed to protect catchers from injury to the shoulders, chest, stomach, and everywhere in between.

They are very notable component of catcher's gear, and they also have an interesting history, as we pointed out in the Best Baseball Chest Protector Review post. 

When looking to purchase a new youth catchers chest protector, you want to not only consider such factors as cost, comfort and protection, but also attributes like durability, weight, and adjustability.

We built our reviews with consideration to these factors, so we encourage you to keep reading.

A Quick Note on Sizing

All chest protectors are sized in inches. This refers to the distance between the bottom of your throat to your navel.

Finding the right size for your child is easy and it can be done at home.

Simply use some measuring tape, have your child stand up straight, then measure the distance between these two areas, as mentioned above. See? Easy!

Many times kids that are tee ball aged (4 - 6/7) will fit in a chest protector somewhere between 10 - 13.5 inches; youth ages 7 - 9 would generally fit in one measuring between 13 - 14.5 inches; and those ages 9 - 12 will typically be sized from 14 - 15.5 inches.

These are generalizations - so to be absolutely certain, make sure to measure your little athlete as it is super simple and only takes a few seconds.

Also, if in doubt, we recommend choosing the higher size of the two: in other words, if you measure 12 inches but the chest protector you want is available in 13 inches, get the 13 inch version.

Now that we have a better understanding of how chest protectors are sized, let's keep moving forward and check out some reviews!

Our Top Picks

Our choices for the best youth chest protectors for baseball and fastpitch softball are:

  1. All-Star System 7 Axis (top pick)
  2. Mizuno Samurai (second place)
  3. Easton Elite X (third place)
  4. All-Star Youth Series (best for T ball)


Keep reading to learn more about our picks...


#1. All Star System 7 Axis

all star system 7 axis chest protector front view in gray

The Axis comes out on top as our top pick for youth chest protectors

Our #1 choice for the best youth baseball chest protector available today is the All Star System 7 Axis. This is a super high quality product developed by one of the leading catcher's gear brands out there.

The Axis emerges above the crowd for not only looking great, but for having moldable polyethylene (PE) protective plates in the throat, collarbone and sternum. These are critical areas needing protection.

It was also recently redesigned to have a more protected center chest panel to help prevent the rare but life threatening condition called commotio cordis.

You can see this in the pictures on this post – it is the broad, padded area in the center with the All Star logo over it.

The All Star Axis is noticeably thin and lightweight, comes with wedged abs for improved blocking, and it conforms well to the body.

In short, it is an excellent chest protector that should last you through many seasons of use.

Please Note: youth size is generally for ages 9 - 12, and is 14.5 inches. The intermediate size is generally for ages 12 - 16, and is 15.5 ages. 


Improved chest coverage to help protect against commotio cordis

Internal protective plates mold to the body well

Wedged ab design is flatter for improved blocking

Adjustable harness allows for good custom fit

"Diamond vents" help encourage more air flow

It's machine washable

Available in multiple colors

Meets NOCSAE standards for the prevention of commotio cordis


None that we have seen!


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Back of the Axis Youth Chest Protector

back of all star system 7 axis youth chest protector


#2. Mizuno Samurai

mizuno samurai youth chest protector front view

The second place pick is from a top maker of softball and baseball gear

The Mizuno Samurai chest protector is very popular among both youth softball and baseball catchers.

Why? Because it provides solid protection, it looks good, it's available in multiple colors, and it's manufactured by a well known and reputable brand (Mizuno).

And all at a competitive price.

The Samurai is both lightweight and comfortable to wear, and it comes with detachable wings and dual shoulder caps, as you can see in the picture above.

Breathability is important when you’re behind the plate, and the Samurai has good ventilation and a breathable back made of mesh fabric.

One last area of note, is that this chest protector conforms well to your body and provides coverage (via the detachable wings) over typically vulnerable spots along the side.

All in all, it’s quite a good pick for the money. (Note: These pics show the updated design. It looks pretty sweet!)


Comes with wings and shoulder caps that are detachable

Design allows for lower rebounds while blocking

Good ventilation throughout

Lots of colors to choose from

Has the NOCSAE stamp on the back


Harness system uses hooks instead of snaps. Not necessarily a con, it's just that some may prefer a snap system.


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Back of the Samurai Youth Chest Protector

mizuno samurai youth chest protector back view


#3. Easton Elite X

A solid choice and one of the better youth chest protectors on the market

What do we like about the Easton Elite X?

For starters, this chest protector is equipped with high quality, integrated foam padding for protection and shock absorption. It is designed with flat, wedged abs which help with ball rebounding.

It has thick, reinforced padding over the heart and sternum area, fulfilling the NOCSEA standard for protection against the potentially deadly commotio cordis.

The Elite X is lightweight and comfortable. It has an attractive design with its two tone color pattern, so your catcher will look great wearing this chest protector.

In short, the Easton Elite X has a lot going for it, and it stands out as one of our top youth catchers chest protector picks.


Thick integrated foam for protection

Wedged ab design to help with ball rebound control

Meets NOCSAE rules for commotio cordis

Removable shoulder caps

Worn by most catchers in the recent Little League World Series!


Not the most expensive, but not the cheapest on the market either


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Back of the Easton Elite X Chest Protector

Best for T Ball:  All Star Youth Series - Tee Ball

All Star chest protector for tee ball catchers

All Star produces some of the best catchers gear around, so we are happy to recommend their chest protector for tee ball Catchers.

This is a good quality chest protector that is sized for the youngest of ballplayers (starting at around five years old or so).

It will keep your little catcher safe while also being flexible and comfortable enough to be worn for a long period of time without irritation.

If you have a child just starting out in tee ball and you need an affordable chest protector manufactured by one of the most popular brands in Baseball, then look no further.


Good quality product made by a premier brand

This is an updated model and it meets NOCSAE standards

Lightweight and comfortable

Has a protective flap that extends below the waist

Priced low


Only comes in black


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