Best Catchers Net – Our Top Net Picks [Complete Guide]

Nets set up behind a catcher can be an important piece of equipment for baseball or fastpitch softball practices. It can save time from having to retrieve passed balls, it can help keep others on the team safe and it can be repurposed and used for a variety of drills.

In this article, we explore the catchers net market and discuss the top three products we found, highlighted by an impressive #1 pick.

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An Overview of Catchers Nets

Baseball and softball catchers need to work hard and drill consistently to stay on top of their defense. Over the course of a season, a catcher may often need to practice catching a pitcher in a location other than a traditional baseball or softball field that has a backstop. 

Whether outside in a field, inside a gym or in your backyard, having a movable net that can be placed behind the catcher to stop passed balls is important for both safety and efficiency reasons. 

These types of portable "catchers nets" should not only be high quality and relatively lightweight but wide enough to stop a variety of potential wild pitches. 

Nets like these are also multifunctional and can be used in a variety of situations, which is a great thing - especially for coaches. For example, after using it behind your catchers, you can repurpose it as a screen for tee work or as a barrier for first baseman or other fielders during batting practice. 

Again, these are just a few examples. There are many potential uses for portable nets like this.

If you're in the market for such a net, then this article will help. In it, we pick our top three choices for best catchers net and give reviews of each. 

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Top Catchers Net on the Market

Best Overall: PowerNet Barrier Net

pronet catchers net

Our Top Overall Pick for Best Catchers Net

The PowerNet barrier net is our pick for best overall catchers net. 

This high quality net works perfectly as a backstop for catchers and it's versatile enough to be used for other purposes, including hitting into it off of a tee or using it for soft toss. 

It is incredibly lightweight and portable, and it can be set up and broken down easily. In fact, the manufacturer notes that it can be set up in three minutes and it doesn't require any tools to do so. This net also comes with a carrying bag to help transport it easily after a practice or game.

In terms of materials, this net is made of a strong polyester (with an added coating), the base frame is made out of steel and the connecting poles are made of fiberglass. 

Although the net is pretty sturdy on its own, it also comes with stakes which will get it fully secured to the ground (think: windy day out on the field). These stakes aren't required though, as you can hit or pitch directly into it and the net holds up fine without stakes.

The PowerNet barrier net is very large and measures 12 feet wide by 9 feet high. It also comes in multiple colors.


Great as a general backstop, protecting screen, throwing net or hitting net

PowerNet has a good reputation of making quality nets for a variety of sports

Lightweight and easy to set up and move around

Sturdy and built with quality materials

Available in different colors


The color on the fringes of the net can fade if left outside regularly


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Brief Video Overview of PowerNet's 12 x 9 Net


Runner-Up: Skywalker Safety Screen

Skywalker barrier screen

This Solid Screen Earns Our Runner-Up Pick

Second on our list for best catcher's net is an eight foot by eight foot safety screen made by Skywalker Sports

This screen has a premium level of quality to it. The frame is made of steel, and individual pieces of the frame are connected to each other using nuts and bolts. 

The netting seems pretty thick and it has an added UV coating, which helps it stay in good shape even if exposed to continual sunlight. It is double sided, and the net slips over the steel frame and is strapped in at the bottom.

Skywalker offers a great warranty for its products, this net included. Their warranty on the frame is for three years after purchase and one year for parts.

While it's definitely sturdy and well constructed, it does take some assembly and tools, and it takes more time than others in this article to set up and tear down. For example, there are 13 different parts needed to install this net and initial assembly can take up to 30 minutes.

For this reason, the Skywalker Safety Screen is best for those that do not need to constantly set it up and disassemble it, but who instead have a dedicated place to store it upright after practice ends.


High quality and incredibly sturdy

Double sided net with UV coating

Frame is made of steel

Strong connection using nuts and bolts

Great warranty


Compared to others in this article, it takes much longer to set up and break down. It does not come with a carrying case.


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A Picture of the Skywalker Screen in Action

skywalker catchers net

Budget Pick: GoSports Barrier Net

gosports budget catchers net

Top Net for People on a Budget

This barrier net made by GoSports is our top pick for an affordable catchers net. 

Its design and materials are similar in many ways to PowerNet's product, identified above. For example, the net on this one is made of polyester and the connecting poles are made of fiberglass. 

The main difference between the two is cost, as this net is more affordable. 

Like the PowerNet product referenced above, the GoSports net is quick and easy to set up and tear down. It also comes with a carrying case.

The net attaches to the bottom of the frame using a variety of velcro straps. It also comes with four ground stakes to help keep it extra stable on the ground.

In short, this 12 x 9 net is a good pick for interested catchers, players, parents or coaches on a budget.


Works well as a backstop for catchers, among a variety of other uses for baseball or softball teams

Very lightweight for its size

Simple to set up and pack up

Easy to pick up and maneuver it around


The manufacturer isn't as well known as other netting companies


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Brief Video Overview of the GoSports Net


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