Salvador Perez Catchers Gear

Salvador Perez catchers gear

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Salvador Perez's Career

Salvador Perez's catchers gear

Salvador "Salvy" Perez is a household name among Baseball fans. The Venezuelan native and longtime Kansas City Catcher has been a consistent contributor and fan favorite on a Royals ballclub that went to two World Series with Perez behind the dish.

Since Salvy broke into the big leagues in 2011 he has put up solid numbers for the Royals, winning four Gold Gloves and making five AL All Star teams (as of the date of publication).

One of the high-points in his MLB career came in the fall of 2015, when Perez was named the World Series MVP, batting .364 in the Royals' win over the Mets. 

Between the 2011 and 2017 seasons, Salvy has collected 114 home runs, 822 hits, and owns a .272 batting average. He's appeared in 778 games behind the plate, has 23 pickoffs, and has thrown out baserunners attempting to steal 161 times (34%).  

MLB Debut - 2014

From his debut with the Royals in 2011 through the 2014 season, Salvy was an All-Star man, though he wore different models of All-Star equipment over this time.

The most recent line of gear that he wore was a customized System 7 chest protector (CM30PRO), the FM25LUC mask, System 7 leg guards (LG30WPRO) and the Pro-Elite catcher's mitt (CM3000XSBT).

You can learn more about this in our resource on All-Star's gear for Catchers, as well as on our post on custom All-Star catchers gear.   

Salvador Perez at 2014 world series
Salvador Perez in the 2014 World Series, wearing his All-Star catchers gear.

2015 - Today

Salvy switched over to Rawlings catchers gear beginning in 2015. He still wears Rawlings gear as of the date of publication.

Depending on the game or season, Perez has worn several variations (customizations, colors, patterns, etc) of Rawlings gear. 

However, his primary catchers gear consists of the following:

Salvador Perez Catchers Gear

Salvy's Catchers Mitt

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Salvy's go-to Catcher Mitt is a Rawlings Heart of the Hide (PROSP13B). 

This is a black leather Mitt with a 1-piece solid web design.

Heart of the Hide Catchers Mitts come with very high-quality leather, which Rawlings puts through an additional tanning process. The result is a durable Mitt with a soft feel and a quick break-in time.

Though Perez's Mitt is customized for him, you can get a very close alternative. Check it out at the below links.

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Catchers Mask Worn by Perez

Salvador Perez's Catchers Mask

Perez wears a custom Rawlings LWMX Catcher's Mask with leather padding. 

His custom mask is a little heavier than normal, which he requested as a way to help prevent concussions. 

The closest version of Salvy's mask that's currently on the market can be found in the links below. 

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March 2018 Update: Perez has begun using the Force3 Defender Catcher's Mask, as of 2018 Spring Training. Learn more about this mask in our Best Catcher's Mask post (click HERE for post). 


Salvy's Chest Protector

Salvy Perez chest protector

The Rawlings Pro Preferred is Salvy's Chest Protector of choice.

While his is customized (for example, see the gold label), Rawlings does make similar looking Chest Protectors with various color combinations, which you can check out at the links below.

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Leg Guards Used by Perez

Salvador Perez's leg guards

Perez wears Rawlings Pro Preferred Leg Guards.

You can find Leg Guards that are identical to those in the above picture right now, at the below links. 

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Salvador Perez's Gold All Star Game Gear

We can't talk about Salvy's catchers gear without mentioning the custom, gold Chest Protectors he's worn in the last three games (2015 - 2017, each year had a different design).

Salvador Perez all star game gold
Salvy rocking his gold and blue Chest Protector at the 2017 All Star game (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images).

The All Star game Chest Protector shown above was custom made for Salvy and is not being sold to the public.

However, we thought it was so... well... notable, that we had to at least mention it in this post.

That's a wrap!

If we notice any changes to the gear that Salvy normally wears, then we'll be sure to update this post. 

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