Best Catchers Training Mitts – Our Top Picks [2023 Season]

A number of training mitts have been created to help catchers work on developing certain skills.

This post takes a detailed look at catchers training mitts, the different varieties being sold, and what their purposes are.

We then select our top picks within each category with reviews, pictures and videos of our picks.

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Best Catchers Training Mitts

Why Use a Training Catchers Mitt?

Catchers who are dedicated to their craft tend to be laser focused on getting better at their chosen position. 

They work on improving their Baseball or Softball IQ. On increasing their strength and endurance. On improving their leadership and team management skills. On developing their offensive game.

And of course, catchers tend to be driven to improve their defensive skills behind the plate. Skills like throwing, blocking, receiving, framing, ball transfer, etc.

Can you work on these using a traditional catcher’s mitt? Yes, by all means!

However, if you are really seeking to improve a particular defensive skill - or if you are a coach helping develop multiple catchers - then a catcher’s training mitt will be particularly useful. 

These types of mitts have specific designs that force a catcher to practice a certain method or perform an action that leads to improved ability in a targeted area.

Types of Training Mitts

There are a variety of catchers training mitts on the market, and we generally organize them in four categories. Each of those categories is listed below, along with a brief explanation of what those types of training catcher’s mitts are designed to do.

catchers practicing spring training

Undersized catcher’s training mitts.

  • These are just like a normal catcher’s mitt, just smaller (typically between 4 - 8 inches smaller). They are an all-around tool that can help in multiple areas, such as developing fast hands, clean receiving, pinpoint blocking, and faster ball transfers. They are often used in the bullpen or in practice to sharpen skills before gametime. In terms of training mitts, we’d argue that undersized mitts provide the best “bang for your buck”.


Weighted catcher’s training mitts.

  • They specifically strengthen muscles in your wrist, arm and shoulder, which are critical in performing defensive tasks like receiving and ball transfer. A weighted mitt will help improve the fine motor control needed to perform these tasks.


Webless catcher’s training mitts.

  • These types of mitts force the user to catch the ball directly in the pocket rather than the web. In doing so, it's an excellent trainer to help with receiving in the correct location.


Hingeless catcher’s training mitts.

  • By design, they teach good receiving by forcing the ball to land in the right location of the mitt. Also by design, they help tremendously with developing ball transfer skills. When received correctly, balls can be caught and rapidly transferred to the throwing hand. 


Catchers Training Mitts - Our Top Picks

Based on these four categories mentioned above, we set out to research the various products in the Baseball and Softball marketplace and landed on a top choice for each. 

In short, we believe the best catcher’s training mitts to be the following:

  • Valle Eagle T25  (top for Undersized category)
  • Valle Eagle T27WT (top for Weighted category)
  • All-Star The Equalizer (top for Webless category)
  • All-Star The Donut  (top for Hingeless category)


Continue scrolling for pictures, videos, and much more detail on each of these picks. 


Top Undersized Catcher’s Training Mitt: Valle Eagle T25

valle eagle t25 catchers training mitt, smallest training mitt

The Valle Eagle T25 is our pick for the best undersized catcher’s training mitt. 

The T25 is a 25 inch catcher's mitt made out of high-quality Japanese steerhide. At only 25 inches, this is one of the smallest - if not the smallest - undersized training mitts on the market.

The T25 also features quality leather lacing, an adjustable wrist strap, and extra internal padding to help reduce sting.

Valle makes a variety of training gloves for Baseball and Fastpitch Softball players, and their training mitts are popular in the MLB. The brand has a great reputation.

Due to its very small size, the T25 will teach catchers to focus intently on receiving and it’s a great tool for practicing ball transfer.

Lastly, this mitt is durable and it’s built tough. It can handle very fast pitching without a problem. (Note: The T25 is only available for right handed throwers, or RHT).


Valle also makes an undersized training mitt for Fastpitch catchers, called the Eagle T28

We really like its white leather look

Leather shell is premium quality

Extra padding in the mitt

Durable and strong


It’s not sold on many sites or in many stores. In addition to Valle’s site, we have found some new mitts on eBay. 


