Gold Glove Catchers: A Detailed Overview (+ Recent Award Winners!)

Each year the gold glove award is given out to the top defensive players in the major leagues.

This article takes a deep dive into catchers to win gold gloves, with a focus on some of the most recent gold glove catchers in the game.

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Gold Glove Catchers in Major League Baseball (MLB)

Every season the gold glove award is given to the best defensive player at each position across both the American League (AL) and National League (NL).

Winning a gold glove award is an honor and it often stands as one of the top achievements in a player's career.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best defensive catchers in the game in recent memory. 

Specifically, we highlight every AL and NL catcher to win a gold glove award over the last six years.

We also examine a few other key facts and topics related to catchers and the gold glove award.

MLB Gold Glove Catchers Over the Last Six Seasons

2017 Season

AL Winner: Martin Maldonado

Martin Maldonado played in 137 games (1,146 innings) behind the plate for the 2017 Los Angeles Angels

In over 1,100 chances, he maintained a .998 fielding percentage. Maldonado threw out 29 runners attempting to steal, good for a 39% caught stealing percentage (CS%), a full 12 percentage points higher than the league average.

He led league catchers in 2017 in putouts (1,046), assists (65), fielding percentage, defensive games, runners caught stealing, and more.


NL Winner: Tucker Barnhart

In 2017, Tucker Barnhart was a rock behind the plate for the Cincinnati Reds.

In 926 innings caught, he had a .999 fielding percentage. He also threw out a league leading 44% of runners attempting to steal.

His defense was so good that season that Barnhart led the entire NL - across all positions - with a defensive WAR (dWAR) of 3.1.


2018 Season

AL Winner: Salvador Perez

Salvador Perez played 831 innings of errorless ball behind the plate for the 2018 Kansas City Royals.

Salvy also did an incredible job of throwing out runners in 2018. His 48% caught stealing percentage was a full 20% higher than the league average that year.

He also led the league in 2018 in key categories like fielding percentage (1.000) and double plays turned by a catcher (11).


NL Winner: Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina of the St. Louis Cardinals kept a league leading .998 fielding percentage over 121 defensive games as a catcher in 2018.

The Cardinals backstop had 966 putouts, 42 assists, two pickoffs, and 12 runners caught stealing (31% CS%) that season.


2019 Season

AL Winner: Roberto Perez

While Roberto Perez has never been a phenomenal big league hitter, he’s always shined playing behind the plate. 

Perez won his first gold glove award with the Cleveland Indians in 2019. That year, he had a .997 fielding percentage and a league high 41% caught stealing percentage.

Perez also led league catchers in 2019 in putouts (1,082), double plays turned (12) and total zone runs (14).


NL Winner: J.T. Realmuto

J.T. Realmuto won his first gold glove award in 2019, which happened to be his first season with the Philadelphia Phillies.

In 133 games behind the plate that season, Realmuto had a .992 fielding percentage. 

He gunned down an MLB leading 47% of runners attempting to steal that season, which was an impressive 21 percentage points higher than the league average.


2020 Season

AL Winner: Roberto Perez

Roberto Perez captured his second consecutive AL gold glove award in 2019 with the Cleveland Indians

During the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, Perez had a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage behind the plate. 

He also led the majors that season with an incredible 71% CS%.


NL Winner: Tucker Barnhart

Cincinnati Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart won his second career gold glove award in 2020.

Like Perez, he maintained a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage behind the dish.

He threw out 36% of runners attempting to steal and he led league catchers with a 9.89 range factor/game that season.


2021 Season

AL Winner: Sean Murphy

Former Oakland Athletics catcher Sean Murphy had an excellent season behind the dish in 2021.

In 112 games caught that season, Murphy had a solid .993 fielding percentage and a 24% caught stealing percentage.

He also collected 873 putouts and 42 assists, and he turned six double plays.


NL Winner: Jacob Stallings

Catcher Jacob Stallings won his first gold glove award in 2021 with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Stalling had a .995 fielding percentage in 892 innings behind the plate that year.

He also had a 21% CS% in 2021 and finished in the top five among NL catchers in assists, range factor/game and dWAR.


2022 Season

AL Winner: Jose Trevino

Jose Trevino of the New York Yankees won his first gold glove award in 2022. He was such a stud behind the plate that he also won the Platinum Glove for the AL!

During the 2022 season Trevino caught 820.1 innings and maintained a .993 fielding percentage and a 33.3 caught stealing percentage. He was also named to his first all star game that season.

