Best Baseball Catchers Mitt – Our Top Picks [2022 Season]

There are literally hundreds of different catchers mitts on the market, some of which are much better than others. So we set out to identify the best catchers mitt for serious Baseball catchers and narrowed down our list to three picks.

Our top pick is a premium catchers mitt that really stands out from the pack. Keep scrolling to learn more about this and other options...

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Best Catchers Mitt for Baseball Catchers

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For many catchers, their mitt is the most used and typically the most cherished piece of gear that they own.

It's the first thing a pitched Baseball comes in contact with and it's typically the first line of defense from wild pitches.

As you might expect then, having a high quality catcher's mitt is really important for catchers of all ages and skill levels.

In this review, we will take a close look at two premium mitts as well as our budget pick for those most concerned about affordability.

A Very Brief History of Catchers Mitts

When organized Baseball first began way back in the 19th century, catchers caught the ball with their bare hands.


It was in the 1870s when the first use of a protective glove by a catcher was recorded. At that time, it was little more than a thin leather glove fitting tightly over the hand. 

The first catcher's mitt bears literally no resemblance to the top of the line mitts of today.

However, practically every decade since there have been some changes (i.e., improvements) to the design, look, and functionality of catcher's mitts.

For example, take a look at the image below to see how the catcher's mitt has changed over the years.

A visual timeline showing how Catchers Mitts have evolved over the decades  Our custom graphic we created to show how the design of catcher's mitts has changed over several decades.

What Size Mitt Do I Need?

Catcher's mitts are not measured by their length, but by their circumference. For Baseball catchers that are age 12 or older, we suggest choosing a mitt that's at least 32.5 inches, if not more.

Many adult Baseball catcher's mitts are 33 or 33.5 inches, which as a rule of thumb works well for most in this age bracket.

However, you can always choose a mitt that's a little bit bigger or smaller based on what you feel most comfortable wearing. Your comfort - as opposed to any other particular guideline - is what's most important when choosing a new catcher's mitt.

What is the Best Catchers Mitt?

We believe the best catchers mitt for this season is the Wilson A2000 (2021 M1DSS). Its thick steerhide leather, deep pocket and classic black and blonde design are among some of the reasons why this mitt stands out so much.

Our top three picks for the best catchers mitt (or best catchers gloves, as some refer to them) are the following:

  1. Wilson A2000 (our top overall pick)
  2. All-Star Pro Elite (runner up)
  3. Rawlings Player Preferred (budget pick)


Continue scrolling to see our reviews and images of each of these mitts. 


Best Overall: Wilson A2000

best baseball catchers mitt wilson a2000

The best catcher's mitt available today for Baseball players

After plenty of research, our pick for the best catcher's mitt is the Wilson A2000 (2021 M1DSS).   

This is one of the most premium mitts that Wilson makes, up there alongside the A2K.

The difference is, A2000 catcher's mitts have incredible quality but on average cost $100 less than A2K mitts.

This A2000 mitt is made with Pro Stock Leather, which is a durable American steerhide leather. This leather is known for being clean, soft, and long lasting. 

The glove leather is built with rolled dual welting, which is a method of rolling thin pieces of leather to create a durable and stable shape. 

This mitt comes with a DRI-LEX® liner, which helps keep the wrist dry by working to pull moisture away from your skin. The A2000 has a deep, half moon web and comes pre-shaped to help decrease the overall time to break in the glove. 

It has a great looking black design with blonde accents, which blends together both a classic and modern look, making it really pop on the field.

The mitt has red A2000 branding stitched on the shell near the pinkie finger stall, and the Wilson logo appears prominently in red on the outside of the thumb stall.

The A2000 is truly top shelf, and it's a premium mitt that will help catchers play at the top of their game for a very long time.

Please note: This catcher's mitt is approximately 33.5 inches.


Solid padding and high quality leather

Pre-shaped during the manufacturing process, so the break in time is not as long as may be expected

Contains a Dri-Lex wrist liner that helps to keep your hand cooler than expected

Its rolled dual welting build stabilizes the mitt's shape to last longer 

Lightweight and the pocket is deep

Great design, and it looks phenomenal


It will take some work to get it fully broken in

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Other Images of the Wilson A2000 (2021 M1DSS)

black leather catchers mitt pocket

wilson a2000 catchers mitt side view


Runner up: All-Star Pro Elite

all star pro elite catchers mitt

A great, premium catcher's mitt from one of the top catcher's gear brands out there

Like Wilson, All-Star is another popular brand among Baseball catchers. They make great catcher's gear and mitts, and you will see a number of MLB catchers using their mitts.

Our personal favorite is the All-StarPro Elite catcher's mitt, which is arguably All-Star's most premium and popular series of gloves for catchers. It is a close runner up to our pick for best overall catcher's mitt.

While All-Star makes different versions of the Pro Elite catcher's mitt, we prefer the CM3000SBT model, shown here.

It is a 33.5 inch mitt with a conventional back and features a 1 piece closed web, which forms a great pocket to receive with.

The premium Japanese steer leather is tough and durable, and it looks good too while having a nice, smooth finish.

This mitt includes an index finger sleeve, an adjustable enclosure over the wrist, and a good amount of palm padding to help reduce sting when receiving pitches.

Its black and tan leather shell looks great, with All-Star's logo standing out on the wrist enclosure shell above the hand and near the pinkie finger stall.

The All-Star Pro Elite catcher's mitt is, in short, incredibly well made and durable. It should last you for a number of seasons.


A well-made mitt built using very high quality materials

Constructed with thick, premium Japanese steerhide leather

Good internal padding around the palm and thumb stalls

Comes with an adjustable strap to customize the amount of tightness on the wrist


Its exceptionally high level of quality means this mitt is expensive.


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Additional Pictures of the Pro Elite (CM3000SBT)

pocket of the high quality all star pro elite catchers mitt

a top catchers mitt in the market the all star pro elite


Budget Pick: Rawlings Player Preferred

Rawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt

Our top pick for budget minded shoppers

The Rawlings Player Preferred catcher's mitt is a good choice for those specifically looking for an affordable catcher's mitt made with quality materials.

This mitt has a conventional back, it is constructed with a buffalo leather shell, and it has a 1 piece closed web. It also features an internal zero shock palm pad that helps to reduce the sting of the ball when it impacts the pocket.

The full grain leather shell on this mitt is oiled, giving it a smooth finished look. It is also built with strong leather laces.

Rawlings' red logo appears prominently on the leather over the back of the hand, and Rawlings branding also appears on the shell above the thumb and pinkie finger stalls.

The Player Preferred mitt measures approximately 33 inches. With a player break in of only 20 percent, the mitt can be broken in relatively quickly.

It is a good catcher's mitt for people of different skill levels, though you should definitely keep in mind that it is not in the same league as the A2000 or the Heart of the Hide that we feature above.

Nonetheless, among catcher's mitts at this low of a price point, it's hard to beat.


For a cheap catcher's mitt, it's hard to beat

The palm padding helps to absorb shock and to limit stinging

Nice full grain leather with a pretty deep pocket

Can be broken in quickly, especially with moderate to good hand strength


There are a few documented complaints about sections of the lacing coming undone with use


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Close up Images of the Rawlings Player Preferred

Rawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt PocketRawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt Front


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