Marucci Catcher’s Gear: The Details for Catchers (Comprehensive Guide)

Marucci is an increasingly popular company that makes high-quality equipment for Baseball and Fastpitch Softball players - including catchers.

In this post we identify and review all the types of gear that Marucci produces for catchers.

Keep reading, we guarantee you’ll learn something!

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Marucci Catcher's Gear: The Ultimate Guide for Catchers

marucci catcher's gear

Background on Marucci

Marucci has a very interesting backstory.

The company’s founder, Jack Marucci, was the Athletic Training Director at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He made wood bats after his day job back in his woodshed. At first it was just as a hobby, as he made his first bat for his son.

Jack eventually made a bat for a friend of his, Eduardo Perez, who at the time played for the St. Louis Cardinals. Surprisingly to Jack, Perez used the bat in a game at Old Busch Stadium.

Eventually, the Marucci name spread among the big leagues simply by word of mouth. Next thing you know, Jack began getting a stream of orders for custom bats for major leaguers.

Check out the below video explaining Marucci’s background, narrated by none other than the Larry King.

So Marucci became a company, and Jack was joined by big leaguers Kurt Ainsworth and Joe Lawrence as business partners. The company steadily expanded and grew out of Jack’s woodshed. In 2008, Marucci bought a Pennsylvania mill run by the Amish to construct the bats.

Since this time the company’s growth has skyrocketed. In 2017, Marucci purchased a bat maker named Victus, which are being used more and more at the MLB level.

Together between Victus and Marucci, the Marucci family of brands is currently tops among bat makers in the major leagues, used by nearly 50% of big leaguers.

The company has also branched out and manufacturers more than just bats, such as catcher’s gear, gloves, apparel and more.

In March of 2020, Marucci was bought by an investment firm named Compass Diversified Holdings for $200 million. That purchase was reported to help Marucci move into international markets, and one of its goals was to lead Marucci to develop more products for customers.

Pros That Wear Marucci Catcher’s Gear

As mentioned nearly 50% of MLB players swing a Marucci bat. That’s too many people to mention in this post!

But what about catcher’s gear, you ask?

The primary MLB catcher that used Marucci catcher gear was Buster Posey. He switched from Under Armour to Marucci (for his chest protector) for the 2018 season.

Through the end of his MLB career in 2021, Buster was using a Marucci chest protector and leg guards. He also used Marucci batting gloves and of course, he swung a Marucci bat.

Now that Posey has retired, Marucci gear is not readily represented by MLB catchers. However, it's still prevalent at other levels of the game (e.g., minor leagues, NCAA baseball, etc).

Buster Posey wearing Marucci catcher's gear, catcher throwing
(Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Marucci’s Current Inventory for Baseball & Fastpitch

If you’re in need of a bat, you should consider using one made by Marucci. Bats are their core product, something Marucci has perfected in crafting.

However, bats are not the only pieces of gear or equipment that Marucci makes.

For catchers specifically, there are a number of products that Marucci makes just for backstops. They are listed below, along with pictures and descriptions of each.

We’ll start by taking a look at Marucci's catchers helmet.

Catcher’s Helmet

Marucci catcher's helmet

The only catcher's helmet that Marucci currently sells is called the Mark 2. Their core catcher’s gear lineup (e.g., catcher’s helmet, chest protector and leg guards) currently selling is called the Mark 2.

The Mark 2 catcher’s helmet is available for both Baseball and Fastpitch Softball catchers. Please note, Marucci does not currently sell catcher's masks.

The Mark 2 is a NOCSAE approved helmet made with an ABS shell painted in a solid glossy color. Inside the helmet is "dual density foam", which is thick protective padding designed to absorb impact.

The internal padding is also moisture wicking to help keep you cool, and the helmet has good ventilation, as you can see the vents at the top and sides of the above picture.

The pads are removable and can be tossed in the washing machine to clean, which is a helpful and time saving feature.

Mark 2 helmets are currently sold in two sizes - adult and youth. Adult helmets can fit people with a hat size of 7 1/8 and larger, while youth helmets fit those with a hat size of 7 1/8 or smaller. Youth helmets also come with a removable throat guard.

