The 2024 Wilson A2K Catchers Mitt | Our Comprehensive Review

2024 wilson a2k catchers mitt review

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The 2024 Wilson A2K Catcher's Mitt: My Hands-on Review

Wilson's 2024 A2K catchers mitt was recently released. A2K's are traditionally some of the most premium, top-end glove models on the market. 

So when I learned the 2024 version was available, I got my hands on one and gave it a really close inspection. 

The following is my written review of the new A2K, along with a handful of pictures I took.

Ready? Let's go!

On Field Performance

When I got my hands on the new A2K, I felt its firmness right away. It’s designed with tough, durable leather that is meant to be broken in. 

It’s built to last. 

It had a snug, but not overly tight fit around my hand. The thumb and pinky finger stalls were also pretty snug out of the box, but that can of course be adjusted if you want to. 

side of a2k catchers mitt
My A2K with an outer view towards the thumb stall

Unlike some other catcher’s mitts that have uncomfortable stitches and binding over the index finger area, this one does not have it. The binding and stitch work was flawless.

My index finger was comfortable resting out of this mitt.

close up stitching of a2k mitt
Close up view of the stitches and binding near the index finger pad

And last but not least, wow does this catcher’s mitt pop. It’s a sweet sound when a ball hits the mitt with even a little bit of speed. 

Features and Build

Wilson's attention to detail is unmistakable in the new A2K catchers mitt. They've dialed in the design to blend tradition with needs that catchers have today. 

This 33.5 inch mitt has a bigger pocket, which offers better control for setting up a perfect target and framing those iffy, edge of the strike zone pitches.

2024 wilson a2k catchers mitt pocket
The pocket of my A2K catcher's mitt

The Flat Finger Binding adds another layer of comfort and control, as it reduces the space between finger and glove. It’s also built with thinner toe pads on the thumb and fingers. 

The “Black Pro Stock Select” leather in the palm is a really high quality, and it should help with better control and handling of the ball. 

Also, it has a Dri Lex wrist lining that was specially designed to wick up sweat above the wrist. 

a2k mitt m23 side view
A different close up of the pocket

These 2024 A2K M23 mitts were built by Wilson’s pros in Japan. Wilson states that its team spends more than 18 hours on each A2K catchers mitt.

With that in mind, and the high quality black and blonde leather shell, the premium-ness (is that a word?) of the A2K really shines through.

Craftsmanship and Durability

Wilson's focus on craftsmanship was pretty evident with my testing of the A2K.

Each mitt is manufactured entirely in Japan by works that do nothing but build gloves. The Wilson team meticulously sorts through leathers to choose the top 5 percent of its “Pro Stock Select” leather hides for its A2K line. 

2024 a2k mitt japan side
View of the left half of the new A2K

What’s so special about this particular leather? It’s known for being among the softest, stretchiest, and toughest leathers available for gloves.

Its Design

The 2024 Wilson A2K catchers mitt has a nice looking design. 

It has a contrast of colors with its light tan and black leathers, as well as its solid black pocket. 

It looks good and catches the eye.

wilson a2K hand in
The design of this A2K is great. It looks sharp

Additionally, the mixture of black and dark gray laces on this A2K integrates well with the overall design. 

The Wilson logo, appearing in black above the thumb stall, and the A2K logo positioned over the pinky finger, serve nice accents to this catchers mitt.

How Much Does it Cost?

At the time this article was written, the new 2024 Wilson A2K catcher's mitt was selling for $400 brand new. 

Price can vary over time, so check out one or both of the links below to see the current pricing of this A2K at Amazon or at Just Gloves.

Check Price on JustGloves

Check Price on Amazon


A Few Other Pictures

2024 wilson a2k catchers mitt tags
Here are the tags that come on the new A2K

2024 wilson a2k catchers mitt thumb stall
Super close up look at the A2K's thumb stall

top of wilson catcher's mitt
Another vantage point of the new A2K catchers mitt

That’s a Wrap!

I hope this review of the 2024 Wilson A2K catcher’s mitt was helpful to you. If we can answer any questions, please feel free to contact us

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