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It's important for softball players to keep the sun out of their eyes during day games. A good pair of sunglasses can help with this.

In this post, we take a look at the best softball sunglasses on the market and we give reviews of our top choices, starting with our best overall pick.

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best softball sunglasses review post

If you want to be good at what you do, then you find every little edge you can (legally) take to improve your performance. 

For both baseball and softball players - who regularly play in the sun - a simple tool that can help you play better in the field is a good pair of sunglasses.

Using sunglasses during a day game will help combat the sun - especially on fly balls. 

Anyone who has ever played will tell you the sun is a killer when a pop fly is hit. But if your softball shades are on, then you just increased the chance that you will catch the ball without a problem.

Positions That Can Wear Sunglasses

Most people are used to seeing outfielders and maybe even the infield wearing sunglasses during day games. 

Still, what about every other position?

Of the nine positions on the field, all are allowed to wear sunglasses. There are no rules that we’re aware of which prohibit certain positions from wearing them. 

So does this mean pitchers can wear sunglasses?

Yes, fastpitch pitchers are allowed to wear softball sunglasses. Keep in mind, though, that umpires can make a pitcher take off sunglasses if they are found to be distracting to the hitter.

softball pitcher wearing sunglasses
Former University of Michigan pitcher Meghan Beaubien wearing sunglasses while pitching (Image source: University of Michigan Softball)

Polarized Versus Non-Polarized 

Lenses that are polarized means that the manufacturer installed a special film to let in vertical wavelengths of light, but not horizontal ones. They do this because horizontal wavelengths of light typically cause a glare on certain surfaces, such as water.

Non-Polarized lenses do not have this added film, meaning it lets in both vertical and horizontal wavelengths of light. 

Having sunglasses with polarized lenses are very useful if you are near or on the water, doing something like fishing. They can also be helpful in other situations, such as when you're driving. 

But for softball, polarized lenses are not ideal. They could potentially throw off your depth perception and they may make it more difficult to judge the ball when in play.

Therefore, we recommend softball players (and baseball players too) use only non-polarized sunglasses. 

Outfielder Haylie McCleney formerly of the University of Alabama making a diving catch while rocking sunglasses (Image source: University of Alabama Softball)

Features to Consider

If you’re in the market for the best sunglasses for softball, there are a number of key features that we think you need to be aware of before making a buying decision. 

  • Good Fit. This may be stating the obvious, but we need to say it nonetheless. The softball sunglasses you buy need to fit well. Double check the size of any pair you're looking at. Check out this guide if you need help sizing yourself. 
  • UV Protection. Some sunglasses have UV protection added to the lens, which helps block harmful ultraviolet (i.e., UV) light from the sun. For softball sunglasses, we suggest a pair that has UV protection in the lens.
  • Lens Coverage. For softball, we suggest most players get a pair with lens that provide good coverage. Specifically, the lens should be large and wide enough to cover above, below, and the sides of the eyes.
  • Protection from Impact. Softball can be an impact sport. To be on the safe side, it's best to use softball glasses that have shatterproof or "impact resistant" lenses. 
  • Non-Polarized Lenses. As mentioned above, softball players should use sunglasses with lenses that are not polarized.
  • Color of the Lenses. What color lenses are best for softball players? Honestly, any colored lenses (yes, even black) are more helpful than nothing, and all lens colors can be used effectively on the field. However, if we had to pick, we would go with a brighter, mirrored lenses because they tend to have better anti-reflective qualities built in.


These are just a few of the important characteristics to look for when getting sunglasses to use on the field.

Best Softball Sunglasses - Our Top Picks

Now let's move on to our top picks and reviews. 

In short, we believe the best sunglasses for softball players are the Oakley Encoder

Other picks include:

  • Best Overall: Oakley Encoder
  • Runner Up: Oakley Radar EV Path
  • Honorable Mention: Nike Windshield Elite


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Best Overall: Oakley Encoder

oakley encoder softball sunglasses

Our top sunglasses pick for softball players is the Oakley Encoder. This pair of sunglasses is incredibly high-quality and it is manufactured by arguably the most popular sunglasses brand on the planet. 

