The MLB Catchers with the Most Runners Caught Stealing in 2023

shea langeliers throwing caught stealing
Shea Langeliers of the Oakland A's (source: Getty Images)

MLB’s Caught Stealing Leaders in 2023

Leaders in Total Runners Caught Stealing in 2023

The catcher with the most runners caught stealing during the 2023 MLB season was none other than Shea Langeliers of the Oakland Athletics. 

Langeliers nailed 38 runners attempting to steal during the season.

And it wasn’t even close - the runner up only had 27 runners caught stealing in 2023. 

Let’s look at the top five catchers with the most runners caught stealing during the 2023 season:

  1. Shea Langeliers, Oakland Athletics - 38
  2. Cal Raleigh, Seattle Mariners - 27
  3. Yan Gomes, Chicago Cubs and Patrick Bailey, San Francisco Giants - 25 (tied)
  4. Jonah Heim, Texas Rangers - 24
  5. J.T. Realmuto, Philadelphia Phillies - 23 


Top Caught Stealing Percentage Leaders in 2023

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin, caught stealing percentage, or CS%. 

Caught stealing percentage represents the proportion of unsuccessful base-stealing attempts in relation to the total number of steal attempts made against a particular catcher.

The big league catcher in 2023 with the best CS% (minimum of 10 runners caught stealing) was not Shea Langeliers. Instead, it was Gabriel Moreno of the Arizona Diamondbacks who had a 39% CS% in 2023.

  1. Gabriel Moreno, Arizona Diamondbacks - 39%
  2. James McCann, Baltimore Orioles - 34%
  3. Shea Langeliers, Oakland Athletics, Freddy Fermin, Kansas City Royals, and Austin Wynns, Multiple Teams - 31% (tied for third)
  4. Yainer Diaz, Houston Astros - 30%
  5. Yan Gomes, Chicago Cubs and Jonah Heim, Texas Rangers - 29% (tied for fifth)


Caught stealing and CS% are some of the most important defensive metrics for catchers. 

If you have a high CS, there’s a good chance you're considered a pretty dominant defensive backstop.

By knowing who the top MLB catchers were in terms of CS in 2023, it becomes clearer who some of the defensive standouts are - guys like Shea Langeliers, Gabriel Moreno, Yan Gomes, Jonah Heim and Patrick Bailey, just to name a few.

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