Best Knee Savers for Catchers – Our Top Picks [2024 Season]

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This article focuses on knee savers for catchers and showcases our reviews and top picks - highlighted by this one.

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knee savers for catchers

Best Knee Savers for Catchers: Our Top Picks


What are Knee Savers?

Knee savers are accessories for catchers that attach to a catcher’s leg guards. They are also called names like knee supports, knee wedges or knee blocks. 

The origin of knee savers goes all the way back to the early 90s, when they were first created by Dr. Douglas Ferrago and they have since become a well accepted piece of gear for catchers.

Thousands of catchers at the youth levels and up use them. Even a handful of MLB catchers use knee savers. 

ryan jeffers knee savers
Ryan Jeffers of the Twins during a 2023 game (source: Getty Images)

What’s the Purpose of Them?

The purpose of knee savers is to help limit strain on a catcher’s knees and to generally increase a catcher’s comfort when in the squatting position behind the plate.

There is no evidence that they “harm” or “help” a catcher’s knees, nor do they make catchers “lazy”. 

Rather, knee savers are simply a useful tool for backstops that need a little relief from discomfort.

Should I Use Knee Savers?

If you're a baseball or fastpitch softball catcher (or a parent of a catcher) who currently feels some pain, discomfort or fatigue in your knees when squatting behind the plate to catch, then we would recommend you consider using knee savers.

On the other hand, if you aren't experiencing any of these symptoms and everything's great with your knees when catching, then you may not want to use them. 

Something to note, however, is that knee savers in the grand scheme of things are actually pretty cheap, as you'll see below.

If you're a catcher who's serious about playing the position, then it's not a bad idea to pick up a pair to keep in your catcher's bag should you ever kneed them (see what I did there?) 😜

Our Top Picks

Now, onto our reviews!

The following section breaks down our top knee saver picks based on three distinct categories: best overall, best for youth catchers and most unique. 

First up, best overall.

Best Overall: The Easton Knee Saver

easton knee savers for catchers

Our top overall pick for the best knee savers for catchers is Easton’s product

This is the OG of knee savers. 

It was the first one that Dr. Farrago created, though specific details of the design have been improved over time. 

They are super lightweight and have a good amount of cushion to them, though we noticed they still maintain a bit of bounce for catchers needing to jump up out of a crouch. 

Also, they don't lose their shape even after repeated use and pressure on the cushion.

The Easton knee saver has four sides to it to help increase stability when in a squatting position. 

The top front of the knee saver slants gradually outward to the bottom, creating an angle that complements the shape of the back, lower leg.

To connect it to leg guards, simply route the leg guard straps through the four D rings on the side of the knee saver.


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Best for Youth Catchers: Champion Sports Knee Savers

champion sports knee savers for catchers

Our pick for the best knee saver for youth catchers is the knee supports made by Champion Sports.

Why did we pick these? 

Because they check a lot of boxes. They are comfortable, provide good support, they're popular and widely used, and perhaps most importantly, they're cheap!

Currently, the Champion Sports knee wedges come in just one color (black) and two sizes - youth and adult. 

We noticed that they tend to run a bit small, so stick to the youth size if your catcher is on the younger end of the scale.

Once your catcher reaches middle school age (or hits 5ft 7in, whichever comes first), then it's time to move to the adult version.


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Most Unique Design: EvoShield Knee Blocks

evoshield knee blocks

The Knee Blocks made by EvoShield are the knee savers for catchers with the most unique design. 

Each has three sides with a gentle, rounded slope moving outward from the top to the bottom. 

At the bottom of the knee blocks there is a zipper that the catcher can open to add (or remove) a foam wedge which will increase/decrease what EvoShield calls the "ride height".

Meaning, you can sit up a bit higher with the foam wedge than you would using more traditionally designed knee savers.

Another different design aspect of the EvoShield knee blocks is that they weren't built with metal or plastic D rings but instead have fabric loops on the back that the leg guard straps move through.

Lastly, the materials used in these knee blocks are top notch. Although we aren't 100% sure of the exact materials used, we can tell that they are premium, comfortable and high-quality without any plastic or metal on it (minus the zippers).

Despite being made by EvoShield, they will work on any brand of leg guards. Currently, they come in just one size (adult) and one color (black).


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Knee Savers

Question: Do MLB catchers use knee savers?

Answer: Yes, some MLB catchers use knee savers. In our most recent survey, approximately 10% of catchers in the MLB were using them.

sean murphy knee savers
Sean Murphy, then with the A's, rocking his green knee savers (source: Getty Images)

Question: Can fastpitch softball catchers also use knee savers?

Answer: Yes, fastpitch softball catchers can absolutely use knee savers. Anyone playing catcher can use them. 

Question: Are knee savers good or bad for catchers?

Answer: They are definitely not "bad" for catchers to use. And they are definitely "good" to use if you're a catcher that needs some help with knee strain. As mentioned above, there's no evidence that knee savers do any harm or have any negative effect. 

Question: What age can catchers start to use knee savers?

Answer: There is no minimum age for a catcher to begin using knee savers. They can be used by t-ball catchers, high school catchers, pro catchers and everywhere in between. Just be sure to get the right size based on your (or your little catcher’s) age, as most are sold in youth or adult sizes.

Question: Are knee savers for catchers sold individually or as a pair?

Answer: Knee savers are sold as a pair - not individually.

Question: Where should knee savers be placed?

Answer: Knee savers can be used in one of two positions on the back of a leg guard: either on the upper half (behind the patella) or the bottom half (over the calf). We encourage catchers to test it in both locations to see what's most comfortable. Note: we prefer to wear them on the bottom half resting on the calf muscle.

Question: How do I put knee savers on catchers gear?

Answer: Rather than type out the step by step process, we suggest just taking a moment to watch this short video. It'll walk you through the process. 

Thanks YouTube!


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