Heater Pitching Machines: Our Top Picks (2024 Guide)

heater pitching machines

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An Overview of Heater Pitching Machines

Heater Sports is a company that makes a variety of training equipment not just for baseball and softball but also for sports like golf, pickleball, cricket and more. 

It's a US company based in Utah, and the company is also known as (dba) World Sports Products Inc.

Perhaps the most well known products that Heater makes are pitching machines for baseball and softball.

Heater pitching machines have been sold for more than a decade and they make a variety of models across different age and skill levels.

Although they aren't the most "premium" pitching machines on the market, they're generally good quality and affordable making Heater machines a popular choice for many families and coaches.

Our goal with this article is to help you understand quickly and clearly the different Heater pitching machines currently on the market and highlight our reviews and top picks for each category.

If you're interested in finding an affordable but reliable softball or baseball pitching machine, then Heater might just fit the bill.

Read on to learn more.

Top Heater Pitching Machines for Baseball & Softball (with Reviews!)

Best for Hand-Eye Coordination

Crusher Professional Mini Lite-Ball Pitching Machine

heater crusher

This pitching machine helps improve hand-eye coordination due to its use of "mini balls", which are about the size of a golf ball. 

If you want to hit it, you need to concentrate and watch the mini ball very carefully. 

The Crusher pitching machine throws fastballs and curveballs with the mini balls at speeds of up to 45 mph. 

One of the biggest complaints about the Crusher is that the pitch location can be a bit erratic. 

What's lacking in accuracy, however, is made up for in price. 

It's an affordable machine that offers batters a good opportunity to strengthen those concentration muscles. 


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heater crusher pitching machine box

Best Speed and Price Combo

Slider Lite 360 Baseball Pitching Machine

heater pitching machines slider lite

The Slider Lite 360 pitching machine can throw up to 80 mph using certain balls and it costs less than $200 (as of publication date), making this the machine with the best combination of cost and speed, in our opinion.

A key feature of the Slider Lite 360 ​​​​​​is its 360-degree swivel design, which allows the machine to deliver the ball from any direction, giving players a more realistic experience whether they're working on hitting or fielding. 

The machine can also throw different types of pitches - including fastballs, curveballs, and sliders - simulated as being thrown by either right or left handed pitchers.

Additionally, the pitching machine is highly portable, weighing in at only 35 pounds.

It also features a simple control panel, making it easy to understand and use. 

Finally, the Slider Lite 360 ​​can hold up to 12 balls at a time and it has an automatic ball feeder timed to launch a ball every 8 seconds.

Somewhat disappointingly, it doesn't use real baseballs but works with Heater's "lite baseballs", one type (green) of which is designed to go 80 mph.

Among all the different types of lite balls, we noticed that the machine is most accurate when it uses the 60 mph balls. 

Still, at the end of the day, the Slider Lite 360 is a perfect fit for many people. 

If you're someone who's looking for a pitching machine that throws pretty fast, is good quality and is very affordable, then this one's for you.


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heater slider lite 360 control panel


Best for Serious Baseball Players

Deuce 95 MPH Curveball Machine

heater deuce 95 pitching machine

Among all the different Heater pitching machines, our top pick for serious baseball players is Heater's Deuce 95 MPH Curveball Machine

It's Heater's top of the line pitching machine and it was designed to throw some serious heat at speeds up to 95 miles per hour. 

We think one of the best features of the Deuce 95 is its ability to throw two different types of curveballs from the perspective of each hand: a traditional "12-6" curveball and a wide curveball. 

It also of course throws fastballs, and we like that it can pivot quickly to go from throwing batting practice to switching and doing some fielding work.

The Heater Deuce 95 was very simple to use thanks to its intuitive control panel, which makes it easy to adjust speed, spin and direction.

As a two wheel pitching machine, it's got a little weight to it (75 pounds) but we've found it still light enough for an adult to pick it up and move it from the batting cage to the car, for example. 

A big plus with this machine is that it has an automatic ball feeder that can hold up to 12 balls. 

The ball shoots out on a timer every eight seconds, with a cool little mechanical hand built in that turns to move the next ball down the slot.

Overall, the Deuce 95 machine is a solid choice for baseball players wanting something to help sharpen their skills.

Its ease of use, speed and different pitch types that it throws makes it stand out among Heater's other products for baseball. 


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Video of the Deuce 95 in Action


Best Softball Budget Option

Power Alley 11 inch Softball Pitching Machine

heater pitching machines power alley

The Heater Power Alley 11-Inch Softball Pitching Machine is the top affordable Heater pitching machine option for softball players. 

It's a 1 wheel machine containing a 6 inch tire powered by a ⅛ horsepower motor. 

This machine throws different types of pitches using 11-inch softballs. Pitch types include fastballs, curveballs and dropballs at speeds ranging from 15 to 40 mph from about 30 feet away.. 

The Power Alley - which requires electricity to run - is noticeably lightweight at just 13 pounds, meaning it's easy to move and transport to and from the field or the cage. 

It can use real leather softballs or Heater's special lite-balls, the latter of which can be delivered as fast as 50 mph in the machine.

All in all, it's a fantastic choice for fastpitch or slowpitch softball players that want a very budget-friendly, but still reliable, pitching machine.

If that's the type of machine you're looking for, we encourage you to check it out.


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heater power alley pitching machine


Best Overall for Softball

Heater Real Softball Pitching Machine

the heater softball pitching machine

The most impressive Heater pitching machine designed for softball is the Real 12-Inch Softball Machine with Ball Feeder

Here's why we liked it. 

First, the ball feeder is a must-have. It can hold a total of nine softballs and has an automatic pitch timer. Meaning, softball players can use this with or without needing a second person to feed them balls.

Secondly, the machine's ability to shoot regulation-sized softballs at up to 50 mph from 46 feet away provides players with the opportunity to practice at the plate against realistic pitching.

Thirdly, the knobs controlling speed and height were easy to adjust on the fly, keeping things uncomplicated for whoever sets the machine up. 

Other key specs about this machine include that it's a 1 wheel with a ¼ horsepower motor. It weighs 52 pounds and is powered by electricity. 

In short, of the Heater pitching machines for softball on the market, the Real 12-Inch is the best in our opinion based on its combination of quality and speed.


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the heater pitching machine for softball

Other Heater Pitching Machine Options for Baseball

Heater Sports makes a variety of baseball pitching machines that aren't mentioned above. 

A quick list showcasing those other Heater pitching machines in production, along with products available to purchase, is below:

Heater Jr. Real

Power Alley Lite 360

Power Alley Pro Real

BaseHit Real & Lite

Heater Real

Heater Pro Fastball & Curveball

Deuce 75 MPH

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