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Custom catchers gear article, where you can find all your options for customized gear for catchers

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Companies That Make Custom Catchers Gear

Among MLB catchers, brands like Nike, Rawlings and All-Star tend to be used most often when playing behind the dish. 

Still, there are many other companies out there that make custom catchers gear or custom catcher’s mitts for baseball and fastpitch softball, some of which are more well known than others. 

Sorting through the many companies or brands that make gear for catchers can be time consuming, so we developed this summary post for you to quickly understand what options you have if you are looking to buy custom catcher’s gear. 

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Offers Custom Catcher’s Gear (Primary Brands)


One of the top options out there for people seeking custom catcher’s gear is All-Star. They currently offer completely customizable catchers equipment via their Mixlab on a few of their high-quality lines, and this custom gear is also available for youth catchers.

For the chest protector and leg guards you can customize the size and the colors, such as knee color, toe color, etc. The same goes for the custom catchers helmet option in terms of its sizing and coloring. Currently, custom gear from All-Star can take about 12 weeks to be manufactured.

All-Star does not produce customizable catcher’s mitts.

For more information, see our post on custom All-Star catcher’s gear.

options for custom all star gear
Screenshot of All-Star's custom design lab.


Another option for highly customizable catcher’s gear is Champro.

Currently, Champro has a very broad and customizable line of catchers equipment available. You can choose from unique patterns and colors, and you can order custom embroidery and logos on the gear. They offer custom catcher’s masks, chest protectors and other apparel on their website.

They do not offer customizable catcher’s mitts.

custom champro catcher's gear


Force3 Pro Gear does make custom catchers gear but they do not sell it on their website. If you're interested in it, they ask you to contact them directly.

They do, however, sell a custom catcher's mitt. It can be designed for right or left handed throwers, and it ranges in size from 33 to 35 inches. There are several cool add-ons you can choose (such as a palm shock absorbing pad) and there are many different colors you can pick for various sections of the mitt. 

Does Not Offer Custom Catcher’s Gear (Primary Brands)


Easton is another popular brand among catchers. However, Easton does not offer custom gear for catchers, only gear with standard colors and sizes.


EvoShield does not make custom catcher gear, with the exception that their leg guards give a custom fit due to their gel molding technology, and that you can choose from a huge number of different color combinations. For more information, see our post on EvoShield.


Marucci is another popular brand for catchers. However, Marucci currently only offers custom equipment for teams, which typically entail custom options for embroidery and color. Marucci does have multiple options for custom catcher’s mitts. To learn more, see our post detailing their options for custom mitts


Mizuno does not make customized catcher's gear, though they do allow you to customize two types of Mizuno catcher's mitts. Ten parts of the mitt can have a custom color, and you can add custom text and a flag to the mitt you design.

To build out your custom Mizuno catchers mitt, go to JustGloves and get started designing!


Nike absolutely dominates in popularity among professional catchers for catcher’s masks, chest protectors and leg guards.

Unfortunately, it is a privilege for the few sponsored catchers out there, most of which are in the MLB.

If you are looking to order yourself a set of custom Nike leg guards or a chest protector, you will be hard pressed to find any because Nike is not manufacturing catcher’s gear for general consumers right now.

Your best bet for finding standard Nike catching gear is currently on eBay.


Rawlings is one of the most recognizable brands in baseball, especially for catcher's mitts, as several MLB catchers use Rawlings equipment.

Although Rawlings does not offer customizable catcher’s gear, they do offer custom gloves, including catcher’s mitts.

You can build your custom Rawlings catchers mitt on the JustGloves website, a direct link to which is here.

When building your custom mitt, you choose by sport (baseball and softball), between three types of leather (Pro Preferred, Heart of the Hide, and Gamer XLE), and you choose among multiple sizes available. You can also customize 10+ different elements of the mitt. 

Custom Catcher’s Mitts (Secondary Brands)

As detailed above, major brands like Marucci, Force3, Rawlings and Mizuno offer customers the ability to design and develop a custom catcher’s mitt.

However, there are also a large number of non-major brands (aka secondary brands) that make custom catchers mitts, many of which are actually very high-quality and offer unique design options. 

The following write-up summarizes those brands and the type of options for customization that you can expect with their mitts. 

Keep in mind that due to global supply chain issues right now, you might be facing a multiple-week delay in getting your custom mitt. Check each supplier’s site for details on current delivery times.