He led all AL catchers with 8 total zone runs, and he finished in the top five among league catchers in categories like defensive games, range factor/9 and CS%.


NL Winner: J.T. Realmuto

J.T. Realmuto won his second ever Gold Glove with the Phillies in 2022.

He maintained a .993 fielding percentage across 1,131.2 innings behind the dish in 2022. He also threw out an MLB-best 30 runners caught stealing and led the majors with an incredible 44.1 CS%.

In 2022, Realmuto led all NL catchers in defensive games, putouts, double plays turned, total zone runs, and more. He was also a force at the plate that season and earned a silver slugger award.


Other Details About Catchers and Gold Gloves

Who Won the First Gold Glove as a Catcher?

The gold glove award was first given out in 1957. For that season, it was given to only the nine best players regardless of league.

Every season thereafter, separate awards were given to the best players at each position in each league.

The first catcher to win a gold glove award was Sherm Lollar of the Chicago White Sox.

Lollar won the inaugural gold glove in 1957, and he won it again in both 1958 and 1959 as the AL's best defensive catcher.

In 1,571 career MLB games as a catcher, Lollar had a .992 fielding percentage and a 47% caught stealing percentage, higher than the league's average during this period.

Former chicago white sox catcher Sherm Lollar
Former White Sox backstop Sherm Lollar, circa 1959 (source: Getty Images)

Who Has the Most Gold Gloves as a Catcher?

Many different catchers have won a gold glove award since it was first given out in 1957. 

The player who has won the most gold gloves by a catcher is hall of famer Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. He won a total of 13 gold gloves as a catcher. 

Even though Pudge played for a total of six teams during his career, in both the AL and NL, all of his gold gloves came when he was in the AL (with the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers).

Have any Catchers won a Platinum Glove Award?

Beginning in 2011, Rawlings began to issue the Platinum Glove award to the top overall defensive player in each league.

Since that time, only two catchers have won the award - and one of the two catchers has won it multiple times.

Any guesses who the multiple Platinum Glove catcher is?

Yadier Molina! 

Yadi has won four Platinum Glove awards (2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015).

His four awards are second only to Nolan Arenado all time.

In 2022, Jose Trevino became the second catcher to win a Platinum Glove award thanks to his stellar defense with the Yankees.

yadi molina jordan catchers gear
Four-time Platinum Glove winning catcher, Yadier Molina

How Many Gold Gloves Does Yadier Molina Have?

Yadier Molina is the most decorated defensive catcher in modern times. 

In addition to his many all star game selections and two World Series championships, Yadi has earned a large number of gold gloves.

In fact, Yadi has won approximately nine gold glove awards over the course of his big league career.

When combined, Yadier Molina has won a total of 13 gold and platinum glove awards. 

List of All Gold Glove Catchers in MLB History

The following table lists all gold glove catchers since the gold glove award was first given out back in 1957. Tables are split out by league.

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National League Winners

1958Del CrandallMilwaukee Braves
1959Del CrandallMilwaukee Braves
1960Del CrandallMilwaukee Braves
1961Johnny RoseboroLos Angeles Dodgers
1962Del CrandallMilwaukee Braves
1963Johnny EdwardsCincinnati Reds
1964Johnny EdwardsCincinnati Reds
1965Joe TorreMilwaukee Braves
1966Johnny RoseboroLos Angeles Dodgers
1967Randy HundleyChicago Cubs
1968Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
1969Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
1970Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
1971Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
1972Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
1973Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
1974Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
1975Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
1976Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
1977Johnny BenchCincinnati Reds
1978Bob BoonePhiladelphia Phillies
1979Bob BoonePhiladelphia Phillies
1980Gary CarterMontréal Expos
1981Gary CarterMontréal Expos
1982Gary CarterMontréal Expos
1983Tony PeñaPittsburgh Pirates
1984Tony PeñaPittsburgh Pirates
1985Tony PeñaPittsburgh Pirates
1986Jody DavisChicago Cubs
1987Mike LaVallierePittsburgh Pirates
1988Benito SantiagoSan Diego Padres
1989Benito SantiagoSan Diego Padres
1990Benito SantiagoSan Diego Padres
1991Tom PagnozziSt. Louis Cardinals
1992Tom PagnozziSt. Louis Cardinals
1993Kirt ManwaringSan Francisco Giants
1994Tom PagnozziSt. Louis Cardinals
1995Charles JohnsonFlorida Marlins
1996Charles JohnsonFlorida Marlins
1997Charles JohnsonFlorida Marlins
1998Charles JohnsonFlorida Marlins and LA Dodgers
1999Mike LieberthalPhiladelphia Phillies
2000Mike MathenySt. Louis Cardinals
2001Brad AusmusHouston Astros
2002Brad AusmusHouston Astros
2003Mike MathenySt. Louis Cardinals
2004Mike MathenySt. Louis Cardinals
2005Mike MathenySan Francisco Giants
2006Brad AusmusHouston Astros
2007Russell MartinLos Angeles Dodgers
2008Yadier MolinaSt. Louis Cardinals
2009Yadier MolinaSt. Louis Cardinals
2010Yadier MolinaSt. Louis Cardinals
2011Yadier MolinaSt. Louis Cardinals
2012Yadier MolinaSt. Louis Cardinals
2013Yadier MolinaSt. Louis Cardinals
2014Yadier MolinaSt. Louis Cardinals
2015Yadier MolinaSt. Louis Cardinals
2016Buster PoseySan Francisco Giants
2017Tucker BarnhartCincinnati Reds
2018Yadier MolinaSt. Louis Cardinals
2019J. T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies
2020Tucker BarnhartCincinnati Reds
2021Jacob StallingsPittsburgh Pirates
2022J. T. RealmutoPhiladelphia Phillies

