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Best Youth Chest Protector [2018 Season]

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Best Chest Protector for Youth Catchers

Chest protectors are a must-have piece of equipment for catchers of all ages. They are designed to protect catchers from injury to the shoulders, chest, stomach, and everywhere in between. They are very notable components of catcher's gear, and they have an interesting history, as pointed out in the Best Baseball Chest Protector Review post. 

When looking to purchase a new chest protector for your child, you want to not only consider such factors as cost, comfort and protection, but also attributes like durability, weight, and adjustability.

We build our reviews with consideration to these factors, so we invite you to read on.

A Quick Note on Sizing

Chest protectors are sized in inches. This indicates the distance between the bottom of your throat to your navel.

Finding the right size for your child can be done very simply using measuring tape, having your child stand up straight, then measuring the distance between these two areas, as mentioned above.

Usually, kids that are tee ball aged (4 - 6/7) will fit in a chest protector somewhere between 10 - 13.5 inches; youth ages 7 - 9 would generally fit in one measuring between 13 - 14.5 inches; and those ages 9 - 12 will typically be sized from 14 - 15.5 inches.

These are generalizations - to be certain, make sure to measure your athlete, as it is super simple and only takes a few seconds. Also, when in doubt, we recommend choosing the higher size: in other words, if you measure 12 inches but the chest protector you want is in 13 inches, get the 13 inch version.

Now that we have an understanding of how chest protectors are sized, let's keep moving forward and check out some reviews!

First Place

#1. Easton Mako

The Mako comes out on top as our pick for best youth chest protector

The Easton Mako stands out as an excellent choice for kids and youth catchers due to its flexible yet conforming fit and its top notch design, which allows for unrestricted movement. Though lightweight and comfortable, it is durable and offers very good protection for the Catcher.

Additionally, the silver stripe along the left and center looks very sharp and seamlessly integrates with the other pieces in the Mako line. It is a highly rated product and tops out our list as our first choice for kids and youth.


  • Snug, conforming fit
  • Expanding and contracting ab wedges
  • Internal foam designed to better absorp shock
  • Flexible and allows for unrestricted movement
  • Adjustable shoulder cap (right only)


  • Cost is a slightly higher than average

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Second Place

#2. All Star System 7 (Youth Version)

The second place pick is from one of the top maker's of catchers gear

All Star - a regular top 3 finisher in our reviews - again stands out with their youth version chest protector under their System 7 line of gear.

This chest protector is equipped with memory foam which helps with ball rebound, and also increases breathability and flexibility for the catcher. It has strategic venting which keeps catchers cool. And it's built in a way that provides extra protection on the side of the wearer. 


  • Constructed with comfortable, breathable, low-rebound memory foam
  • "U-shaped" bars along side lead to better fit
  • Fully adjustable straps to help get a custom fit
  • Wraparound sides for protection
  • Adjustable shoulder cap (right only)


  • Smallest available size is 14.5 inches

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Third Place

#3. Rawlings Renegade

A solid choice and one of the better youth chest protectors on the market

What do we like about the Rawlings Renegade?

For starters, this chest protector is equipped with dual density foam for better protection and shock absorption. It's designed with wedged abs which help with ball rebounding. It's lightweight and it's comfortable. It has a simple yet high-quality and attractive design, so your catcher will look great wearing this chest protector.

In short, the Renegade has a lot going for it, and it stands out as one of our top picks for kids and youth catchers.


  • Dual density foam for protection
  • Wedged ab design to help with ball rebound control
  • Velcro-based strap system for younger catchers
  • Removable shoulder caps
  • Very affordable


Tee Ball Pick, For the Young'ns!

All Star Youth Series - Tee Ball

All Star produces some of the best catchers gear around, so we are happy to recommend their chest protector for tee ball Catchers. This is a high-quality chest protector sized for the youngest of ballplayers (starting around 4 or 5 years old). It will keep your little Catcher safe while also being flexible and comfortable enough to be worn for a long period of time without irritation. If you have a child just starting out in tee ball and you need an affordable chest protector manufactured by one of the most popular brands in Baseball, then look no further.


  • High-quality product made by a premier brand
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Has a protective flap extending below the waist
  • Priced low


  • Only comes in black

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We hope this review was helpful to you. If you have any questions for us, don't hesitate to reach out by heading over to the Contact Us page. Thanks for reading!

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