3Up 3Down

The company 3Up 3Down offers one custom mitt on their website, which can be customized into a baseball catcher’s mitt or a fastpitch softball mitt.

Nine different elements on the mitt can have a custom color. Sizes start at 32 inches and it goes up to 35 inches, in half inch increments. You can choose to have the glove broken in and “game ready” upon delivery, if you’d like.

Pricing for the 3Up 3Down customized mitt starts at $125. 

44 Professional Gloves 

Three different series of made-to-order baseball catcher’s mitts are available from 44. They also offer a custom catcher’s training mitt, which is a mini trainer that is 28.5".

Each of the three series has unique options to choose from. For example, one series has only two sizes available and another series has five different sizes to choose from.

Up to ten different sections of the mitt can receive custom color. You can add custom text, a flag and a custom logo, such as a state outline, a cross, or a backwards K. 

Also, left handed mitts are available.

44’s prices for their custom baseball mitts start at $149.  


Akadema's custom catching mitt has four different types of leather available, all of which vary in price. Available sizes range between 31" to 34.5", with half inch sizes available between the two.

Seven parts of the mitt can be colored differently and you can add custom text above the thumb stall. An option for left handed catchers is available too.

Prices for custom Akadema mitts start at $250.

Custom akadema catcher's mitt
Screenshot showing Akadema's custom portal for its catcher's mitts.

B45 Baseball

B45 offers three different series of catchers mitts (diamond series, pro series, and elite series). Left handed catchers mitts are available when making a custom order.

On your custom catcher's glove, you can add text and a logo, and you can get 10 different sections of the mitt in a custom color.

Available sizes range from 31.5 in to 34 in. You can order in half inch increments between these sizes.

Prices start at $210.

Barraza Gloves 

Barraza offers four different types of catcher’s mitts available to customize, two of which measure 33.5", one that measures 33" and one that measures 34".

The design of each of these four mitts differs slightly. Barraza allows for five different parts of the glove to have a custom color, and you can have a flag or your name added, and you can even leave special requests such as wanting softer leather.

Last but not least, all of these catcher’s mitts can be made for left handed throwers. Their custom mitts start at $185.

Bradley Baseball Gloves

Bradley is a company that focuses specifically on making gloves for youth baseball and softball players.

They currently offer two types of custom mitts: an opened back and a closed back with velcro straps. Left handed catchers mitts are available as an option.

Bradley offers three hand fits (youth, teen and pro), three sizes ranging from 31.5" to 33", and two different types of leather (kip vs US steerhide). They allow you to customize the logo above the thumb stall and to add text.

Approximately 16 different sections of a Bradley mitt can receive a custom color. Bradley takes special customization requests via email if there is some type of customization you want that isn't covered on their builder.

Bradley's prices start at $195.  


Capire offers one type of customized mitt for catchers for both baseball and fastpitch softball.

To start the process, you choose one of three types of leather: regular US steerhide, top US steerhide, and premium Japanese kip leather. These mitts can also be made for left hand throwers.

Sizes for baseball are 30", 32", 33" and 34", and for softball the only size available is 34".

Capire lets you customize incredibly closely, down to the centimeter for the length of each finger stall. Approximately 13 different elements of the mitt can have a custom color.

Other cool features of Capire’s custom gloves is that you can order the leather “pre-softened”, you can customize the amount of palm padding, and you can add a finger hood if you’d like. You can also add your name, your number, a flag, text on the lining, or even a personal image or logo that you can upload.

Prices begin at $230.

Complete Game Gloves

Complete Game Gloves offers one custom baseball catcher’s mitt option. Available sizes are 32.5 in, 33 in and 34 in.

Eight different sections of their customized mitt can have a unique color. You can add in a finger hood, your name and/or number, text over the pinkee stall, and you can even upload a graphic to be embroidered on the glove (by uploading a PNG or JPG file).

For an extra fee, you can have it broken in for you. Pricing starts at $220 for this mitt.

Hit Run Steal

Hit Run Steal offers one custom softball catcher's mitt and one custom baseball mitt option. Each version is available in one of three series (select, elite, pro), with each series offering a different price point.

The softball version measures 34", and the baseball version is available in 33" or 33.5". Left handed catcher's mitts are an option for each version.