American League Winners

1957 (combined leagues)Sherm LollarChicago White Sox
1958Sherm LollarChicago White Sox
1959Sherm LollarChicago White Sox
1960Earl BatteyWashington Senators
1961Earl BatteyMinnesota Twins
1962Earl BatteyMinnesota Twins
1963Elston HowardNew York Yankees
1964Elston HowardNew York Yankees
1965Bill FreehanDetroit Tigers
1966Bill FreehanDetroit Tigers
1967Bill FreehanDetroit Tigers
1968Bill FreehanDetroit Tigers
1969Bill FreehanDetroit Tigers
1970Ray FosseCleveland Indians
1971Ray FosseCleveland Indians
1972Carlton FiskBoston Red Sox
1973Thurman MunsonNew York Yankees
1974Thurman MunsonNew York Yankees
1975Thurman MunsonNew York Yankees
1976Jim SundbergTexas Rangers
1977Jim SundbergTexas Rangers
1978Jim SundbergTexas Rangers
1979Jim SundbergTexas Rangers
1980Jim SundbergTexas Rangers
1981Jim SundbergTexas Rangers
1982Bob BooneCalifornia Angels
1983Lance ParrishDetroit Tigers
1984Lance ParrishDetroit Tigers
1985Lance ParrishDetroit Tigers
1986Bob BooneCalifornia Angels
1987Bob BooneCalifornia Angels
1988Bob BooneCalifornia Angels
1989Bob BooneKansas City Royals
1990Sandy Alomar, Jr.Cleveland Indians
1991Tony PeñaBoston Red Sox
1992Iván RodríguezTexas Rangers
1993Iván RodríguezTexas Rangers
1994Iván RodríguezTexas Rangers
1995Iván RodríguezTexas Rangers
1996Iván RodríguezTexas Rangers
1997Iván RodríguezTexas Rangers
1998Iván RodríguezTexas Rangers
1999Iván RodríguezTexas Rangers
2000Iván RodríguezTexas Rangers
2001Iván RodríguezTexas Rangers
2002Bengie MolinaAnaheim Angels
2003Bengie MolinaAnaheim Angels
2004Iván RodríguezDetroit Tigers
2005Jason VaritekBoston Red Sox
2006Iván RodríguezDetroit Tigers
2007Iván RodríguezDetroit Tigers
2008Joe MauerMinnesota Twins
2009Joe MauerMinnesota Twins
2010Joe MauerMinnesota Twins
2011Matt WietersBaltimore Orioles
2012Matt WietersBaltimore Orioles
2013Salvador PérezKansas City Royals
2014Salvador PérezKansas City Royals
2015Salvador PérezKansas City Royals
2016Salvador PérezKansas City Royals
2017Martin MaldonadoLos Angeles Angels
2018Salvador PérezKansas City Royals
2019Roberto PérezCleveland Indians
2020Roberto PérezCleveland Indians
2021Sean MurphyOakland Athletics
2022Jose TrevinoNew York Yankees

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