It was designed specifically for athletes and it is low profile enough to be worn with a hat, visor or helmet. The lenses wrap around the eyes and also provide good coverage above and beneath them. 

Encoder's lenses are impact resistant and should not shatter if hit. The specific type of lens used in these sunglasses is called Prizm™, which is a type of Oakley lens that heightens contrast and colors. 

Another aspect that we like is that the material on the nose and on the sides of the glasses (which Oakley calls "unobtainium®" material) fits comfortably on the head and face, and keeps the sunglasses from slipping. 

Additionally, these sunglasses come in multiple colors. It's for these reasons and more that the Oakley Encoder stands out as our best overall sunglasses pick for softball players. 

Note: Standard fit. Lenses measure 36 mm x 36 mm. The bridge height is 136 mm and arm length is 123 mm. Encoder sunglasses are unisex and can be worn by men or women.


Made by the incredibly well respected brand, Oakley

Contains non-polarized, shatterproof lenses with UV filtering film

The lenses provide good coverage all around the eyes 

Designed to be worn with or without a hat/helmet

Its Prizm lenses help amplify details around you


This is a premium product, so it costs more than average


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Other Images of the Oakley Encoder

Oakley encoder sunglasses in black

oakley encoder sunglasses side view

Runner Up: Oakley Radar EV Path

oakley radar ev path sunglasses runner up to best sunglasses

Our runner up pick, the Radar EV Path, is also made by Oakley. These first-rate sunglasses are lightweight and come in a wide variety of color combinations.

The thin, rubber-like material around the nose and along the arms of the sunglasses are the same as the Encoder. Though comfortable, keep the sunglasses from slipping once in place.  

Like the Encoder, the Prizm lenses on the Radar EV Path are non-polarized, have built-in UV protection and they help increase color and sharpness. They are also impact resistant.

Although the shape of the lenses are different from the Encoder, both similarly offer excellent coverage all around the eyes. In fact, Radar EV Paths are slightly taller than Encoders. 

Note: Standard fit. Lenses measure 36 mm W x 50.5 mm H. The bridge height is 138 mm, the frame width is 138 mm, and the arm length is 128 mm. Radar EV Path sunglasses are unisex and can be worn by men or women.


Built by the top-tier brand, Oakley

Non-Polarized lenses give comprehensive coverage around the eyes

Prizm lenses bring out detail

Lenses are impact resistant and they filter UV waves


Similar to our top pick, Radar EV Path glasses cost more than average


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Additional Pictures of the Oakley Radar EV Path

oakley radar ev path sunglasses

oakley radar ev path sunglasses side view

Affordability Pick: Nike Windshield Elite

side view of nike windshield elite sunglasses

Our pick for the best pair of softball shades that are high-quality yet affordable is the Nike Windshield Elite

These glasses contain a one piece, non-polarized lens on a very lightweight frame. The lens is fairly wide and provides good coverage, including over the sides of the eyes. 

The lenses are also shatterproof and they block UV waves, like the previous two on our list.

Additionally, there is a comfortable rubber material around the temples and above the nose to keep the sunglasses from moving around on your face. 

As of the date of publication, Nike's Windshield Elite sunglasses were priced competitively and were pretty affordable when compared with some others on the marketplace. 

However, if you're on a tight budget and are looking for a cheap pair of sunglasses with a good reputation, we would recommend Rawlings Baseball sunglasses.

In short, these Rawlings glasses fit the bill in terms of performing like they're supposed to and looking like they belong on the field.

If you need something super affordable, then you might want to give these sunglasses a shot.


Noticeably lightweight

Shatterproof and UV protected lenses

More affordable

Available in a variety of colors


The frame does not feel as strong as Oakley's


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Other Picture of the Nike Windshield Elite

nike windshield elite sunglasses blue

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