Currently, Mark 2 helmets are sold in four colors: black, royal blue, red, and navy blue.

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LSU Eunice catcher wearing Marucci catcher's helmet, college catcher wearing marucci catcher's gear
Catcher Austin Kirkpatrick of LSU - Eunice

Chest Protector

Marucci chest protector

Marucci's Mark 2 chest protector has an attractive and unique look to it. It has a two-tone color design, with gray lines mixed among its core color. Like the catcher's helmet, chest protectors come in one of the four primary colors of black, royal blue, red, navy blue.

The Marucci logo stands out in the sternum area of the chest protector. It's white with a solid color outline on a background of gray. We like the look.

Regarding the specs of the chest protector, it has a three-way harness system, removable shoulder caps, and memory foam fabric covering strong polyethylene (PE) plates. PE is a type of incredibly strong plastic used as the base component of many protective pads.

This chest protector is built with angled abdominal wedges which are helpful for blocking. It also has extended collar and throat protection, utilizing reinforced PE plates to defend this vulnerable area against the impact of foul tips.

The Mark 2 also has a good, conforming fit and moves little while in use. It can be used by both Baseball and Fastpitch Softball catchers. However, please note that Mark 2 chest protectors are currently not NOCSAE approved.

These chest protectors come in three sizes - adult, intermediate and youth. As mentioned in earlier posts, to find your size simple take a cloth tape measure and take the measurement from the bottom of your throat to your waist.

The adult size is for 17 inches, intermediate is for 14 inches and youth is for 12 inches. If your measurement is between two sizes, choose the bigger size.

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marucci catcher's gear on a college catcher, Murray State catcher with Marucci chest protector
Catcher Jonah Brannon of the Murray State Racers

Leg Guards

Marucci leg guards

The leg guards sold by Marucci are also called Mark 2. There are a few features of this leg guard that we'd like to point out.

To start, it has very broad protection for the knee, with ample cushioning and a gel-based knee plate.

Inner areas around the shins and calves are also well protected with memory foam padding and a contouring, wrap-around shape. The outer middle knee cap is strapless which was designed to prevent discomfort on the back of the knees.

The Mark 2 leg guards also come with a protective "ankle cap" which shields the ankle from impact.

Like other gear in the Mark 2 lineup, these leg guards are sold in black, royal blue, red and navy blue. They come in three sizes: adult, intermediate and youth. Adult is 16 inches, intermediate is 14 inches, and youth is 12.5 inches.

To determine your size, measure one of your legs using a cloth tape measure from the center of your knee down to your ankle. Like we say for chest protectors, if the size you get falls between two sizes, choose the larger of the two.

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LSU catcher, catcher throwing to pitcher, marucci chest protector and leg guards, LSU catcher wearing Marucci catcher's gear
Catcher Alex Millazo of the LSU Tigers

Baseball Catcher’s Mitts

In addition to Marucci catching gear, the company sells six "series" of gloves for Baseball. They are: the Cypress Series, the Capitol Series, the Acadia Series, the Ascension Series, the Oxbow Series, and the Vermilion Series.

The only series that does not include catcher's mitts is the Acadia Series. The other five all have a catcher's mitt version.

We'll go in alphabetical order to review each Marucci catcher's mitt from these five series.

The Ascension Series

The catcher’s mitt in the Ascension Series is designed for youth catchers. It is a one-piece solid mitt with a medium depth measuring 32 inches.

The shell of this catcher's mitt is made from tight steerhide leather. It contains a palm liner, a cushioned leather finger liner and reinforced finger tops, all of which helps with durability and the prevention of excess stinging.

The Ascension Series mitt has a nice looking light tan and black color pattern. In short, we would qualify this as a premium youth catcher's mitt as it is high-quality.

Keep in mind that it is sold for right handed throwers only.

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The Capitol Series

Marucci's Capitol Series catcher's mitt is the one we're most familiar with, as we used this mitt to catch on multiple occasions.

We can tell you right off the bat that this is a very high-quality mitt. The pop you hear when you receive a fastball is a beautiful sound.

It is also Marucci’s most premium catcher’s mitt, and it’s currently the most expensive one they sell.

