Best Fastpitch Softball Bats [New Guide]

Having a good bat can make all the difference. It can help increase confidence and lead to improved performance at the plate.

This means that buying a new bat isn't something to take lightly. We get it.

So we filtered through all the information out there to give you our top picks for Fastpitch Softball players, based on weight drop.

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Best Fastpitch Softball Bats, 2019 Edition

This detailed post identifies and reviews the top bats for Fastpitch Softball players across four size categories (- 10, - 11, - 12, and - 13).

But before we get into our picks, lets start by exploring some of the essential features of bats that you will need to be familiar with in order to choose the best bat for your needs. 

How to Find the Right Bat

Length, or Height

The length (or height) of a bat is measured from the end cap of the bat down to the bottom knob. Measurements of length are taken in inches.

Obviously, the longer the bat the more reach you have. However, that does not necessarily mean you'll be more a more effective hitter by swinging a longer bat.

Instead, the best approach (subject to league rules) is generally a good balance between length and weight - meaning, a balance between quickness and coverage. And of course, its got to feel good to you when holding and swinging.


Bat weight is measured in ounces. The length of the bat in inches subtracted from the weight of the bat in ounces results in what is called the bat's "drop."

So, a drop -10 bat might mean a bat that is 31 inches long and 21 ounces heavy (31 - 21 = 10), as an example.

Generally speaking, younger Fastpitch Softball players tend to use bats that have higher weight drops than older, more advanced players.

League Standards

Bats have different standards that have to be met based on the league it is being used in.

The various Fastpitch leagues and governing bodies do not necessarily have the same standards. So, you have to keep that in mind when buying a new bat.

The primary leagues associated with Fastpitch Softball are:


We have linked to each (above) if you would like more information.

Keep in mind that most new bats stamp the logo on the bat of each league or governing body it's approved for use in.

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Other Considerations

Length, weight and league standards are key considerations when looking for a new bat. However, you should also consider other factors like the barrel diameter, construction and the materials being used.

The barrel diameter refers to the width of the barrel of the bat, measured in inches. Most leagues have standards for barrel diameter. Again, if approved by the league, their stamp should be on the bat.

Regarding construction, bats can come as either one piece or multi (two) piece, consisting of the handle and barrel. Power hitters may generally tend to opt for one piece while contact hitter lean towards two piece.

Lastly, the materials used on the bat are important. Most often than not, they come as either alloy or composite.

Alloy is durable metal, while composites are materials like carbon fiber.

We tend to prefer composite bats, but the ultimate choice is what feels best to you.

You can simply try out different kinds of bats while working at practice or with a pitching machine to confirm the type that you prefer.

Our Top Picks By Size

Now that we have covered the basic components of choosing a bat, let's move on to our actual picks!

In short, the best Fastpitch Softball bats are:

  1. Louisville Slugger XLT X19 (drop - 10)
  2. DeMarini 2019 CF Zen (drop - 11)
  3. DeMarini 2019 Vendetta (drop - 12)
  4. DeMarini 2019 Bustos (drop - 13)


Drop 10 Bats (- 10)

Top Pick: Louisville Slugger LXT X19

louisville slugger lxt x19 fastpitch softball bat

The LXT X19 was a new arrival in 2019 made by the legendary bat manufacturer, Louisville Slugger. 

It's a two piece composite bat that is certified for ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA, and USSSA play. 

The handle diameter is 7/8" and comes with Louisville Slugger's "Pro Comfort Grip", helping to provide a solid level of control.

The barrel is 2 1/4" and features proprietary technology that gives a noticeable pop from day one at the plate.

You'll notice right from the start how high quality this bat looks and feels, and how comfortable it is to hold and swing.

If you need a - 10 bat, then look no further.


Made by one of the top brands in Softball/Baseball bats

Independent movement between the handle and barrel

Well balanced swing weight

Very comfortable grip


Premium bat, so it is pricey

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Brief Video of the LXT X19

Budget Pick (- 10)

Louisville Slugger 2018 PXT

Louisville Slugger PXT 2018 fastpitch softball bat

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Drop 11 Bats (- 11)

Top Pick: DeMarini 2019 CF Zen

DeMarini 2019 CF Zen - 11 fastpitch softball bat

Our pick for the best - 11 Fastpitch Softball bat is DeMarini's 2019 CF Zen.

A two piece composite bat, the CF Zen comes with DeMarini's "3FUSION ENDCAP" which is a certain type of design intended to optimize the barrel's sweet spot for greater pop.

DeMarini refers to something called the "Paraflex+" aspect of design, meaning that the bat's barrel is cured using heat to give it a 360 degree sweet spot.

It has a balanced weight and consistent feel across the handle and barrel when swinging. Additionally, the handle is designed to reduce vibration upon impact.

Certified for use in ASA, ISF, ISA, NSA and USSA play, this is a solid choice for those in the market for a drop - 11 bat.


Intentionally designed for balance, comfort and improved pop

Half and half two piece construct

Hot out the wrapper

Minimal sting due to design emphasis on vibration reduction


Due to its high quality, the CF Zen costs more than your average - 11 bat

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Brief Video of the 2019 CF Zen

Budget Pick (- 11)

Louisville Slugger 2018 Xeno

Louisville Slugger 2018 Zeno fastpitch softball bat

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Drop 12 Bats (- 12)

Top Pick: DeMarini 2019 Vendetta

DeMarini 2019 Vendetta Fastpitch Softball bat


If you are looking for a - 11 Fastpitch bat, then our recommendation is DeMarini's 2019 Vendetta.

The Vendetta is a quality bat made up of composite materials. It's a balanced design, with weight distributed across the handle and barrel.

It has an end cap with the big "D" DeMarini logo on it (see picture below), which helps to reduce vibration upon impact with the ball.

We like the large hitting area the top half of the bat provides. The barrel is a standard 2 1/4" and is certified for USSSA, NSA, ISF, ISA and ASA play.

Lastly, we like the simple but attractive look of it - especially the light green handle.


Large hitting surface

Balanced, well distributed weight

Good vibration/sting prevention on mis-hit balls

Has an attractive look

ASA, NSA, ISA, ISF and USSSA approved


Limited added bat "technology" when compared to some of DeMarini's other 2019 products

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Picture of the Vendetta's Knob and End Cap


2019 vendetta handle and end cap bat


Budget Pick (- 12)

Easton Hyperlite 12

Easton Hyperlite 12 fastpitch softball bat

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Drop 13 Bats (- 13)

DeMarini 2019 Bustos

DeMarini 2019 Bustos fastpitch softball bat

The DeMarini 2019 Bustos stands out as our top pick for drop 13 Fastpitch bats.

As one of DeMarini's lightest bats, this is the bat that's quickest to swing through the zone out of all the bats on this post.

Like other 2019 DeMarini offerings, the Bustos does a good job of preventing sting on contact. The design on the barrel is pretty sweet looking too.

This is an alloy-based bat with a 2 1/4" barrel, and it has a two piece design.


Affordable and good quality

Good vibration prevention

Alloy based material for younger players

ASA, ISF, NSA, ISA, and USSSA approved


The greatest length available is 32"

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Budget Pick (- 13)

Louisville Slugger 2018 Proven

Louisville Slugger 2018 Proven fastpitch softball bat


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