Catchers Finger Stickers | A Detailed Overview + Our Top Pick

Are you a catcher that needs help making your signals more clear to pitchers?

If so, fingernail stickers may be the answer. 

Read on to learn more about catchers finger stickers and the top product we recommend for catchers who need to enhance the visibility of their signs.

best catchers fingernail stickers

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Why You May Want to Consider Using Catchers Fingernail Stickers

One of the most important jobs that a catcher has is accurately communicating with the pitcher throughout the course of the game.

Signaling pitches to the pitcher is traditionally done by catchers using their fingers.

Although electronic signaling using devices like PitchCom is now being used, traditional pitch calling using signs from the fingers is still one of the most popular and time-tested ways for catchers to give signs.

There is a challenge, though, in using finger-based signs to call pitches. That challenge is that the correct sign may be missed by the pitcher. 

And getting crossed up on a pitch is something catchers despise, rightly so.

Missing pitch signs could be caused by a number of things, including poor visibility on the field or the pitcher simply having a difficult time reading the signs being given to them.

A great way to overcome that challenge is by using catchers fingernail stickers.

These bright stickers are applied to a catcher's fingernails and the effect is that signs to the pitcher become very easy to see and understand.

These types of products have proven to be effective and useful for baseball and softball, as various catchers at high levels of the game use them.

In this post we take a detailed look at the best catcher finger stickers in the market to help those interested in buying them learn more about the product.

Read on for more…

Top Catchers Finger Stickers Product

GameSigns Signal Enhancement Stickers

gamesigns catcher stickers

The top sign enhancing product available for catchers to use are GameSigns stickers

What are GameSigns stickers? 

They are small, colored stickers in the general shape of a fingernail. Catchers apply them to their fingernails to use during games for the purpose of giving signs to their pitchers.

Many catchers love these due to their simplicity and functionality. For example, before these stickers were created, some catchers painted their nails by applying nail polish on their fingernails to help in giving signs.

However, that’s messy and hard to get off after games. These stickers on the other hand can be easily peeled off and tossed in the trash at the end of a game.

GameSigns stickers are solid in packs of 100. They have four different colors you can choose from: white, yellow, orange or pink. Each color has a bright, fluorescent tone to it, making it especially easy to spot from far away.

Depending on the store they’re sold in, you can find some GameSigns stickers available in two different sizes - large and regular. 

While both measure 7/16 inches wide, the large version is 5/16 inches high while the regular version is 4/16 inches high. As of the date of publication, the version sold on Amazon is the regular size.

For the majority of catchers out there - whether fastpitch softball or baseball catchers - the regular size will work perfectly.

In short, the effectiveness, simplicity, availability and affordability of GameSigns stickers makes them our top pick for catchers needing fingernail stickers for pitch calling.


Available in a variety of bright colors

Easy to apply to your fingernails and remove when done

Priced very affordably

Made in two different sizes (availability depends on store)

Effective from little league all the way up to pro ball


We’ve noticed that product availability can differ based on time of the year and the store you’re buying them from.


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Former Red Sox Catcher Christian Vazquez with Fingernail Stickers

christian vazquez throwing
Christian Vazquez during a game late in the 2021 season. Notice his fingernails on his throwing hand (source: Getty Images)

christian vazquez fingernails


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Do catchers paint their nails? If so, why do they paint them?
    • Answer: Some catchers have used nail polish to paint their nails. It was done to help pitchers better see the signs catchers were given. However, it’s not as common now as it used to be, especially now that cheap sign enhancing stickers for fingernails are made. You can simply use them and then discard them after the game.


  • Question: Why do catchers tape their fingers?
    • Answer: Some catchers choose to tape their fingers. Tape on the throwing hand has traditionally been used to help pitchers see signs. Those that choose to do this prefer the tape method over nail polish or something else. On the glove hand, taping fingers has traditionally been used to support joints and to help prevent injuries, such as sprains.


  • Question: Will GameSigns stickers come off while wearing batting gloves?
    • Answer: No, GameSigns stickers will not come off while you are hitting and wearing batting gloves. These stickers are strong enough to stay on dry fingernails but not so strong that you can’t peel them off after a game.


  • Question: Can fingernail stickers work for both baseball and fastpitch softball catchers?
    • Answer: Absolutely! These stickers will work great for either softball or baseball catchers.


  • Question: How many fingernails should I use stickers on?
    • Answer: Many catchers apply stickers on all fingernails except the thumbnail. However, it really depends on how many hand sequences you use. If your thumb is involved in the signs you give, then you should throw a sticker on your thumbnail as well!


  • Question: Do MLB catchers use fingernail stickers?
    • Answer: Yes, many in the MLB have used or are using catchers fingernail stickers. Some current or former pro catchers that have been known to use them include Buster Posey, Yadier Molina, Christian Vazquez, Gary Sanchez, Travis d'Arnaud, and more. 


  • Question: How will electronic sign calling impact the use of catchers fingernail stickers?
    • Answer: As electronic signs become more commonly adopted, the use of brightly colored fingernail stickers for catchers will likely become less frequently used. This is due to catchers not needing to give signs with their fingers when using a system like PitchCom. Still, electronic signal devices may not be feasible for all catchers (or many leagues) to use for a variety of reasons, so we seriously doubt traditional finger based catcher to pitcher signs is going extinct anytime soon.


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