Easton Ghost Tie Dye Fastpitch Bat Review [Learn More!]

Easton Ghost Tie Dye Review

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The Easton Ghost Tie Dye is a high quality fastpitch softball bat released in 2022 by Easton.

It’s closely related to the world class Easton Ghost, and it shares many of its characteristics and premium features.

This article takes a closer look at the details of the Easton Ghost Tie Dye fastpitch bat for those considering purchasing it.

The Specs

The Easton Ghost Tie Dye is a limited edition drop 10 and drop 11 bat designed for fastpitch softball players. 

Its length ranges from 30 inches to 33 inches spaced out in one inch intervals. It has the All Association certification, and is typically geared to fastpitch softball players at the high school and college levels, although those younger can certainly use it!

The bat is a two-piece composite and the barrel diameter measures 2 ¼ inches. 

Now for the bat’s handle, Easton calls it an ultra-thin 29/32” handle with a comfortable, cushioned grip containing 1.8mm of high quality grip tape.

On the opposite side, the Tie Dye has a black, concave end cap to top it off.

It looks great on the field during a game or in the cage working with a pitching machine


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The Design

White is the dominant color for the vast majority of this bat, including the handle, grip tape, the knob, and a large part of the barrel.

On one side of the barrel, the word EASTON appears in all caps. Within each bold letter is a tie dye design of aqua, purple, blue and black colors.

The flip side of the bat has GHOST in white capital letters surrounded by a similar, colorful tie dye design of aqua, purple, blue and black.

If you look close enough, you will see that inside the tie dye is a pattern of tiny, dark colored triangles. Interesting design, but it looks great.


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The Technology

The Easton Ghost Tie Dye bat was constructed with a few different leading edge features unique to Easton. We refer to this as the bat's technology.

First is a feature called Easton's Double Barrel Construction. This simply means that Easton built a huge sweet spot inside this bat and that it lets out a nice sounding pop when you make good contact.

Second is Connexion Technology, which helps two piece bats like this one transfer energy without causing a lot of vibration.

Last is what Easton calls Sonic Composite, which refers to an extra durable composite material used to build the bat itself. It's essentially an extra high quality composite that is more long lasting than typical composite, and it also helps accentuate that pop. 

While there are certainly more minute details that Easton engineers used in building this bat, these three innovative features are the most significant and the most relevant to mention to players.


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The Price

When the bat was first released in 2022 it was being sold around $500 brand new.

Not entirely surprising considering it's a premium, top shelf bat in the elite Easton Ghost family of fastpitch softball bats.

However, now that it's been out for a little bit the price has come down. Depending on the retailer, the price may be as much as 20% (or more) lower than its original selling price.

To see what it's selling for currently, click the links below.


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It really is a great option for those in the market for a bat.

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