Something unique about these catcher's mitt is that you can have a "snakeskin" pattern added to the back shell.

Up to ten distinct parts of this mitt can have a custom color. You can also choose to add your name, number, or a flag to the glove. Prices start at $150.

custom hit run steal catchers mitt
Designing a custom Hit Run Steal catcher's mitt.


Jovalt is unique in that the brand specializes in customized baseball and softball equipment.

They currently offer one custom catcher's mitt on its website, and it can be made in either a baseball or fastpitch softball version. You can choose for it to be designed for right handers or left handers.

Jovalt's mitts can be designed as an H web, a closed web, or a modified trapeze web. It can be made for wearers that have either a small or a large wrist.

Sizes span from 32" to 34", in half inch increments between the two. You can also customize the leather to come as soft, stiff, or extra stiff.

Five parts of this mitt can receive different colors, and you can add a finger hood or finger pad if you'd like. There are many additional customization options available on other parts of Jovalt's website, which include adding a camo design to the custom mitt's leather, as well as adding text, a number, a flag, a logo, and an added wrist protector.

Prices begin at $140.


Noted American glovemaker Nokona allows you to choose a custom design based on the type of leather or based on one of their seven distinct series.

Custom options for baseball measure 30" (for youth catchers), 32", 33.5" and 34". Softball is available in 31", 32.5" and 34". (Note: you can read our detailed overview of standard catcher's mitts made by Nokona at this link).

Nokona has many different colors available (up to 21 colors in one case) to customize nine different parts of the leather, the threads, and logos that appear on the mitt. You can add text either via laser or embroidery, you can customize padding amount, and you can include add-ons like a finger hood and a wrist guard.

Mitts for left handers are also available. Prices start in the mid $300s. 

As a side note, Nokona has one of the cooler customization user interfaces that we've seen. For more information on custom Nokona gloves, click HERE.

Custom Nokona catcher's mitt
Screenshot from Nokona's website.


PBPro offers four series of customized catcher's mitts for baseball and three for softball, each at varying price points.

The baseball options measure 33" or 33.5", and the softball version measures 34". Left handed catcher's mitts are an option for each version.

Nine elements of the mitt can have a custom color. You can also add text or a flag. Prices start at $159.

Rico Gloves

Rico has three different series (prime, star, ultra) of custom catchers gloves available, and each of these three series allows you to choose either a fastpitch softball or baseball mitt, and a right hand or left handed mitt.

Available sizes range from 32.5 to 34 inches, in half inch increments between the two sizes. They allow 11 different sections of the catcher's mitt to receive a custom color, and you can also have text such as your name etched in.

Another cool thing about Rico's custom mitts is that you can get a flag added above the pinkie stall and you can get your state's outline (most states available) printed in the palm.

Prices for a Rico customized mitt start at $159.


"Steelo" is a black-owned baseball equipment maker that prides itself on blending baseball with hip hop culture.

The "Steelo" brand offers three types of customized catcher's mitts based on the type of leather the mitt is made out of. They are the Pro KIPSKYN(TM) series, the Pro HYDE(TM) series, and the COWHYDE(TM) series.

Each custom option allows you to order it for right or left handed throwers, and you can choose between a 32 inch and 33 inch mitt. Nine parts of the catcher's mitt can get a different color, and you can add custom text and font if you are interested in doing so.

Prices for a "Steelo" customized catcher's mitt start at $290.

Custom steelo catcher's mitt
Building a custom "Steelo" catcher's mitt.


The company SX3 offers a custom catcher's mitt option for baseball and one for fastpitch softball.

You can choose from among four types of leather (cowide, steerhide and japanese kip) and can choose whether the mitt should be built for right hand or left hand throwers. Sizes are available in half inch increments between 32" and 34".

There are 11 sections of the mitt that can have a custom color. If you are interested, you can add a country or state flag, custom text and a custom logo. For an extra cost, you can order your custom mitt 70% broken in, or you can grab a glove bag to go along with your order.

Prices begin at $150.


Vinci offers four custom catchers mitts for fastpitch softball and three for baseball.

Each of the seven types of custom catcher's gloves offer different sizes, the option for right or left hand throw, and you can order it already broken in if you'd like. At least six distinct sections of each mitt can have a custom color.

You can add text, a flag, or a finger shield if you'd like. Prices for custom Vinci mitts start at $199. 


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