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Check out this video of a pro catcher practicing with the Valle Eagle T25


Runner-up for Best Undersized Mitt:  The PBPro Elite Trainer (29 inches)

pb pro catchers training mitt


Check Price on Amazon

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Top Weighted Catcher’s Training Mitt: Valle Weighted Mitt

valle weighted catchers training mitt

Valle also makes a weighted catcher’s mitt called the Eagle 27WT. It is our top pick for those needing a weighted catcher’s training mitt. 

Keep in mind when we talk about a mitt being “weighted”, it’s not so heavy that you’ll be struggling to keep your arm and glove hand in position. It’s only a slight weight. For example, the T27WT weighs 1 pound and 6 ounces.

Like the T25 (reviewed above), the T27WT is built with a premium Japanese steerhide leather. Similarly, it has extra padding and tanned laces like the T25.

This mitt gives catchers two benefits for training purposes: a small mitt size at 27 inches, and added weight. These features will naturally target and strengthen key muscles involved in receiving, as well as help catchers improve their receiving and transfer skills like a similar undersized mitt would.  

If you're in the market for a quality training mitt that provides the dual benefits of being undersized and weighted, then look no further than the Valle Eagle 27WT. (Note: Available for RHT only).


Contains two key training features in one mitt (undersized and weighted)

Made using high quality leather

Added padding is helpful

Durable - can be used with fast pitching

We’re fans of the white leather look


More expensive than our Runner-up option. It’s also about 10 ounces lighter than our Runner-up.


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Runner-up for Best Weighted Mitt:  All-Star Anvil (33.5 inches) 

all star the anvil catchers training mitt


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Check out this video review of The Anvil training mitt


Top Webless Catcher’s Training Mitt: All-Star The Equalizer 

all star the equalizer catchers training mitt

When it comes to webless training mitts, All-Star’s The Equalizer mitt stands out on top. 

This mitt is 'normal' in every way, except that it's missing the web. It measures 33.5 inches (note: some sites say 35 inches) like other adult catcher's mitts, and it weighs the same too. 

The Equalizer is made out of the quality leather that other All-Star catcher's mitts use. It also has a built in protective pad extending over the wrist below the palm. Due to its high-level of quality, it can be used to catch fast pitching and it also can be used for blocking drills.

MLB catching coordinator Tim Cossins (now with the Baltimore Orioles) helped design the The Equalizer. It was created to force catchers to receive the ball correctly, in the pocket rather than the web.

If you really need to improve your receiving skills, then this excellent mitt will be a useful addition to your training toolkit.


All-Star is a solid brand with a great reputation

Its design forces you to receive correctly

Made with same quality materials as other All-Star mitts

Same size and weight as a normal catcher’s mitt

Reasonably priced


Available only in RHT


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Check out this video showcasing The Equalizer


Top Hingeless Catcher’s Training Mitt: All-Star The Donut 

all star the donut catchers training mitt

Our pick for best hingeless catcher's training mitt is The Donut by All-Star. This mitt measures 33.5 inches and uses similar top-tier leather featured in other catcher's mitts made by All-Star. 

It looks cool and has a vintage design, as (somewhat) similar hingeless mitts have been manufactured for decades. 

Since it doesn't have a hinge, you won't be able to close this mitt completely. Instead, if you receive the baseball in the correct location, it will fall straight down or simply stick in the pocket. If received incorrectly, the ball will pop away from you.

While it does help with receiving skills, its main purpose is to help catchers work on their ball transfer skills. In fact, if that is the key skill you want to focus on developing, then The Donut will be a perfect training aid. (Note: It’s available in RHT only).  


Made by top catcher’s brand, All-Star

A unique design among the All Star catchers training mitt options

It’s very well padded

Same size (33.5) as typical catcher’s mitts

Is a fantastic tool for ball transfer drills


Its functionality is not as extensive as other training mitts (Undersized mitts, for example)


Check Price on JustGloves

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Check out this video of The Donut in action


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