Best Pitching Machine for Softball [2024 Season]

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This article highlights our reviews and picks for the best pitching machine for softball available today.

Read on to learn more about our top overall recommendation as well as our budget-friendly pitching machine pick. 

best pitching machine for softball

Pitching Machine for Softball - Our Top Picks for Fastpitch or Slowpitch Softball

A fastpitch softball player who can hit well is a valuable asset to a team.

Becoming a better hitter takes practice, and one of the best tools to help with practice is a pitching machine.

We're not going to spend a lot of time writing about how important pitching machines are for getting your reps in. For perfecting things like timing and pitch recognition.

You already know these things, that's why you're here.

So we're going to cut right to the chase and showcase what we believe to be the best pitching machine for softball. 

We also review and highlight our runner up pick and our top pick based on affordability. 

While our top picks are machines designed for fastpitch softball, each can be easily adjusted to work well for slowpitch softball as well.

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Best Pitching Machine for Softball

Top Overall Pick: Junior Hack Attack

junior hack attack softball pitching machine

The Junior Hack Attack is our pick for best pitching machine for softball players.

It's a well-built, powerful and versatile machine that works for fastpitch players across a wide variety of ages and abilities. 

The way that Sports Attack built this pitching machine, it's capable of delivering different pitches at high speed and it does so in a consistently accurate way.

The softball version of the Junior Hack Attack can throw fastballs, risers, change ups, dropballs, curveballs (and more) with precision, making it stand out far above much of the competition.

It can do this because it uses three independent wheels, which is a premium (aka costly) type of pitching machine design that is the most accurate and gives the most varied pitches of any machine in existence.

This softball pitching machine is used by legit fastpitch programs, such as many at the D1 college level.

The control panel on the Junior Hack Attack is pretty simple to use, meaning the person operating it just needs to turn a few knobs to adjust pitch speed and pitch type.

It can throw any type of standard size, leather-based softball or pitching machine softball.

Another key feature of this softball pitching machine is its portability and ease of transport. 

The Junior Hack Attack softball pitching machine is relatively compact and lightweight for a machine of its size, weighing in at 75 pounds.

It has two wheels at the bottom which are used to roll it from the field to the car. 

The machine can fit inside the back of a car and can be lifted by a single (healthy) adult. 

For these reasons and more, the Junior Hack Attack is our pick for the overall best pitching machine for Softball. 


Durable and designed to last for a long time

3 wheel design with lots of power

Throws a huge variety of pitches at 60+ mph from a standard distance

Despite its power, it throws very accurately

Easy to transport with its bottom two wheels

Lightweight (75 lbs)

Straightforward to operate

Able to throw leather softballs or pitching machine balls


Requires standard electrical/generator power (e.g., not battery powered)

Does not have an automatic ball feeder, though you can get one separately


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More Pictures of the Softball Jr. Hack Attack

junior hack attack softball control panel

transport wheels pitching machines


Runner Up Pick: Jugs BP1

jugs bp1 pitching machine for softball

Our runner up choice for the top pitching machine for softball is the Jugs BP1

Jugs is known for making some of the highest quality pitching machines on the market

The BP1 continues the Jugs tradition of quality. Although it's only a 1 wheel pitching machine, it throws fast at speeds of 70+ mph. A digital display shows the speed, which is super helpful and can be adjusted with the turn of a knob. 

It's incredibly versatile, too.

The BP1 can be adjusted up, down, left and right easily to do defensive drills - whether it's deep or shallow pop flys, ground balls or line drives.

It has a standard 12 inch ball chute that works with regular softballs and a variety of other ball types as well.

It's not tall like other machines, but shoots the ball out about waist high giving it a more realistic feel. 

Like the Jr Hack Attack, the Jugs BP1 weighs just 75 pounds and can be moved easily with a transport cart that it fits into.

One additional thing to note is that this machine can also be used for practicing slowpitch softball. 

You can set it at the lowest speed setting (13 mph) and arc it up to get the slowpitch effect.


Made by Jugs, who is known for high quality

Throws heat at up to 70 mph

Pitches fastballs, riseballs and dropballs

Simple control panel with digital speed display

Lightweight and moves around easily

Durable and versatile

Accepts different ball types


Tends to wear down regular softballs more quickly than other balls 

Not as much pitch variety as the Junior Hack Attack (note: the Jugs BP3 throws many more pitches)


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Other Pics of the Jugs BP1

jugs bp1 wheels

jugs bp1 softball pitching machine


Budget Pick: The Heater Softball Pitching Machine 

the heater softball pitching machine

If price is the most important factor in your search, then our recommendation for a pitching machine for softball based strictly on affordability is the Heater.

It's a 1 wheel pitching machine with the wheel being fully enclosed, which protects kids from getting things caught in the wheel or motor. 

The Heater softball pitching machine throws regular 12 inch softballs up to 50 mph, and can throw lightweight pitching machine balls (12 in) up to 60 mph.

Speed can be adjusted by turning a knob between levels 1 (slowest) and 10 (fastest).

It stands on a three leg, steel tripod that can be quickly disconnected by using the push pins.

One of the best things about it is that it comes with Heater's automatic ball feeder that can hold up to nine softballs. 

The feeder does require some adjusting to get it working right out of the box. 

Like the other pitching machines for softball mentioned in this article, the Heater can be adjusted and used for defensive drills in addition to batting practice.

This machine can be powered with either a standard 110 volt electrical outlet or with a separate battery pack, which is a great option for those that might not have easy access to electricity. 

In terms of transporting it, the machine weighs 52 pounds and can be handled pretty easily by an adult moving it from the car to the field and back to the car again.

All in all, it's a good softball pitching machine for being at such an affordable price point. 


Fully enclosed motor and wheel

Throws real softballs or the pitching machine variety

Throws up to 60 mph with lighter weight pitching machine balls

Comes with an automatic ball feeder

Able to be used with standard power or a battery pack

Lightweight at around 50 pounds

Can be adjusted to use for slowpitch softball batting practice 


Tends to rough up real softballs more quickly than dimpled balls 

Requires the wheel to have the correct tire pressure (between 30 - 32 psi) to throw correctly


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The Heater in its Box

the heater pitching machine for softball


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