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All Jugs Pitching Machines - An Overview

Jugs Sports, operating under the formal name JUGS Sports Inc., is a privately owned US-based company headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon, with a long history dating back to 1970. Specializing primarily in baseball and softball equipment, Jugs also develops gear for other sports like soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey. 

Among their varied offerings, pitching machines stand out as the most widely recognized products made by the company. 

Jugs pitching machines have been sold for decades and they make a variety of models across different age, sports and skill levels.

They are some of the most “premium” pitching machines you can find on the market, which means they are (generally) incredibly reliable, durable, and technologically advanced. 

Our goal with this article is to help you understand quickly and clearly the different Jugs pitching machines currently on the market and to highlight our top picks for multiple categories.

If you're interested in finding an elite softball or baseball pitching machine, then Jugs may just fit the bill.

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Top Jugs Pitching Machine Picks for Baseball & Softball 

The Best Overall 

Jugs BP3 with Changeup

jugs bp3 3 wheel pitching machine

Among the entire lineup of Jugs pitching machines, the BP3 stands alone at the top. 

There is a BP3 made for baseball and a BP3 made for softball, and both are elite devices. 

The BP3 is a 3 wheeled pitching machine, which means it uses three independent tires or “wheels” to throw the ball. 

Having a variety of wheels means a variety of pitches, and the BP3 can throw many different types with minimal recoil. The baseball version, for example, can throw left-handed or right-handed fastballs at 90 mph as well as curveballs, change ups, cutters and sliders.

And it does this accurately from 60 feet away. 

(By the way, just a quick sidebar on something… this pitching machine can throw change ups. That’s super unique in this market.)

Not to be outdone, the softball version can throw on a dime left or right-handed fastballs (at up to 75 mph), changeups, curveballs, drop balls, risers, and more.

BP3’s have an LCD display at the back which makes it easy to adjust settings like pitch type or speed. They also have remotes for coaches to control and change pitches from a distance.

The machines can pivot vertically for fielding practice, and the baseball version in particular can launch fly balls up at distances of up to 325 feet. 

BP3’s rest on three steel-based tube legs that can be removed, if needed. 

All in all, if you’re looking for the best of the best in a pitching machine, this one’s for you.

One word of warning, however - BP3’s are heavy. If you need to move them, it’s best to have two adults work together on it.


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Short Video of the Jugs BP3


Awesome, But a Bit Cheaper Than #1

Jugs BP2

bp2 jugs pitching machines

If you're interested in getting a top notch pitching machine but you can't quite afford the BP3 price tag, the Jugs BP2 may be a solid option for you. 

Why the "2" in BP2? That's because it uses 2 wheels for launching the ball. 

One of the things we like about the BP2 is that it throws from a vertical height of 64", or about 5 1/2 feet. That makes the ball have a slight downward angle, which we noticed gives it a touch more realistic feel when hitting.

This machine can also throw heat. Speed varies from as slow as 45 mph to as fast as 90 mph from 60 feet away.

Besides normal fastballs, BP2 machines throw LH/RH curves, LH/RH sliders, and split-fingered fastballs. 

All of these options can be easily tweaked from its knob and digital screen-based interface on the back of the machine beneath the ball chute. 

Like other big Jugs pitching machines, the BP2 is incredibly high-quality, doesn't have much recoil, and is built to last. If you grab one, it should last you a long time.


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Jugs BP2 Video Overview


Top Value for the Money

Jugs BP1

jugs bp1 softball pitching machine

Although lacking some features when compared to the BP3 or BP2, the BP1 remains a premium pitching machine that provides a ton of value for the money.

This is a 1 wheel (surprise!) pitching machine that comes in two varieties: a baseball version and a softball version.

The baseball version is a great option for youth leagues up to the high school level. It can throw from 15 mph to as much as 70 mph from 60 feet, and of course you can simulate increasing the speed beyond 70 mph by moving the machine closer to the plate.

