Has Yadier Molina Ever Won an MVP Award?

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Has Yadier Molina Ever Won an MVP Award?

No, Yadier Molina has never won an MVP award.

The closest he came to winning one was in 2013, when he finished third in NL MVP voting (behind Andrew McCutchen and Paul Goldschmidt, respectively).

Over the course of his 19 years in the major leagues, Yadi has had five top-25 finishes for NL MVP.

They include:

  • 2009 - finished 23rd overall
  • 2011 - finished 21st overall
  • 2012 - finished 4th overall
  • 2013 - finished 3rd overall
  • 2016 - finished 23rd overall


Since Yadi first broke into the big leagues, only two other catchers have won league MVP - Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins in 2009 (AL) and Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants in 2012 (NL).

Nonetheless, Yadi's lack of an MVP award to his name should not diminish his amazing career accomplishments. 

He has an incredible nine gold glove awards (not to mention four platinum gloves), appeared in ten MLB all star games, won two World Series championships with the Cardinals, and he is one of the rare catchers to have collected more than 2,000 career hits.

Yadi has been one of MLB's star catchers for nearly two decades, and when he retires after the 2022 season, he will be sorely missed.

His next stop after baseball is anyone's guess. But we wouldn't be shocked if one of those stops includes Cooperstown.