In terms of its specs, the Capitol Series catcher’s mitt uses a choice elite "Japanese-tanned" kip leather for its shell. It's well padded which helps prevent stinging, and the sheepskin-lined finger stalls are comfortable on the hand.

This mitt definitely has an attractive look to it. Its outer shell is a light brown or copper, with black laces, white stitching and the white M logo and Marucci named sewed in. There is some product etching on the outer shell above the thumb stall.

The inside pocket is blank and does not contain any etching or logos. However, the inside portion of the mitt opposite the thumb and pinkie finger stalls has “Designed by Marucci Sports in Baton Rouge, Louisiana” etched on one side and “30 degrees 27'25"N 91 degrees 11'14"W” on the other.

That is the GPS coordinates for the Louisiana State Capitol Building… Pretty neat!

This mitt is a one-piece solid measuring 33.5 inches. It has a neutral shape and a medium depth, and it is made for right-handed throwers only. However, if you choose the custom version of the Capitol Series then you can get it made for left-handed throwers.

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The Cypress Series

The Cypress Series catcher's mitt is also a high-quality glove, yet it's not quite as expensive as the Capitol Series.

The shell on this one is made from Japanese-tanned leather (steerhide) with a contrasting light and dark tan color pattern. Like the Capitol Series, it measures 33.5 inches and is a one-piece solid with a neutral shape and medium depth.

The thumb and pinky loops are wrapped with padding, and the laces are made from quality rawhide. There is also added padding and moisture wicking material on the wrist liner.

Cypress Series mitts are made for right handed throwers, though if you buy it as a custom order it can be made for left handers.

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The Oxbow Series

The Oxbow Series mitt is the most affordable Baseball catcher's mitt manufactured by Marucci.

This mitt's shell is made from full-grain cowhide leather and comes in a black, gray and white color pattern.

It comes with a flexible palm liner to provide extra protection from sting, and it also has a soft and comfortable wrist pad.

The Oxbow Series catcher's mitt is a one-piece solid mitt measuring 33.5 inches. It is made for right handers only.

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The Vermilion Series

In addition to the Ascension Series, Marucci's Vermilion Series catcher's mitts are also made for youth ballplayers.

Vermilion mitts are made from an oiled cowhide leather in a very unique gray, black, red and white color pattern. Some of its features include extra palm padding, reinforced finger tops, and real rawhide laces.

It is a one-piece solid mitt in a tapered shape, with a deep pocket, measuring 32 inches. These mitts are sold only for right hand throwers.

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Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitts

For Fastpitch Softball, Marucci sells two “series” of gloves. They are: the Magnolia Series and the Palmetto Series. Both series include catcher’s mitts.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

The Magnolia Series

The Magnolia Series catcher's mitt is Marucci's premium mitt for Fastpitch Softball catchers.

It's made with Japanese-tanned steerhide leather, which is some of the best glove material out there. The Magnolia's shell is a very attractive light tan and black color pattern.

It has cushioned finger liners and a mesh-based wrist liner that is made of moisture wicking material.

Like many Fastpitch Softball catcher's mitts, the Magnolia has an H-web design with a deep pocket, measuring 34 inches. The standard version is sold for right-handers only, though you can custom order a version just for left handed throwers.

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The Palmetto Series

The other catcher's mitt that Marucci sells for Fastpitch players is the Palmetto Series. This mitt is made of cowhide leather that has been "soft-tumbled", meaning it has a softer feel to it than, say, the Japanese-tanned steerhide leather.

The Palmetto Series mitt has a predominantly black color pattern with a bit of white and gold added in. Like the Magnolia Series, this mitt has cushioned finger liners and a liner over the wrist that is moisture wicking.

It's a 34 inch catcher's mitt with an H-web design, a tapered fit and a deep pocket. And it's also available for both right and left handers!

The Palmetto Series catcher's mitt is less expensive than the Magnolia Series, so if budget is your primary concern then this could be the Fastpitch Softball mitt for you.