It also swivels pretty easily up or down, side to side. This makes it super useful for ground ball or pop fly drills. In fact, the very first time we used a BP1 was actually for fly ball drills in little league!

The BP1 version for softball is very similar to the baseball version, with the main differences being it's lower to the ground and it has a ball chute opening that fits 11" or 12" softballs.

The softball version can also throw at speeds of up to 70 mph, just like its baseball counterpart. 

Both BP1 machines are much lighter than BP3 or BP2 devices, making it easier in general to move. 

So all in all, it's a good machine - especially if you only need one pitch type (fastballs).


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Short Video on the BP1 Softball Machine


Best for Either Baseball or Softball 

Jugs MVP Combo

jugs mvp combo

If you just want one quality pitching machine so that you can use the same machine for both baseball and softball, look no further than the Jugs MVP Combo.

This bad boy can throw both baseballs and softballs at speeds between 20 - 60 mph. 

They are especially popular in pitching machine leagues that have baseball and softball, as the MVP Combo is a workhorse of a machine that can run for hours on end. 

The MVP Combo is very accurate in its pitch location - always important, of course, but especially so when working with younger players. 

If you want to use it for defensive drills, simply grab the T-handle under the base of the machine and adjust it vertically. Now you've got a solid option for ground balls or pop flys.

This machine has a similar operating interface as the other Jugs machines. Meaning, it's simple to use with a small digital screen and knobs for adjusting.

The Jugs MVP Combo makes it pretty straightforward to convert between the two sports. If you're curious, check out the owner's manual which gets into much more detail.


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Video of the Jugs MVP Combo


Top Choice for Hand Eye Coordination

Jugs Small Ball

jugs small ball

Why is the Jugs Small Ball the best Jugs machine for improving hand-eye coordination? 

Because the balls it throws are half the size of a normal ball, so you’ve got to really concentrate to hit (or catch) it!

This is an affordable pitching machine that launches small foam balls at simulated speeds approaching 75 mph. And it's not just fastballs, but the Small Ball machine can even throw curves.

The included ball feeder holds up to 25 foam balls at a time and automatically pitches them on a five second timer.

Since the balls are made of foam, it's safe for baseball and softball players to use indoors or outdoors, in tight spaces or in open fields.

Like many other Jugs machines, this one can also be vertically pivoted and used for defensive drills.

Lastly, the Small Ball can be adjusted lower to the ground if needed by using shortened legs designed for softball practice. To do so, simply release the snaps on the bottom of the tripod and swap out the legs. 


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Jugs Small Ball Video


Best Budget Pick

Jugs Lite Flite

jugs lite flite

The Jugs Lite Flite pitching machine is super useful for baseball and softball players.

Although it doesn't throw normal leather softballs or baseballs, it still throws highly accurately using Jugs-designed Lite Flite or Bulldog baseballs or softballs.

Lite Flite pitch types include fastballs, LH/RH curves and LH/RH sliders and at a top speed of 75 mph from 35 feet away.

It's extremely versatile and is able to be pivoted horizontally, vertically, and moved lower to the ground for fastpitch simulation.

It's also lightweight - especially when compared to the larger 3 or 2 wheel machines.

As of the publication date, a new Lite Flite machine costs less than $700, making it our top budget pick among Jugs pitching machines.

To get high speed, accurate pitches, and five different pitch types out of a Jugs product at that price is unheard of. 

Perhaps even more compelling is its simple design and high-quality. Jugs boasts that nearly 100% of Lite Flite machines purchased since 2003 are still in use today. That's 20 (!) years now. Impressive indeed.


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Short Video Overview of the Lite Flite Machine


Additional Jugs Pitching Machine Options

There are a variety of pitching machines made by Jugs for baseball or softball that aren't mentioned above. 

A quick list showcasing those machines is below:

Changeup Softball

Changeup Baseball

Toss Machine


Combination (2 wheel)

SP3 Softball

SP3 Baseball

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