EvoShield Catchers Gear – A Comprehensive Overview & Review

The popular brand EvoShield has released unique, innovative and attractive looking catcher’s gear for baseball and fastpitch softball catchers. 

In this post, we review EvoShield catcher’s gear and provide you with pro’s and con’s, videos, and pictures - all organized and in one place!

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Evoshield catchers gear used by a softball catcher

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EvoShield Catchers Gear: Details for Catchers

A Quick Look at EvoShield's History

EvoShield was started back in 2005 by a group of former athletes from the University of Georgia.

They started the company because protective gear at the time often didn't fit well, was heavy, or clunky, and this was seen as a disadvantage for athletes. The company starters saw an opportunity to build something that would better protect athletes without disrupting their game.

The young company differentiated themselves from other competitors in the market due to the innovative technology they developed. In short, what they created was a gel type substance that hardens within a sleeve upon its first use, providing the wearer with a custom fit.

This stood in stark contrast to other types of protective guards on the market at the time, which for the most part were all one size fits all.

Ever since EvoShield's products first hit the market, the company has exploded in popularity. Their gear is now used widely among football, baseball and fastpitch softball players - including many catchers.

Roughly ten years after the company was started, EvoShield was purchased by Wilson Sporting Goods back in 2016. Even though Wilson bought them, EvoShield's unique products are still manufactured and sold.

Notable Catchers That Wear EvoShield Catchers Gear

Since EvoShield catchers gear has only somewhat recently been developed, it is not yet in many major league clubhouses

Tyler Stephenson of the Cincinnati Reds
Cincinnati Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson wears EvoShield catchers gear (image source: Getty Images)

The only MLB catcher that we’re aware of that currently uses EvoShield behind the dish is Tyler Stephenson of the Cincinnati Reds

Outside of baseball, former professional fastpitch softball catcher and Team USA member Aubree Munro was a prominent user of EvoShield’s catching equipment (she’s on the cover photo of this post).

In fact, Aubree is listed on EvoShield’s website as one of their fastpitch softball “EvoGenerals” - or, brand ambassadors.

Another "EvoGeneral" is professional softball player Amanda Chidester. She is an infielder and a catcher, and when playing behind the plate, Chidester also uses EvoShield catching gear.

We wouldn’t at all be surprised to start seeing more professional catchers wearing EvoShield behind the plate in years to come. 

EvoShield Catchers Gear for Baseball and Fastpitch Softball

The specific products that make up EvoShield catcher's gear include a catcher's helmet, catcher's mask, skull cap, chest protector, and leg guards (which actually consist of two pieces, called uppers and lowers).

At this time, there are no EvoShield catcher's mitts. 

In this post we will go through and review each product one at a time, starting with the Pro-SRZ catcher's helmet. The good news is that there are solid options whether you're looking for EvoShield youth catchers gear or adult sized equipment.

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Catcher's Helmet

evoshield pro-srz catcher's helmet gear

The EvoShield Pro-SRZ is a premium catcher’s helmet that's unique in the market due to its high quality padding. It uses Windpact’s Crash Cloudtechnology for its unique padding, which the company refers to as “airbags for your brain”. 

Windpact is a company founded by a former NFL player. They develop technology used in making sports equipment safer.

Windpact’s padding used in the Pro-SRZ helmet is incredibly interesting. 

The padding consists of multiple layers that compress when impacted with force (such as a baseball striking the helmet). The energy from the impact then disperses through vents in the material and then promptly expands again, almost in a quick spring-like motion.

The result? Your head is better protected than traditional catcher’s helmets with ordinary foam pads. 

Other features worth mentioning about the Pro-SRZ is that the padding repels microbes, helping to keep the inside of the helmet cleaner than typical, even after a day full of sweaty use.

The helmet also includes a steel facemask and has a design developed to provide you with a wide field of view. Additionally, the helmet is relatively lightweight and prevents excess overheating. 

The Pro-SRZ comes in three sizes: small (for hat sizes 6 ½ to 7), medium (for hat sizes 7 to 7 ½), and large (for hat sizes 7 ½ to 8). These helmets are currently selling in five different colors: black, charcoal gray, navy blue, royal blue, and red.