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Custom Marucci Catcher’s Mitts

You can currently order a variety of custom Marucci catcher’s mitts for Baseball on the Marucci website. A custom Capitol, Cypress, Ascension and Oxbox Series catcher’s mitt are the mitt types that are available for customization.

custom marucci catcher's gear
Screenshot of the Marucci website, customizing a Capitol Series catcher's mitt

For Fastpitch Softball, you can order a custom Magnolia Series catcher’s mitt. Marucci does not sell custom Palmetto Series catcher’s mitts.

When customizing, you can choose the exact size you want (32 to 35 inches in half inch increments), left hand or right hand throw, the shell color, lacing color, and many other options. You can even have it personalized.

The ability to customize a high-quality catcher’s mitt is such a cool feature, and we recommend you check it out if you are in the market for a new mitt.

CMOD Catcher’s Mitts

Another glove category that Marucci sells, which we want to draw your attention to, is called CMOD. That stands for Carpenter Modification, named after an inventor and entrepreneur named Scott Carpenter.

Scott Carpenter made a name for himself by hand making gloves out of a workshop in Cooperstown, NY. He used only synthetic materials that molded to the user’s unique hand shape. Thus, the name Carpenter Modification, or CMOD.

The popularity of his gloves increased when they started being used by MLB players, with Josh Donaldson being one of the most well known advocates for CMODs.

In 2018, Marucci made a strategic move and acquired Carpenter’s business. Carpenter now works as a part of the Marucci team, and CMOD gloves are currently sold on the Marucci website.

You can check out the CMOD section on the Marucci site to learn more about the intriguing technology.

As of the publication date, there are no Marucci catcher’s mitts that can receive a CMOD upgrade. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if this changed in the near future. If so, we’ll let you know!

Catcher’s Bags

Marucci sells three bags that could be used by catchers, though some are bigger than others.

The one most likely to be used by catchers is Marucci's Wheeled Gear Bag.

bag to hold marucci catcher's gear

It measures 37 in L x 14 in W x 11 in H and has a total of 15 different storage compartments.

This bag has wide rubber wheels, a rubber base, heavy duty zippers and a retractable handle. It can hold all normal catcher's gear, and is available in either navy or royal blue.

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Another great option for catchers is Marucci's Wheeled Utility Bag. This one measures 38 in L x 12 in W x 12.5 in H and has plenty of room for storage of catcher's equipment and more.

What stands out in this bag is that it is very heavy-duty and it should be able to withstand a beating just fine. For example, the bag has a tarp-type material that repels rainwater, as well as "ruggedized" wheels.

The bat compartment can accommodate up to four bats, and the handle on this bag is made of neoprene. Another cool feature is that the area where you store cleats is ventilated.

Lastly, it comes in four different colors, all of which come in a "three-tone" design. Those available colors are gray, navy blue, royal blue and red.

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The final catcher's gear bag that Marucci sells is called the Player Wheel Bag. This one measures 36 in W x 11 in D x 12 in H.

If bat storage is really important to you, then this may be the bag to get. It can hold up to eight bats!

The Player bag has rugged wheels and neoprene-based pull handle. It also has a side compartment that protects your sunglasses, which is pretty neat.

This bag is sold in just two colors, red and navy blue. While it can fit catcher's gear, it's main storage compartment is not quite as big as the other two bags mentioned above.

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Accessories and Other Gear

We can’t end this article without also mentioning that Marucci sells other items that may interest catchers.

For example, they sell a variety of apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and hats (among other things) for both men and women.

Marucci also sells sunglasses (for the field or their “lifestyle” glasses), protective elbow and leg guards for hitting, batting gloves, Marucci-branded baseballs, custom jerseys, and of course… bats! Marucci makes a ton of bats for both Baseball and Fastpitch Softball, and they have excellent options available for both wood and metal.

In short, it’s also worth checking out Marucci’s non-catcher’s gear. All their products are of good quality and the Marucci brand is growing in popularity in the Baseball and Fastpitch worlds.

Wrapping it all up!

With that, we've now covered all the core gear that Marucci makes for catchers!

If you’ve stuck along with us to this point in the article, thanks for taking the time to read. We hope the information we shared was helpful.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about Marucci catcher's gear or if we can be of any assistance to you.

Scott Perry is the owner and lead author at Catchers Home. He's a former baseball player, a current coach, a husband and a Dad. He remains as passionate about baseball today as he was as a kid.