Nokona Catchers Mitts: Our Detailed Overview

One of the most unique glove and catcher's mitt manufacturers in the world, Nokona stands out for its vintage inspired and ridiculously high quality products.

This article explores the different Nokona catchers mitts being made today along with our top picks geared for youth, baseball, and fastpitch softball catchers.

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Nokona Catchers Mitts

A Bit About Nokona

Nokana is a classic American story. The company was started back in the 20s in the small town of Nocona, Texas. 

Although the company started off by selling leather purses and wallets, it shifted to making sporting goods in the 30s.

Their operation really took off in the 1940s when Nokona won a contract with the U.S. government to produce gloves for men in the military during World War 2. 

Nokona really established itself during this time and built a reputation as a maker of quality baseball gloves. 

In fact, Nokona gloves would go on to make an appearance in A League of Their Own and Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner.

As the post war years continued, however, many manufacturers began moving overseas. Nokona didn't. Instead, they stuck it out in their hometown in north Texas.

nokona gloves map

They still operate in the town of Nocona, Texas and employ around 75 people who make gloves out of a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Nokona is the only medium or large glove manufacturer in existence that makes their gloves in America.

Each glove goes through a detailed procedure that transforms raw materials into a premium-level product. 

In fact, much of this glove-crafting process is done by hand, which you can catch a glimpse of in the video below.

Why They're Unique

We have learned a lot over the years about the various manufacturers of baseball and softball gloves generally, and catcher’s mitts specifically. 

Based on what we know about Nokona, they are definitely unique - in a good way. 

Here are just a few of the reasons why Nokona is unique when compared to other glove companies. 

  • All of their products are made in America at their Nocona, TX facility.
  • Each glove is hand stitched and individually created by hand. If you have a Nokona catchers mitt, then know that your mitt would have been handled by multiple people, one-at-a-time, who carefully work by hand to turn it into a premium glove.
  • They use a very diverse set of animal hides as the base leather for their gloves. For example, they have gloves made out of kangaroo, caiman (!), buffalo, calfskin and steerhide.
  • Nokona will refurbish their own gloves regardless of age. That’s distinct in the industry. This means gloves can literally be passed down generation to generation. Note: a refurbishment charge may apply. 


nokona factory making gloves
The Nokona team building gloves in their Texas factory


Why You Should Have a Nokona Catchers Mitt

As illustrated above, Nokona is definitely unique among glove companies in the market.

The gloves they make are literally handcrafted and have the highest level of quality around. They look great, have appealing designs, and you can tell that each glove has very high attention to detail.

Because they are so high quality, Nokona gloves are durable and long lasting. With their refurbishment policy, you can pass a Nokona catchers mitt down for decades.

It’s true they are pricey, but in our eyes they clearly fall into the category of a good investment into a premium glove that will last as long as you.   

In short, if you want to buy a catchers mitt that's the highest possible quality and then use it for the rest of your life, then there's really no contest. It's Nokona; a Nokona catchers mitt is the answer.

Overview of Every Nokona Catchers Mitt

Nokona Catchers Mitts for Baseball

W-3350 (33.5")

Nokona W-3350

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A-3350 (33.5")

Nokona A-3350

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SKN-3350 (33.5")

Nokona SKN-3350

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A-3350 (33.5")

Nokona A-3350

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Top Choice for Baseball Catchers: X2-3350 (33.5")

nokona x2-3350

Our top pick for baseball catchers that want to get a Nokona catchers mitt is the X2-3350

Why do we like it? Let me count the ways.

This is arguably Nokona’s top of the shelf, most premium catchers mitt that they make for baseball. 

It’s built with two different types of leather - American fullgrain steerhide and Australian kangaroo. Both are excellent leather types, with kangaroo standing out for being lighter weight and stronger than other animal leathers.

Due to this, the catchers mitt feels noticeably lighter than the typical mitt you can grab off the shelf somewhere.

It comes out of the box mostly broken in and game ready. And did we mention how it looks? 

Appealing, that's how. 

The oiled brown leather has a classic, vintage look to it, which we really like. 

Other specs: closed web, open back, measures 33.5 inches.


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Pocket of the X2-3350

nokona x2-3350 pocket

Nokona Catchers Mitts for Fastpitch Softball

W-V3250 (32.5")

Nokona W-V3250

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S-V2 (32.5")

Nokona SV-2

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X2-V3250 (32.5")

Nokona X2-V3250

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Top Choice for Fastpitch Catchers: A-V3250 (32.5")

Nokona A-V3250 white Nokona catchers mitts

For fastpitch players, we believe the absolute best option for a Nokona brand fastpitch catchers mitt is the A-V3250.

It's built using American kip steerhide leather. Kip leather is typically used only on high end gloves and it's known for being one of the highest quality leather types around.

The A-V3250 is lightweight - in part due to it using kip leather - as it weighs in at just 1.58 pounds.

This mitt was designed for female hands, with slightly slimmer finger stalls than adult baseball mitts. It also has an adjustable velcro wrist strap which allows you to pull it as tightly (or as loosely) as you'd like.

The white leather on this mitt really helps it stand out, especially when you bring the different color laces into the picture. 

At first glance, this Nokona catchers mitt almost gives the impression that it's modeled after a baseball the way the white leather and red lacing appears!

We really like the look. It's unique and really pops out behind the plate.

Other specs: shipped about 30% broken in, closed web, measures 32.5 inches.


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Pocket of the A-V3250

nokona catchers mitts white for softball

Nokona Catchers Mitts for Youth Catchers

S-2 (32")

Nokona catchers mitts S-2

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Top Choice for Youth Catchers: S-120 (30”)

Nokona catchers mitts S-120

For youth catchers interested in getting a Nokona catchers mitt, we recommend the 30 inch S-120

It uses a combination of buffalo and "stampede" steerhide leather, the latter of which is softer and more flexible than normal steerhide.

What's really great about this mitt is that it comes fully broken in. You shouldn't have to do any steaming or additional break in, other than playing catch with it.

It's on the lighter side of the scale, weighing in at just 1.43 pounds.

The S-120 has a nice design of tan and dark brown leather with tan laces. Nokona's logo appears above the wrist and over the pinkie stall, near an American flag patch.

Other specs: closed web, open back, measures 30 inches.


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Pocket of the S-120

Nokona youth catchers mitt pocket

That’s A Wrap!

We appreciate you dropping in to learn about Nokona catchers mitts. 

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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