Approved by NOCSAE

Has a unique padding system that does an excellent job at absorbing impact

The steel facemask is designed to give you a good field of view when catching

Has a great fit and is also lightweight

The helmet comes in three sizes and five different colors


It is one of the most expensive catcher’s helmet currently on the market


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Other Views of the Pro-SRZ Catcher's Helmet

evoshield catchers gear and their catchers helmet

evoshield catchers gear side view of helmet


Catcher's Mask

evoshield pro-srz catcher's face mask

Similar to the catcher’s helmet, the Pro-SRZ catcher’s mask comes with Windpact’s Crash Cloudpadding. 

As described above, this unique padding absorbs impact when struck by compressing, releasing energy, then quickly re-inflating in a seamless motion that helps protect your head better than normal foam pads.

The padding alone is one of the most compelling selling points for this mask. 

On the mask itself is a black colored steel cage with a wide field of view (similar to the catcher's helmet). The harness on the mask is made of neoprene, and it was developed to prevent the mask from slipping.

We like the look of this mask, from the black painted steel to the two logos appearing on the front - the MLB logo to the left of the left eye, and the EvoShield logo on the bottom right chin pad. 

The Pro-SRZ mask comes in one size and in five colors (black, gray, navy blue, royal blue and red). 


It is a great looking mask

Comes with Windpact’s unique impact absorbing and compressing pads

The steel facemask is designed to give a good field of view while playing behind the dish

Its padding is built to repel microbes

The neoprene based harness prevents excess mask movement


It is more expensive than many other facemasks


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An Inside View of the Pro-SRZ Mask

Evoshield pro-srz catchers facemask and helmet


Skull Cap

The Pro-SRZ skull cap is a good choice to pair with the Pro-SRZ facemask. It looks great, and it comes in a solid, semi-gloss color style.

EvoShield’s name is stamped on the outer right edge of the helmet’s bill, and the EvoShield logo features prominently on the rear center area of the helmet. Other than this, it has a plain, solid color design.

Inside the helmet there is foam padding around the entire circumference of the head as well as at the top of the head. 


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Chest Protector

evoshield pro-srz chest protector

EvoShield’s Pro-SRZ chest protectors have some very unique features that we want to highlight. 

First, if you need your chest protector to be NOCSAE approved, the chest protector comes with a built-in pocket that can house an EvoShield chest guard, which is included.

Inserting EvoShield’s chest guard instantly makes the chest protector NOCSAE approved. (Note: this pocket is included in the baseball version of the chest protector only). For more details, check out the video below.

One thing to keep in mind: instead of using a separate chest guard, you can also wear EvoShield’s NOCSAE certified compression shirt under the chest protector to make it NOCSAE approved.

Another cool feature of the Pro-SRZ chest protector is that it has an internal wire around the stomach that is moldable. This means that the chest protector can closely fit - or mold to - your body’s shape and then keep that close fit even while moving.  

The third unique feature of the chest protector is that it connects using a magnetic buckle. This buckle was developed by a company named Fidlock, which is a leader in the field of magnetic fasteners.

For catchers, this buckle means it is quick and almost effortless to get the chest protector off and back on again. Definitely unique when compared to "typical" chest protector fasteners made of plastic.

EvoShield’s chest protectors are available in both baseball and fastpitch softball versions. The fastpitch softball version has all the same features (minus the NOCSAE pocket mentioned above) as the baseball version.

The main difference with the fastpitch softball version is that it was designed to have a more tapered fit, specifically for the female body.

Pro-SRZ chest protectors come in the following five colors: black, gray, navy blue, royal blue and red. They have two different sizes for each sport.

The Adult size measures 16 inches for baseball and 15 inches for fastpitch softball, and the Intermediate size is 15 inches for baseball and 13.5 inches for fastpitch softball. 


It has incredibly unique features and cool new equipment technology

A removable NOCSAE approved chest guard is included

The abdominal wire gives you a more custom, moldable fit

It connects using unique magnetic fasteners

Is available in both baseball and fastpitch softball versions

Comes in five colors and two different sizes for each sport


On the expensive side


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Rear View of the Pro-SRZ Chest Protector

back side of the pro srz chest protector by evoshield


Leg Guards

evoshield pro-srz leg guards

Believe it or not, out of all of EvoShield’s catcher’s gear, their premium Pro-SRZ leg guards are the most unique! This is primarily due to the fact that the leg guards actually come in two separate pieces - which are referred to as an “upper” and a “lower”.

