Best Baseball Hitting Mats

best baseball hitting mats

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Softball & Baseball Hitting Mats: The Details

Baseball hitting mats are useful whether you're taking cuts inside or outside.

When used outside, they help protect the batter's box and the grass in front of the box.

Inside, hitting mats protect the floor from damage and they also help deaden foul balls so they don't pop back up sharply.

A great hitting mat for baseball is one that's got fairly thick artificial turf, has a good amount of cushion, won't tear, and has solid markings that won't fade.

In this brief post, we pick out the best baseball hitting mats on the market in a couple of different categories. 

We highlight key features, pros and cons, and we provide pictures of each pick.

Each mat can also be used by fastpitch softball players as well, so if you're interested in a softball hitting mat you can't go wrong with these picks.


Let's go to our first pick!

Our Top Picks

Best Clay-Colored Hitting Mat 

clay hitting mat

Our top pick out of all clay baseball hitting mats on the market is the All Turf 6’ x 12’ mat

This nylon-based mat has a deep clay/dirt colored texture with bright white lines framing the right and left batter's box.

It's able to be used either outdoors on the field or indoors in the batting cage.

It's got a heaviness to it, but it's not so heavy that an average adult couldn't pick it up and move it.

The bottom of the All Turf Hitting Mat is made of 5mm foam, which helps to keep the mat stable and prevent shifting if used inside.

All of the material is durable and the top layer of nylon was made to not tear when molded cleats are used on it.

One of the other things we like about this mat is that the white lines and home plate aren't painted on like some other mats. Instead, they are inlaid, which means that it's durable and the white should not fade after heavy use.

Note: great for both baseball and softball.


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Close Up of the All Turf Clay Mat

up close clay mat

Runner Up Clay-Colored Mat 

clay hitting mat

The 6' x 12' baseball and softball hitting mat by Premium Pro Turf is very similar to our top pick (above), which is why we're listing this as our runner up.

There is really one primary difference between the Premium Pro mat and the All Turf Mat, which we're not huge fans of: the home plate is painted on the Premium Pro mat.

A painted home plate is not as bright and is more likely over time to fade more than an inlaid home plate. 

Other than that, we love this mat. Just like the All Turf mat, the Premium Pro mat has a sharp clay color with a nylon top and a white, inlaid batter's box. 

It also has a foam base that's 5mm thick, just like the All Turf. 

Similarly, it can be used inside or outside, it's built to be durable and hold up under repeated use, and it has ample weight to it.

All in all, it's a solid baseball hitting mat that would also work great for softball. 

It's worth checking out if you're in the market for a mat, especially because it tends to run a bit cheaper than the All Turf mat.


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Home Plate on the Premium Pro Turf Mat

hitting mat home plate


Top Green Hitting Mat 

green baseball hitting mats

Our top pick for the best green baseball hitting mat is the green 6' x 12' mat made by Trigon Sports. 

Why is this one our top pick out of all the green mats out there? Because it hits all the key marks that we've already spoken about.

For example, its top half is turf with a white (not painted!) inlaid home plate and batter's box. The bottom part of the mat is made out of a 5mm thick foam cushion. It can be used indoors or outdoors like the others.

Our top clay-colored pick above, All Turf, also makes a green version. It's a great option as well, but it's turf has a much darker green color. 

The brighter green turf in the Trigon Sports mat is more appealing, which is why it got our top pick in the green category.


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Best Unmarked Hitting Mat

unmarked baseball hitting mats

If you're more interested in using a plain hitting mat without any marks on it, then we'd recommend the Pro-Ball by All Turf Mats.

It's a high quality, solid green artificial turf mat that measures 6 feet wide by 12 feet long.

Like our other top picks, this mat has a foam base at the bottom that's 5 mm thick. 

It works inside or outside, and the top nylon-based surface will not tear if you use cleats on it. 

If you need a big, unmarked hitting mat for baseball or softball, then look no further than the Pro Ball by All Turf Mats.


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Close Up of the All Turf Unmarked Mat

artificial turf hitting mat

Best Hitting Mat for Kids

stride right hitting mat

A great instructional hitting mat for kids is the Stride Right Mat.

It's a unique hitting mat in that it has gridlines over the batter's box designed to train kids on where to stand and how to stride when hitting. 

This can be a game changer, especially if you work with very young kids playing t ball, baseball or softball. 

Consistently getting in and following the correct stance is often a challenge for youngsters.

With the Stride Right Mat, you can tell kids the exact grids their feet need to be in and they will be able to look down and check themselves.

In terms of the specs, it's an artificial turf mat in green with a black rubber back. That backing is only 3 mm, which is decent but could definitely be thicker. 

It measures 4 feet wide by 6.5 feet long and is fairly lightweight.

Being lightweight, this mat is portable and can be moved easily by rolling it up and grabbing its carrying strap. 

If you could use some help running kids through the fundamentals of hitting and teaching consistent footwork at the plate, then this mat is for you.


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Close Up of the Stride Right Mat

stride right mat up close


That's A Wrap!

We hope this article reviewing softball and baseball hitting mats has been helpful. 

Please reach out to us if we can answer any additional questions you may have.

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