Let’s start by examining the lower. 

The lower is a protective guard utilizing EvoShield’s famous “gel to shell” technology, and it fits around the lower shin, ankle and high foot area.

Once you take it out of the pack you follow a specific process to give the guard a custom molding around your leg.

Check out the video below to see how this process is done.

Once the lowers are molded, you connect them with the more traditional looking uppers. The uppers are made out of a hard protective plastic, and it has a high quality reinforced knee area.

A cool feature of the upper that we wanted to point out is that it can be adjusted higher or lower by up to two inches based on its connection to the lower guard. 

Once connected, you insert protective toe caps and wrap a loop around your cleat to keep the guards firmly in place. EvoShield claims that this leg guard package will give you a “guaranteed custom fit”.

The upper and lower leg guards can be purchased separately, or as a unit.

The uppers come in the standard five colors (black, gray, navy blue, royal blue and red) and the lowers come in 11 various colors. This means that - when put together - there are over 50 different color combinations you can use for the leg guards.

The Pro-SRZ comes in two sizes for baseball and one size for fastpitch softball. For baseball, they sell an Adult size (15.5 inches - 17.5 inches) and an Intermediate size (13.5 - 15.5 inches). For fastpitch softball, the size range is between 13.5 - 15.5 inches. 


Provides a highly customized fit on the leg

Utilizes EvoShield’s famous and innovative gel to shell technology

Gives great protection with high quality materials

Can adjust its length by up to two inches due to its two different sections

A large number of custom color combinations are available

Multiple sizes are available for baseball and fastpitch softball


These are expensive

Requires time and attention to properly set them up and get ready prior to using them


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Another View of the Pro-SRZ Leg Guards


Custom EvoShield Catchers Gear

EvoShield has a separate custom section on their website. However, the only items currently available for customization at that site are elbow and leg guards for hitting.

There is currently no customization option for the Pro-SRZ catcher’s helmet, catcher's mask, skull cap or chest protector outside of the various sizes they come in and the five different colors you can choose from.

Pro-SRZ leg guards are a bit different, in that by their very nature they are customizable.

In addition to getting a custom fit due to their gel to shell technology, you can also choose from over 50 different color combinations when ordering (11 colors for the lowers, 5 colors for the uppers).

If you are interested specifically in options for custom catcher's gear, then we encourage you to read our article on the topic

Other EvoShield Equipment to Keep in Mind

Approximately 75% of MLB players that use some type of protective gear use EvoShield products.

That should tell you something about EvoShield’s popularity and dominance in the protective gear market!

Outside of EvoShield catchers gear, catchers may be interested in other EvoShield equipment. The first piece of gear we recommend for catchers is EvoShield’s protective wrist guards, which we wrote a whole article on here.

The catcher’s thumb guard is also helpful for many, especially when you're catching fast pitching.

J.T. Realmuto wearing EvoShield's protective wrist guard
Philadelphia Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto wearing EvoShield's protective wrist guard on his glove hand (photo from NBC Sports)

When you are up at the plate, you may be interested in using their protective elbow guard or leg guard, or even their protective hand guard.

Then once you’re on base, you can use EvoShield’s sliding mitt

Other equipment they have available include batting gloves, batting helmets and compression clothes (sleeves and pants).

And of course, you can get EvoShield apparel, hats, and branded jerseys and pants. You can check Amazon or the EvoShield website to find that gear. 

Lastly, EvoShield sells a number of bags for baseball and fastpitch softball players, including backpacks and duffel bags. They look great and are worth checking out.

However, their Stone Wall Wheeled Bag in particular is perfect for catchers, as it is large enough to hold catcher’s gear and other equipment, including up to four bats. It sells in three different colors - black, gray and navy blue.

evoshield stonewall catchers bag
The Stone Wall catcher's bag, by EvoShield


In addition to these products, EvoShield also manufactures equipment for football and lacrosse players. Although details about gear for those sports is outside the scope of this article. 

Wrapping it all up!

With that, we have officially covered all the specific pieces of EvoShield catchers gear (and related products) currently on the market! 

If you have hung around with us this long, we want to say thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope all of this information has been helpful.

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance to you. You can visit our contact page, or simply drop an email to scott [at] catchershome [dot] com.

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